Panthers bring back offensive lineman Chris Scott


The Panthers lopped a big number off their salary cap this morning, and followed up by adding a much smaller one back on.

The team announced they had brought back reserve offensive lineman Chris Scott on a one-year deal.

Scott was set to become an unrestricted free agent next week, but found a comfortable niche with the Panthers. He started eight games for them in 2013, and filled in for them as a reserve in 21 games the last two years.

Originally a fifth-round pick of the Steelers, he has also spent time with the Bills.

The Panthers are likely to try to bring back some of their own guys, after saving $11 million worth of salary cap room when they released defensive end Charles Johnson earlier today.

3 responses to “Panthers bring back offensive lineman Chris Scott

  1. Good move. The OL is growing up and if we learn that even the best OTs may need help with today’s outside rushers.

    Rushers are getting so fast and skilled, it’s unimaginable that 330 lb. lineman can hold them back for long. After all, they have one job. They pin their ears back and it’s an all-out vicious attack for 5 seconds.

    The answer has to be more 3 man routes for max protection. But that all starts with a solid base of offensive linemen.

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