C.J. Anderson visiting Dolphins today


The Super Bowl champion Broncos may soon lose yet another player.

C.J. Anderson, the Broncos’ top running back in their postseason run to the championship, is in Miami today visiting with the Dolphins, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase previously coached Anderson when Gase was offensive coordinator in Anderson, so they know how he fits in the Miami offense. It’s a pairing that makes a lot of sense, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Anderson sign an offer sheet today.

Anderson is a restricted free agent, which means that if he signs, the Broncos have the right to match the offer. But because the Broncos tendered Anderson at the lowest level, they get no draft pick compensation if Anderson leaves.

The 25-year-old Anderson carried 152 times for 720 yards and five touchdowns in the regular season. He added 54 carries for 234 yards and two touchdowns in the postseason.

24 responses to “C.J. Anderson visiting Dolphins today

  1. This is a downgrade from Lamar Miller, but not a bad consolation prize considering he didn’t want to stay with the team anymore. I hear they came within about 1.5 mil per year with millers contract (which is even less when you think about income tax in FL) but he opted for Houston.

    So this is a downgrade in all but one category, short yardage, which Miller struggled with. Don’t get me wrong, I think with more volume Miller can compete to lead the league in rushing or all purpose yards. He’s shown durability on 12-15 touches a game for a long while now, might as well increase it, and he’s hungry for it too.

    With that said, looking at Miami’s RB depth chart… its all power power power but guys who can notoriously catch well out of the back field.

  2. Miami needs an offensive line to run lower football. Albert is good for a half a season. Pouncey IMO is the most over rated center in the NFL. They have no LG. Their RG is a journey man and the jury is still out on Jujuan or however their RT name is spelled. No way shape or form is Miami going to play lower football with all the Oline issues

  3. @ footstepsfalco Tex. also has no state taxes.

    He should pair up well with Ajayi. Can breakout like Miller did good receiver as well, even better short yardage. Gives the pats fits, who are also after him.

    They might go as high as what Miller would have got. We will see if that is enough.

  4. The Broncos gave insulting lowball offers to CJ and Brock. No wonder they’re leaving.

    I don’t think the $16 mil a year they offered Brock was a lowball offer, that was a fair offer and probably the right one. Texans just overpaid.

    Anderson would be a nice addition to the offense, knows the system well and would pair nicely with Ajayi. If he signs, I would imagine Williams would be expendable, since now they would have 2 RB’s that can catch the ball. I would like to see Bilal Powell sign there though.

  5. granadafan… They offered him $16 million a year off of 7 starts!!! Doesn’t seem like a low ball offer to me for a guy with little starting experience. I think he left because he was upset about getting benched, and he also got a monster contract!!! I don’t think the Broncos really had any chance to sign him since he ignored phone calls from team officials, and players… Good luck to him in Houston…

  6. Broncos with Brock is like Miami with Vernon, they are darned if they do, and darned if they don’t. If the Broncos and dolphins kept those players at the price they eventually got, they would have been smashed for being big spenders and overpaying. They let them go, and they are getting smashed for not spending the money to keep them. I think both teams made the right decisions.

  7. QB is different. That’s the market value. They will end up spending around the same 18M per year on the next guy when it’s all said and done.

  8. My coronas up hoping the football gods shine upon any offer to CJ and he goes elsewhere bcuz our team needs Blounts size and exp with bellicheck to come to Mia”…. Get after Anquan next”….. OL, OL, Draft Henry with first pick. Land us a beast at ILB and Cb …..

  9. Blount only destroyed us everytime he played us. Give him incentive based contract same with Anquan and beef up this team with ballers. Draft Henry! If you want to flip script on the AFC EAST. Yo Gase!

  10. really makes you wonder what is really happening in Denver, if everything was a great as Elway says then these guys would be fighting to resign and stay yet their running for the hills instead. just really makes you wonder

  11. The Dolphins seem to be going against the norm and building through free agency again. Signing oldies and letting go young drafted players. Maybe this is a consequence of over paying in years past. Still hope this is the year but not feeling to confident.

  12. If it makes Dolphins fans feel any better, not many, if any at all, of the FA’s that Miami let walk have been very successful with their new teams.

  13. Hurry up Miami’ get Anquan and Blount not hurt players. I’m so disgusted not just by who you’ve picked but how slow you are at getting better players…..tell me Anquan can not be a compliment to our WR corp. room!!!!!!! Hurry UPPPPPPPPP

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