Eagles offensive lineman David Molk retires


At a time when teams are applying (or not) tender offers to their restricted free agents, one RFA has decided he doesn’t want one.

The Eagles have announced that offensive lineman David Molk has retired.

A seventh-round pick of the Chargers in 2012, Molk spent one season in San Diego. He was cut shortly before the start of the 2013 season, and he signed a futures contract with the Eagles in early 2014. Last year, he landed on injured reserve after suffering a torn biceps in the second regular-season game.

Ordinarily, Molk’s decision would have maybe merited passing mention. But there’s a belief that Molk is the anonymous author of a recent tell-all book about life in the NFL.

If Molk is indeed done with football, there’s no reason for him to keep his identity secret. Unless the decision to be anonymous was driven in part by a desire to create a sense of mystery that would sell more books.

4 responses to “Eagles offensive lineman David Molk retires

  1. Couldn’t you have just said he retired w/o dragging up controversy? No proof whatsoever, pure speculation from another article.

  2. What would this guy write a book about? Now a book written by Big John Football would be a good read.

  3. Weird as I just finished this audio book two days ago! An interesting listen/read for anyone who is a diehard football fan.

    No spoilers:

    Gut reactions to the premise of the book was that a disgruntled player should “just quit.” But the truth is, once you get a feel for how the league works (yes our wholesome, beloved NFL) you really can’t blame the guy.

    Good book. Nothing revolutionary but it has various examples of how being a baller comes with a price.

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