Report: Tony Romo to have Mumford procedure on clavicle

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been mulling surgical options for his collarbone for a while now and he’s reportedly come to a decision about what procedure he’ll have this offseason.

According to multiple reports, Romo has opted to have a Mumford procedure on his left collarbone after a CT scan this week. That procedure involves shaving down part of the bone and was chosen over having a plate surgically implanted on the collarbone in hopes of avoiding future injuries. Romo broke his collarbone twice last season and once in 2010.

The surgery comes with an expected recovery time of 6-8 weeks, which would leave open the possibility of Romo taking part in OTAs later in the offseason.

Between now and then, the Cowboys will sort out who will back up Romo during the 2016 season. Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore all had a turn last year and it didn’t go well for Dallas, leading to a lot of discussion about which direction the team’s search for a better option will take in the coming months.

48 responses to “Report: Tony Romo to have Mumford procedure on clavicle

  1. He is crazy, he should retire. If is fractures again it could shatter and then he would be a mess. Nature is telling you something and the laws of physics are laws. The force vector of a 300 pound angry person moving down on you at a offset angle will crack that thing, especially if it is already weakened.

  2. I hope it goes well for Romo and he recovers to be in good condition for the 2016 season. And I say this for him and not Jerry Jones. And I am an Eagles fan.

  3. The NFL is better with Romo playing. Who do you want to see play? Matt Ryan, Bradford, Tannehill, Rogers? Those guys really? Nah, give me Romo anytime.

  4. Funny seeing a dolphins fan say anything at all about romo..marino did nothing in the post season and that clown they have now..what a joke

  5. A broken collar bone is not a big deal, this is so typical Dallas style.

    No matter how many surgeries this glass rod gets will not change the fact that the Cowboys never have been and will be America’s team.

  6. A broken collar bone is not a big deal, this is so typical Dallas style.

    No matter how many surgeries this glass rod gets will not change the fact that the Cowboys never have been and never will be America’s team.

  7. Mumford surgery ? I read on the internet it was SANford surgery. fred Sanford surgery

    romo is as brittle as my 90 year old grandmother’s bones. he is too old and beat up and will never be able to make it thru a whole nfl season. as long as dall is commited to him, they will never be competitive, because he won’t be able to stay in the lineup. dall and nyg will compete for div basement for foreseeable future.

  8. I dont know what the Cowboys think of Wentz or Goff, but I think they should seriously consider taking one of them if they have a chance and then try to trade Tony Romo to get some more picks. I would not even hesitate to trade him to Houston if thats the best offer.

    Its time to hit that reset button. Its not just about QB. That you cant we any games without Romo tells a lot about the general state of your roster. I say you get the QB of the future when you have the chance. Then get some value for Romo while you can.

  9. Is it a coincidence that this post is sandwiched between two stories about Peyton Manning? Make it happen Jerry. 8 games for Peyton, 8 games for Romo.
    Don’t have to worry about the playoffs, it is the Cowboys afterall.

  10. darcrequiem says:
    Mar 4, 2016 7:28 PM
    Honest question, how does shaving down part of the bone make it less likely to break?


    The end of the collar bone where it the shoulder blade is shaved. The objective is to relieve pain. Chronic pain in his situation is probably due to repeated fractures and expedited rehab.

  11. Yeah who wouldn’t take Romo. All he had was supposedly the best o-line, a top 5 tight end, a top 5 receiver, and the most productive RB in football and couldn’t get it done. 20 years is a long time.

  12. Watch the last collar bone break play. He was tackled as lightly as humanly possible. There was no 360 pound brute on top of him. It was like he tripped on a curb and fell on the grass and he snapped. Do you really think he can play 9 or 10 games a year for three or four years like Jerrah does?
    Yes thumbs up, No thumbs down.

  13. The season ended in December for the Cowboys. I find it interesting that here in almost mid-March, this discussion is taking place. I’ve had shoulder issues. It does not go away with therapy, etc., especially if the x-rays and MRI are telling you the obvious.

  14. Mumford procedure is usually performed when pain is caused by bone spurs developing on the clavicle. It is important to note here that the procedure will NOT make the clavicle stronger than before the procedure.This can be done arthroscopically and is the least evasive procedure that Romo could opt for.But…Football Fans….it will not prevent any future breaks……db…

  15. Isn’t Romo a scratch golfer? He should have rode off in the sunset like Jered Allen and worked the celebrity golf tour. He’s going to get it hurt again. He’ll be 36 next season. Let it go.

  16. How much money is enough for these guys that have broken bodies?
    Enjoy old age Romo, it’s probably going to hurt worse than a broken collar bone.

  17. key2heat says:
    Mar 4, 2016 6:44 PM
    Most teams would take Romo in a second.

    Not any teams with SB aspirations.

  18. All these people assuming he’s getting all this work done so he can come back and get beat up another season or 2 for Jerrah. I don’t think that’s a safe assumption to make at all. Maybe he just wants to have a shot at a reasonably normal post-football life with his kids and dime piece wife and if he can get himself put back together on Jerry’s dime before he calls it a career, why not?

    And if that’s what he’s doing I don’t blame him a bit.

  19. key2heat says:
    Mar 4, 2016 6:44 PM

    Most teams would take Romo in a second.

    And lose him to injury in another second.

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