Browns and Jets interested in Colin Kaepernick along with Broncos

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The Broncos might consider 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick their “chief target,” but they’re apparently not the only ones thinking that way.

According to Matt Maiocco of, the Jets and Browns are also interested in trading for Kaepernick, but the 49ers haven’t heard enough offered their way to be interested in making the deal at the moment.

Having three suitors will naturally drive up the price, and help set the market and the agenda for the next two months.

The Jets’ interest may help explain their foot-dragging on the Ryan Fitzpatrick negotiations, and lend credence to previous reports that they were Kaepernick’s preferred destination.

And if the Browns are still expected to use the second pick in the draft on one, having veteran Josh McCown sitting there as a mentor might keep them from coughing up too much for Kaepernick.

Either way, having multiple teams involved at the moment should help speed the process along, as well as lead to a better return for the 49ers if they decided to move Kaepernick.

88 responses to “Browns and Jets interested in Colin Kaepernick along with Broncos

  1. sashie brown the browns temp GM
    please dont waste ya time with this bum Kaep he’s not worth it, do u want another manziel but bigger and better arm, party guy and not 100% in the playbook stop the bs
    can we get too april and just draft WENTZ and let him learn trial by fire?
    trade joe thomas while u can too the titans for there 1st overall they need a LT and if we get wentz and tunsil we can start over fresh

  2. Broncos or Jets make the most sense to me. They are both built to win now. Cleveland with the second pick won’t have to get pressured into giving up too much. They are in rebuilding mode anyways and should just keep their picks and draft young and groom now that they have a legit coach and direction.

  3. Baalke: Hey! Interested in trading for Colin?

    Everyone else: Only if you give us picks with him.

    Official Press Statement: We haven’t heard enough offered…

  4. Lmao, no chance he wants to play in the AFC east haha. Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan, and the stacked Dolphins now. Broncos are his best bet. Strong offense and defense in place.

    Cleveland… … …

  5. If a player signs with Cleveland it goes without saying that it was for the money.

  6. Anyone else want to see Kaep end up on Browns, so we can see the debacle of the Broncos continue. Honestly it has been one of the best part of 2016 FA

  7. Niners need to hold firm on proper compensation…… Kaps salary is quite good in today’s market place. Make them come to you Trent dont give in. They will panic and give you what you need.

  8. Get ready for Colin Kaepernick to hold up a green #7 Jets jersey. Geno will be a 49er. Book it.

  9. sdchicken says:
    Mar 10, 2016 11:58 AM
    Broncos or Jets make the most sense to me. They are both built to win now. Cleveland with the second pick won’t have to get pressured into giving up too much. They are in rebuilding mode anyways and should just keep their picks and draft young and groom now that they have a legit coach and direction.


    Completely agree, as a Broncos fan. Denver and the Jets can hide Colin’s flaws – moreso Denver. Yes I’m biased, but we ‘hid’ our QB in plain sight last year and that worked out ok….

  10. If the jets want to give up draft picks and take on a big QB salary why not just sign fitz and save yourself the picks.

    Because you can’t invest that kind of cash for a 33 yr old QB who can’t make the deep throw….Ryan is a game manager, he’s not going to win any games with his arm, his strength is his head…..Kaep is young and athletic and played in a SB, he has talent in the right system plus his contract is team friendly….I would trade Mo to San Fran for Kaep and their first round pick…..Mo cost to much considering his back up is good rookie….Mo has to be traded, can’t keep that 18 million on the books….

  11. Why not just go after the Raiders backup QB Matt McGloin, second round tender low cost, great arm. He’ll get them by next season while more QB’s become available next offseason, if Matt doesn’t perform well.

  12. It is a reach for any of the teams rumored to be interested n trading for Kaepernick. What does a team give for him? He is not passer and none of the rumored teams run the read option system. To think Kaepernick will magically become a pocket passer is a stretch. To change an offense to fit a read option quarterback would be a mistake.

  13. Wake up Denver, Cleveland and NYJ. We have Nassib. The dude is rocket armed, can read defenses, is cheap and is Manning-trained. If he was in this draft, he’d probably be a top 10 pick. Kapernick and RG3 are one-read qbs who will be out of the league soon. They’re expensive, will cost high picks (in CK’s case) and are locker room cancers. Don’t fall into the trap of getting Garafalo either. Pats’ backups have a history of failure (Cassel, Hoyer, Mallett).

    Nassib is blocked by Eli. Give us a decent conditional pick and be done with it.

  14. We’ll see how much Baalke really hates Kap. I can hear the conversation now, “Colin, either you start towing the company line or we trade you to the Browns”. “Mr. Baalke, here, I’m puckered up, you can bend over any time you feel like it”.

  15. Don’t do it Cleveland. Its a trap and is going to blow up in your face. Draft a QB and keep your picks.
    -Steelers fan

  16. Good, I hope another team over pays for a QB. The Broncos just need to draft one and move on. If they do trade for one then stop letting it leak out on who they want so other teams do not drive up the price.

  17. @justintuckrule – which makes sense in the Jets system as Chan runs a 1 read system with the QB. Having Decker and Marshall did wonders for Fitz and now the Jets added Forte.

    If I am the Jets, I take the trade but restructure the deal before

  18. I understand bad teams being interested in bad players. They became bad teams that way, picking garbage off the scrap heap. But why do the Broncos want this guy? Did they watch him play last year?

  19. joenash72 says:
    Mar 10, 2016 12:15 PM

    As a Seahawks fan, I’d prefer Kaeperpick remain in Santa Clara


    as a 49ers fan, I want kaepernick to play for the rams. 😉

  20. He’ll need to rent an extra truck to transport his fine tennis shoe collection he poses with in pictures.

  21. Kaepernick is not a franchise QB. He’s doesn’t have the commitment to put in the mental preparation. He thinks the way to become a good QB in the NFL is working on his abs, lifting weights, and working out with Olympic sprinters during the off-season.

  22. I love all the hate coming Cleveland’s way from niners fans. The Browns suck and have been under construction for about 17 years, but they SPANKED the niners this season.

  23. I don’t see the Browns pursuing Kaep aggressively. They have Pick #2. However, the Jets and Broncos hae ample reason to pursue Kaep. The Jets can just sign Fitz though, and Elway isn’t giving a lot away for a loser like Kaep. I can see the Broncos getting Fitz and then the Jets are forced to get Kaep though..

  24. Kaepernick to the Browns, the Jets resigning Fitzpatrick, and the Broncos picking their starter from Robert Griffin, Mark Sanchez, Brian Hoyer, Sam Bradford on a stupid contract or Mike Glennon would be pretty hilarious.

    That being said, I feel like Kaepernick is going to head to the Jets, Fitzpatrick will be heading to the Broncos, the Browns are going to draft the wrong quarterback and the 49ers are going to roll with Blaine Gabbert.

  25. Why draft a qb if you’re the Browns? We’re 14 months away from deshaun Watson. No point in taking a project when he should be available and, well, who is going to be worse than the Browns next year.

  26. Perhaps Denver can trade for Mike Glennon. He has shown promise at times. With a good team and the right coaching, you gotta think he could be as good (or better) than anything Denver had last year at QB.

  27. Gotta love seeing this as a Chargers fan.

    The 49ers trading Kaep plays perfectly into the narrative of SD trading back to the 7th pick, getting an impact player, and adding some additional picks.

    Meanwhile, SF takes whoever the Browns don’t take and get the guy they think will be the QB of the future.

  28. Kaep is so lucky the Broncos didn’t sign Osweiler. He could go to a SB team as oppose what he was looking at.

  29. The Browns may want them, but that doesn’t mean they want the Browns. That will be the fate of some poor draftee.

  30. Bottom line: Colin Kaepernick > Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Kaepernick has lead a team to the Super Bowl. Fitz will never be that QB.

  31. The only team that I could see Kap doing well with is the Browns, because of Hue Jackson’s ability to work with QB’s. Cleveland also could just swap first round picks with SF. My bank is on the Browns!

  32. Just depends what SF is doing at pick 7.

    If SF is taking a QB at 7, then they would be smart to trade Kaep to the Browns. Thus SF will get either top 2 QB in the draft. It would now take 2 teams to jump SF and that will never happen.

    If SF is NOT drafting a QB it would be stupid to give the Browns a QB. The Browns would be taking an impact player off the board.

  33. For a guy who hasn’t played all that well recently, Kaepernick is certainly in demand. Hope he makes the most of it where ever he ends up.

  34. I think he’d be eaten alive by the New York media and fans. He’d have a little more of a grace period in Denver.

  35. Wow, teams are foolish enough to think Kaepernick is an answer at QB?

    Kaepernick is not a starting level QB.

    He is a QB where you have to limit the the options to throw to one guy or run. If the guy is open, he can hit it. If he isn’t and there is a running lane (even a small one) he can run it. But if those things aren’t there, he ranks right there with the worst QB’s in professional football.

    Of course once in a blue moon when a blind squirrel gets a nut, he’ll get to his third receiver and find him open. But starting QB’s do that consistently. He can’t. Ignore that at your own peril.

    He’s going to bust wherever he goes. There isn’t a defense good enough, or enough offensive stars you can put around him to change that.

    Your OL will catch heat because he dances around and takes sacks.

    Fitzpatrick is far better then Kaep ever was or ever will be. It’s not even debatable.

    Kaep is a gimmick who is all used up. He’s been found out and exposed. That’s why he was sucking even when Harbaugh was still the coach. He was a creation of timing, protection, and mystery.

    He doesn’t have that anymore.

    Do people forget that? The gimmick was fading, and last year we saw what happens when they expanded his role.

    He even has questions off the field and is kind of a headcase.

    So what’s the plan… limit his responsibilities to the gimmicks that everyone had already found out and neutered? Great plan.

    Kapernick didn’t lead his team to the Superbowl….

    He was protected and as an unknown when they thrust him in there more then halfway through a season after screwing over Alex Smith.

    How people forget that is amazing. He didn’t lead squat. He was a gimmick who rode the lead Alex Smith and the rest of the team had created.

    Then they faced a defense who blew him out in the first half until the transformers blew and the blackout threw everyone off. In the end though, they lost.

    The most yards he’s thrown for is 3300. The most TD passes he’s had is 21.

    Fitzpatrick just threw for 3900 and 31… and doesn’t wilt mentally like Kaep. You don’t need to hide him, or fool someone. He’s a leader.

    Go ahead believe I’m wrong, but there is no way in hell you’ll be able to hide and say ‘no one could see it coming’. Every rationale person could, you just chose not to for whatever reason.

    Oh and I’m a fan of an NFC west team, so if he was so good and I was lying, then I should I wishing for him to leave. I’m not. Believe me, I wish he could stay the starting QB for the 49ers for the next dozen years.

  36. Kaepernick said he wants to go to the Jets…
    The Jets say they’re interested in Kap…

    So what’s the hold up?…oh that’s right…someone is lying!

  37. Funny how the Niners are spending their trading away their Super Bowl QB to make room for RGIII while all the top free agents including their own are signing with other teams. That’s the Baalke way.

  38. And they will end up paying the market value they could have gotten BO with paying this guy. Or the next guy for that matter.

  39. I would gladly trade him to the Jets with a second rounder for Muhammad Wilkerson. Maybe throw in one of our 3rds as well. Get it done Baalke and finally do something right this offseason!

  40. No o Line…..

    …..who in the hell wants to play QB for even a re-building team like The Browns ?

    They don’t have any O Linemen aside from #73; even Joe can’t play all 5 spots at once….. and Joe is sore from them trying to trade him last year, and letting all his O-Line buddies go this year in FA……

    Hue will need to go get a guy like Kaep; they need a guy who can run for his life every play…….

    If Hue Jackson is sniffing round Kaepernick; he also clearly thinks neither Goff or Wentz are day one NFL starters IMO…..

  41. Works for me. After watching Kaepernick the past two seasons, I don’t want him with the Broncos. In fact, going to the Browns makes sense so he can join the others in the Browns Quarterback Graveyard.

  42. Kap seems to throw everything hard on a line drive and lacks the sense to put air under the ball,softly. Reminds me of Weeden. Question: Does Kap also stare down his first read like Weeden?*** I still cannot believe how Weeden never…and I mean never!… even turns his head from his primary receiver.

  43. The Jets seem like the better fit. They have a decent running game and some receivers that can get open for a one look play. They have a tough defense and a good coach – something Cap really needs. I wouldn’t want to go to Denver and spend my time being compared to Peyton and Elway the entire time.

  44. ricko1112 says:
    Mar 10, 2016 12:53 PM
    As a Patriots fan, I’m rooting for the Jets to “win” this prize!

    As a Jets fan, I can’t stop laughing at how easily everything Jets gets under your skin. It’s doesn’t say much for some Patriots fans that a team they think stinks so much can get so far under their skin that they act like little kids at the mention of their name.

  45. Round Selected of Bronco’s free agent departures.
    Malik 5th
    Brock 2nd
    Danny T 6th (Tebow pick for Jets Trade)
    CJ Anderson UDFA (Let him go; Thanks CJ)
    Don’t hold your breath haters on the demise of the Broncos.
    Fitz or Kaep good with me and Welcome Home to either.

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