Doug Pederson hasn’t spoken to DeMarco Murray, but wants him back


Eagles running back DeMarco Murray reportedly had a problem with his old coach. If Murray has a problem with his new coach, it’s not because of anything the new coach has said.

New coach Doug Pederson told reporters at Thursday’s press conference held in conjunction with quarterback Sam Bradford’s contract that Pederson and Murray haven’t been in direct communication.

Asked whether Murray is happy with the Eagles, Pederson said (via Josh Paunil of, “I don’t know. I haven’t talked to him. I can’t tell you one way or the other if he is or not. I’d love to have him.”

Some coaches act as if they can’t talk to players at all during this portion of the offseason, but that’s not the case. While a new coach and his new players can’t have in-depth football discussions (as if anyone is policing that, anyway), they can get acquainted. Pederson and Murray apparently haven’t.

Every coach has his own style, but amid lingering chatter that Murray would like to leave, common sense suggests that, if Pederson really wants Murray, Pederson would have delivered that message to Murray, through a phone call. Without that, Pederson saying “I’d love to have him” could essentially mean “I need to say I’d love to have him because I’d love to maximize what I get for him.”

8 responses to “Doug Pederson hasn’t spoken to DeMarco Murray, but wants him back

  1. You basically said the same thing about his Bradford comments. We all see how that prediction worked out for you.

  2. Of course hes going to say what he did, why on earth would he let any of these beat writers know what the Organizayion is up to. Maybe they should get our OK before doing anything. Imagine that. The most well informed fan base ever, how’s that team working out?

  3. Or maybe Pederson had talked to him but can’t admit it as it would be against the rules to have in depth football conversations, which this would be of he was talking to him about you know…… football

  4. What do you mean “wants him back”? This dude signed a multi year contract last year! I foresee another T.O. situation with DM in the near future.

  5. If he has not spoken to him yet they REALLY want to dump Murray. The other backs were far more effective last year, and didn’t complain half as much when they had rough spots. And were dramatically cheaper.

    Murray is very talented and could have success elsewhere. i just can’t see it in philly.

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