Titans G.M. narrows list for top pick, not just looking for “Boy Scouts”


Now that he’s gone through the first wave of player interviews, the man who controls the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft has narrowed his list.

A little.

Via Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website, Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said he’s culled the field of candidates for the top pick.

I would say it is not 20, but it is more than one,’’ Robinson said.

Of course, we’re nearly two months away from him actually having to use that pick, and the pro day schedule is just beginning. So he’s still getting to know the players he’s choosing from, after a round of 15-minute interviews at the Scouting Combine.

And while other teams are pushing the boundaries of what they can legally ask in a job interview, Robinson said he’s willing to give a little latitude to certain players as he’s putting together a roster.

“The most important thing is: Are they going to make an impact on our football team on the field?” Robinson said. “But I would say 1A is: Are they going to embody the traits that Mike [Mularkey] and I have laid out with being tough, coachable, team-first guys, guys that are dependable guys on and off the field.

“It is as much their personality and fit here as people as it is on the field. I’m not saying we want a roster of 53 Boy Scouts — and that’s not a dig at the Boy Scouts — but there’s no question that’s a big part of it. Do they embody everything we stand for as Titans?’

Of course, most well-organized troops could have beaten the Titans the last few years. And by taking Marcus Mariota last year, the Titans have solidified the character portion of the equation, giving themselves a little flexibility in the future as they try to balance out their 53.

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  1. “It is as much their personality and fit here as people as it is on the field. I’m not saying we want a roster of 53 Boy Scouts

    Sounds like someone wants a job with the Cowboys.

  2. This guy sounds like an idiot. He might be smart, but he sounds like a guy that’s going to end up with an Aaron Hernandez type guy. He’s certainly no boy scout.

  3. A first time GM starting out by trying to avoid “locker room cancers” (who disrupt unit cohesion) and “behavioral nightmares” (who can’t stay on the field) is no laughing matter, and is to be commended.

    Thank you, Jon Robinson. Much success!

    Long Time Titans Fan

  4. Marcus (Mariota) & Co. were “in” most of last season’s games — albeit a poor defense, you guys still bested Drew Brees and the Saints. But the secondary duo of Sensabaugh and Wreh-Wilson contributed to many of the season’s losses. Draft two shut-down corners, and the TTs will go far in 2016.

  5. Titans fan here—I think fans would probably like Robinson to trade down but I think we will go Tunsil. Mariota absorbed a lot of punishment last year—picking the best O lineman in the draft is priority if for no other reason than to shuffle the line and get guys in better positions. Hopefully, Robinson trades down with later picks to stockpile more assets. We have a lot of holes in the lineup.

  6. They really shouldn’t try to predict a player’s off-field activities. Any player will get suspended for any reason in the Goodell era, regardless of red flags.

  7. The final weeks before the draft are a huge break in routine for the prospects.

    For the first time in their playing careers, they are on their own. No team meetings, no spring game preparation, some stop attending classes, some ramp up the party life, and so on.

    Robinson is being justifiably cautious about keeping his intentions out of the press. He sounds like a guy who knows a player’s draft status can quickly go “up in smoke”, “down the hatch”, or “out the window”.

  8. The Titans aren’t a single player away from a Super Bowl run. So trading down, and stockpiling pix IMO would be the best move. But id they use the pick, it has to be Tunsil. Tunsil potentially upgrades two positions. If the “experts” are correct, Mariota has a protector of his blindside for the next decade. It also allows Lewan to flip to RT, which I think is a more natural position for him. He’s an average LT, at best. But I think his nasty demeanor fits thr RT position a lil better. He could be a more athletic version of “Big Country” Stewart, who played opposite pdof Roos all those years.

  9. burfictisabeast says:
    Mar 4, 2016 11:07 PM

    If I got the first pick I am taking the Ramsey fella… shut down corners are near impossible to find.


    Except that he isn’t a shut down corner. Most project him as a safety in the NFL, although a very good safety.

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