Howie Roseman explains decision to pay Sam Bradford


Earlier this week, the Eagles decided to give quarterback Sam Bradford $22 million fully guaranteed on a two-year deal worth $17.5 million annually. On Friday, Eagles executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman explained the thought process behind giving Bradford so much money.

“When you’re talking about a quarterback there is no level that you won’t pay for a high performance for a quarterback,” Roseman told PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBCSN. “In terms of the market and when you look at the options that are there to keep a player from free agency whether it’s a franchise tag or transition tag, one-year deals, from our perspective we wanted to make sure it was more than a one-year deal so that we weren’t building our team just for this one year. We’re trying to look at it over a period of time as we build this team. So it was very important for us to get a multi-year deal, a deal longer than one year, and this was an area right now where you’re in a vacuum. Free agency hasn’t started, able to come to a decision and for us, and for us it’s about what is best for the Philadelphia Eagles not necessarily what’s best around the league.”

Roseman is right, and what he didn’t add (but could have added) is that the top of the market for quarterbacks hasn’t grown relative to the salary cap the way that it should have in recent years, with $20 million still the high-water mark even as the salary cap has shot up by more than 25 percent. Also, and as Roseman said, “We all know how hard it is to find a quarterback.”

Besides, a two-year commitment isn’t really all that significant, especially since the Eagles could stop the bleeding at $18 million for one year, assuming the $4 million in 2017 guaranteed money carries with it an offset obligation, which would give Philadelphia credit for what Bradford earns elsewhere.

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  1. It was a smart move Howie. It’s hard enough to find and elite QB. It makes no sense to let one walk away. Bradford is a QB you can win with. He hasn’t been real durable, but Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck got hurt this year and they’re pretty strong dudes. There are no guarantees. The only thing that’s guaranteed is that it’s almost impossible to win a super bowl without a great QB, and you’ve got one in Sam Bradford.

  2. “Also, because his agent is a poor proof reader, we will be paying him in Australian dollars.”

  3. As you said, “…a two-year commitment isn’t really all that significant…” because let’s face it–his skill level isn’t all that significant. He has a career rating of 81.0, has never thrown for 4,000 yards and rarely completes a season. 19 touchdowns and 14 INTs last year, and for that you’re going to pay $22 million?

    Bradford must have one incredible salesman of an agent. (I think he just took you to the cleaners.)

  4. Tebow has literally had more success than Bradford and could have been signed for the minimum. No amount of thumbs down can change that fact.

  5. Man, does Bradford have the silver spoon. Hope he’s a good guy who appreciates it, because with his rookie compensation and this deal, no one has been paid more for the number of games he’s actually played.

  6. Don’t fret it Philly fans. We won our first 3 SBs when Brady was nowhere near elite. In fact he was the average QB you saw at Michigan. Just upgrade the Oline and the secondary you can make a deep playoff run this year.

  7. They had to go 2 years because of his injury history. You can’t give him 4 and have him get injured this year. He’s above average as a qb, and I would take him starting over Sanchez, RGIII, Or any of the other options in free agency. Hopefully the can draft a qb to groom, and if Bradford pans out to be durable and productive, great. 2 options are better than none.

  8. Has there ever been a QB that has made more money and not played in a playoff game. You have a better chance with a great D and a cheep QB than you will paying this bum 18 mil a year. You could have got Danny T and M Jackson from Denver for about 20 mil a year and just went with Sanchez. There’s a reason Philly has an empty Trophy case

  9. This all ignores that fact that Bradford sucks. No one is arguing $17-18mill/year is too much for a good starting QB. Bradford isn’t good.

  10. Except Bradford is in no way, shape, or form even close to being a high-performance QB. The fact Bradford has stayed shows that Chip Kelly, while being a huge problem, was NOT the only the problem with the Eagles.

  11. I think Sammy is going to surprise all you haters. Hes got talent. Now with a coach who was a former QB, and a defense that will be monsterous from Schwartz, Sammy B may have one of the best yrs ever..just get 1 more reciever who doesnt drop the ball.. let Murray punch it up the middle, and keep those TEs healthy, this Offense could put up big numbers

  12. What exactly were the Eagles supposed to do? Go into the season with Sanchez as the starter, or Chase freaking Daniel, or a rookie to be named later? Of course the Eagles won’t win the Stupor Bowl this season, but as long as Bradford remains healthy they have a good shot at being competitive in the division and of playing meaningful games late in the year. As a fan of the team, I’d say that’s worth $12.5 million against the salary cap.
    Again, what else could they have done that would be likely to work any better?

  13. There are two pissed off groups because of this contract:

    1) The Tom Brady’s of the world are questioning why they only make 10% more than Sam Bradford.

    2) The midlevel guy on the Eagles who will now get cut to make cap room for Bradford.

  14. Nobody in the league considered Bradford starter material at this point. He’s a solid backup with no upside. Fitzpatrick Hoyer McCown Sanchez flashes of great, flashes of awful mostly mediocre level of play.

  15. Career qbr of 81 and made of glass sign ponder or tebow for vet min and fill a whole roster with the extra $$$ up until now SAMs a bum of an nfl qb. Most worthless qb to make 100 million. Even worse then Ravens paying the f bomb and he was ranked 30 th last season qbr yikes

  16. So you are just giving up two years
    that will make the 0-52 in super bowl wins

    Only one Elite QB in the NFC East go north on 95

    Visit the home of the 4X champions

  17. Ummmmm…ok. This guy has been paid close to $60 Million in 5 years he’s played and how many playoff games??

  18. So it seems to me that there are a decent amount of supposed fans out there whom appear to have no real understanding of how a salary cap works, or even simple mathematics for that matter. If they did, they would quickly realize the Eagles are only paying him $12.5 million against the cap in 2016 & still left the team with a possible out after year one if need be, as they would only take a hit of around $5 million in dead money if they did decide to cut him at seasons end.

    What this tells me is that the Birds saved roughly $7.5 million this season by not franchise tagging Bradford like the Redskins did Cousins (Who will now receive $19.9 million in base salary & all of which counts against their cap for the 2016 season.. Which, mind you, is currently about $6 million in the red, or at least until they clear up their RGIII situation), but that this deal also provides the Eagles with $17.5 million in existing cap space to potentially use in the upcoming free agency period & still have plenty of American monies leftover to sign their rookie draft picks as well.. And who knows, maybe Bradford finally does live up to his potential this year, in which case he’ll remain an Eagle & see a very nice increase in base salary for the 2017 season.

    As for the $26 million guaranteed, if a guy worth over $1 billion dollars wants to bet his money on Bradford for the next 2 seasons, who the hell am I to tell him to do otherwise. In the end Lurie is the one signing the checks & he has also decided to live by the concept that the higher the risk, the greater the reward.

  19. I don’t like Bradford, but I got to say a lot of you guys are pretty clueless to what a QB makes in this league. Their are probably 10 in this league making a similar amount of money that don’t deserve it. Tebow really? He couldn’t catch on with Chip Kelly whose offense suits him best, but someone is going to change his whole offense around for him. Brock O. will be the next Matt Flynn, He couldn’t beat out Manning, who has half an arm. Who else is really an option.

  20. this was the absolute best case scenario for the Eagles.
    they didnt tie themselves down to an injured QB with a ton of years or money. in a league where even average QB’s are demanding and getting over $20 mil a year, i’ll gladly take another look at Bradford for $17.5 mil to get a better idea of how good he really is.

    honestly im shocked that Bradford was willing to take such a short term deal. i thought there was definitely a team out there that would be desperate enough to give him a mega-contract. this new deal is dead-on perfect for what Bradford deserves at this point… which almost NEVER happens in the NFL today.

    Howie gets an A+++ for this deal.
    Chip probably wouldve given him 10 years and $250 mil.

  21. Bradford is a very good QB, but as I said when Chip traded for him, he was a bad fit for a highly mobile offense. And now with an offensive-minded coach who will tailor his offense to the strengths of his players, rather than one who constantly tinkers with his roster to find the right pieces for his system, I believe there will be a big improvement in the team. Add an attacking defense by Scwartz, and the NFCE may even be relevant again!

  22. If you can’t get into the playoffs, no amount of millions upon millions of dollars matter one iota!

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