Texans owner on Brock Osweiler: “He was the one we wanted”


Because of the glaring need on their roster, the lack of supply of alternatives, and previous comments by Texans owner Bob McNair, it appeared the Texans were intent on drafting their next quarterback of the future.

But after General Manager Rick Smith signed former Broncos project Brock Osweiler to a four-year, $72 million contract, McNair said Osweiler was the one they had targeted all along.

Quarterback was our No. 1 priority,” McNair said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “He (Osweiler) was the one we wanted.

“He was the guy we wanted. Rick said he was going to get him, and he did. I’ve got to give him a lot of credit. He did a heck of a job.”

Of course, McNair admitted that the alternative was considered, but the cost was deemed too high. A victim of their own success, the Texans won’t draft until the 22nd overall spot, and McNair said the cost of getting into the range for a top prospect such as Jared Goff or Carson Wentz was prohibitive.

“If we had waited for the draft, we would have had to give up picks to move up to get a guy we wanted,” McNair said. “We probably would have had to give up at least three picks, and that’s three quality players.

“Now we can go into the draft and take the best player in each round.”

Of course, it was easy to think about the draft, as free agency had one realistic option for them to acquire a semi-established starter (assuming they weren’t going to give Ryan Fitzpatrick another chance).

But now that he has his man, McNair isn’t afraid to set high expectations, on a day when he also added running back Lamar Miller.

“I’m excited,” McNair said. “I think these moves give us a chance to go a long way in the playoffs.”

Osweiler isn’t shirking from those expectations, saying he thinks he can win a championship with the Texans. And considering the talent around him and the formula the Broncos just showed for winning a title, it’s possible.

12 responses to “Texans owner on Brock Osweiler: “He was the one we wanted”

  1. You’re crazy if you think that the Texans defense is anywhere near as potent as what Denver’s defense was last season. Remember there’s always the annual Brian Cushing injury and their porous secondary. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but Os better step up his game, his leadership, and be done with letting his feelings get hurt so easily. Good luck in Houston & thanks for what you did in Denver to help the team win SB50.

  2. I’m hoping Osweiler performs as well as Brain Hoyer.
    It would be funny to see a team spend so much on an unproven player.
    Nothing against Osweiler, but he has less than half a season of games played. Lets see how he does when teams have a full season of tape to study.

    One thing that will help him is he will play in a weak division, so he may have time to settle in and adjust.

  3. Denver’s defense got hot in playoffs and caught some really lucky breaks along the way. Big Ben’s injury and AB’s concussion, Tom Brady and co who always struggle in Denver, then finally a really bad coaching job by the Panthers. There is really no reason to believe they will catch the same breaks next season or those breaks will not go Houston’s way.

    Houston can absolutely replicate what Denver’s defense did and hope for few lucky breaks. They just don’t need a QB to put them in a bad position and Osweiler most likely won’t.

  4. Hoyer was actually better than Osweiler last year. Just look at the stats. Brock was benched because teams had started figuring him out and he could not move the offense. Not a good sign after just 7 games.

  5. Yeah, look at the stats. The San Diego game… the “bad” game that got him benched? 14 of 22 w/2 pics – one of which a perfectly thrown ball that bounced right off the receivers hands and the other when the defender hit his elbow. 2 key drops and a 49 yarder nullified by a fumble. If that’s figuring a QB out, credit has to go to the receivers and O-Line for teaching the class

  6. One thing that will help him is he will play in a weak division, so he may have time to settle in and adjust
    Yea. Now he only has to compete against Andrew Luck, Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariotta – no pressure there.

  7. There r never any guarantees, u just gotta roll with it. If they stay healthy they could go pretty far with that group.

  8. Some off you guys need to stop listening to the media. Hoyer had 4th quater boost numbers, meaning they are trumped up because we’re loosing.

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