Report: Chris Ivory to sign with Jaguars


The Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t being shy about opening their purse strings as free agency begins to heat up.

According to Adam Schefter of, the Jaguars are going to land former New York Jets running back Chris Ivory when free agency officially begins on Wednesday.

Ivory would be the second major signing for the Jaguars already, joining defensive end Malik Jackson.

Ivory is coming off the most productive season of his career. He rushed for 1,070 yards and seven touchdowns in 14 games played for the Jets in 2015. His performance led to a Pro Bowl appearance for the first time in his career.

Ivory will now pair with T.J. Yeldon to form a strong backfield tandem that could take some of the offensive pressure off quarterback Blake Bortles. Ivory’s bruising style should be a good complement to Yeldon’s ability.

Yeldon had a nice season as a rookie with 740 yards and two touchdowns in 12 games.

The Jaguars offense could be fairly prolific in 2016 if everything goes according to plan. Ivory and Yeldon in the backfield with Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns and Julius Thomas as pass catchers could score a lot of points this fall.

With the plan to sign Ivory in motion, the Jaguars will also release running back Toby Gerhart, per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

29 responses to “Report: Chris Ivory to sign with Jaguars

  1. The Jags have the money.. And for a team that is not a big destination for FAs, we have to overpay for talent to become a destination for talented players. Our offense can compete, and if our defense can play as a top half rated Defense then we can make a real push for the playoffs. Go Jags!

  2. Good to see them spend some money finally, now the Jag fans can cross their fingers and hope the coach is not a bum……

  3. .
    Tennessee appears to have improved. The Jaguars also. If the Texans sign Osweiler, somebody better send a case of adult diapers to Ryan Grigson.

  4. Very good signing for a young and fun team. Great involed owner, solid free agent pick ups, and the 5th and 38th picks in the draft should continue to make this team better. They could even trade out of that 5th spot for more picks. Sunny weather year-round and no state income tax.

  5. Question….when we talk about the Jaguars, why do we keep talking about how bright their future is? Their accumulated record over the past five seasons is 19-61. They’ve been drafting in the Top 5 for a long time now. Which year are we actually going to start seeing this “bright future”? I believe they have talent, but whether it translates into wins is another thing.

  6. But it won’t matter. Their record with Gus Bradley is 12-36. Bradley may have been brought in to “rebuild” the team, but I think the team has gotten so comfortable with its “rebuilding” status that they’re never going to be serious contenders until they hire a new HC who’s brought in to “win now.”

  7. Not sure why the Jags spent money here…. already have a young workhouse in TJ Yeldon and also I thought Denard Robinson played exceptionally well whenever he touched the ball.

    Solid play though.

  8. Everyone that needs a job and wants to make a ton of money, C’mon down to Jacksonville…..

  9. 70 degrees out and stars out in a clear night. Lost out on Irvin (cap tip to Oakland), but got Jackson and now Ivory. Surprised about the Ivory signing, but knew they wanted another RB. Yeldon is awesome but needs a complimentary back. Caldwell was very frank about laying out his plan and he was completely honest, and is executing it boldly. Like to see us get Oliver from the ‘Phins and maybe a safety or corner.

  10. bullogne says:
    Mar 8, 2016 10:17 PM
    Of course the Jags signed him.

    He had one solid season.

    Really? I thought they signed guys after 0 solid seasons. See Toby Gerhart, signed to start or at least the job was his to lose, after 6 GS and <300 carries in 4 years.

    At least Ivory has put together over 800 carries at 4.6 ypa , 38 starts, 4 seasons over 700 yards, etc.

  11. Him and Yeldon will be solid. If the Jets lose him, Powell and Fitzpatrick that offense will be in trouble. BMarsh and Decker are great, but if they turn back to Geno its going to be a long year.

  12. As a dolphins fan I am so happy to read this. Chris Ivory was a tough fearless player last year. I just hope that the Jets don’t replace him with Lamar Miller:(

  13. Sorry to see Ivory leave the Jets… dude was a beast who ran hard and violent, when he was healthy…

    Jags fans, enjoy watching him tear it up for about 9-10 games, at least until he injures himself… unfortunately CI will let you down when you most need him.

  14. Ivorys fumbles will go up as he ages. He extends runs to the point where a bunch of guys are grabbing at the ball. Ended last year hurt, too. 6 carries in Buffalo.

    Excellent player for us overall, though. Sorry to see him go. Good luck to him in Jax. Good young offense around him.

  15. Was great for the first 12 games last season, then absolutely broke down after that.

    I think he had something like 30 carries over his last three games and barely touched the ball in the “win and in” game in Buffalo.

    He’s got a lot of tread on those tires, I thought RB contracts like this had gone extinct?

  16. What’s with these guys signing with the Jaguars?
    I don’t even consider the Jaguars a real NFL team!

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