Bucs not worried about Mrs. Grimes

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When the wife of Brent Grimes pulled the plug on her Twitter page at or about the same time the former Falcon and Dolphin signed in Tampa, some thought the Buccaneers asked her to ditch social media and otherwise to quiet down. Her comments to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel suggest otherwise.

Indeed, the Buccaneers aren’t concerned about Mr. or Mrs. Grimes. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, coach Dirk Koetter (who spent a season in Atlanta with Grimes), defensive coordinator Mike Smith (who coached Grimes for five years in Atlanta), and linebackers coach Mark Duffner (who spent the last two years with Grimes in Miami) separately vouched for Grimes.

The Buccaneers collectively think Grimes is a great kid, and they’re willing to take the risk of any potential distraction created by his wife. Put simply, they’d rather have that kind of distraction than the kind that comes from losing games and playing poor defense.

Then there’s the reality that, for whatever reason, it seems as if the Dolphins always have a distraction of some sort. With Miko Grimes now gone, the thinking is that, eventually, it’ll be something else in Miami.

24 responses to “Bucs not worried about Mrs. Grimes

  1. Love Brent (class act), can’t stand his ole lady. She got arrested outside the stadium after a game for gods sake for disorderly conduct. They caught it on video of her cursing and acting a fool. She is a mean spirited, opinionated, delusional psychopath who will do anything for attention. That started her whole downward spiral. I pity Brent when he retires cause this woman will bleed him dry. Bucs fans better hope they win right away or this psycho will be on twitter blaming everyone and god himself.

  2. I just hope that she smooths over all this nonsense and ingratiates herself and her husband to their new team by baking a nice cake…

  3. Grimes is declining and has always struggled against big WRs. Fans will experience her delusion if his play continues trending down and they use social media to exprerss their thoughts. They’re fortunate they only have him for 2 years because that’s about how long it took before she got out of control.

  4. She is trash. On her twitter she said it was all about money. She said Tannehill didn’t completea pass in a 2 minute drill in practice & that was why they lost a game. Yet, multiple coaches & players came out & said they didn’t even practice the 2 min drill on the day she referred to.

    She is a big mouth, trashy human being. No class. Watch the video of her arrest. She’s garbage.

    And sadly, Grimes was garbage last year too. Rather have Maxwell. Cheaper, younger & taller. Hopefully he won’t get schooled like Grimes was all last year.

  5. rcali says:
    Mar 11, 2016 3:43 PM

    Um, like, people actually follow his wife on twitter? What does it say about those people!
    Um, she made a death threat to a local beat writer. If your a Buc’s fan you will find out soon enough.

  6. @rcali

    I assume it falls under the same reason people stop to look at accidents. General curiosity as to why whats happening is happening. And she is a full on gasoline fueled dumpster fire

  7. Of course the Bucs aren’t concerned, nor are the Tampa Police. She may be foul-mouthed, rude, obnoxious, and mean, but so is every fan coming to Tampa visiting from NY, CHI, and PHI. We’re used to it here. Welcome Mrs. G! Beer’s in the fridge.

  8. Amazing how the trolls come out when any team (obviously in their own division) signs new players. Take it from a Fins fan, the Bucs just improved tremendously in their secondary. Granted, yes Grimes didn’t play as well as he did the previous year with the Fins, but when you make the Pro Bowl, I’d hardly call that playing like “garbage”. The Fins defense was sporadic at best last year, and Grimes matched up each week against every teams number 1 receiver and played solid, again, worthy of a Pro Bowl nod. Yes, his wife is an absolute nightmare, and you can tell he has no control over her, but if she does in fact stay off of Twitter, then hopefully Grimes won’t have to worry about anything other than playing football next year (yes, she was enough of a distraction to cause her husbands play to suffer somewhat). I would have loved for the Fins to keep him, but his price was just a little to steep for a team that is struggling to stay under the Cap. Bucs should be very happy for this signing.

  9. He’s fine…..but you have a crazed lunatic for a wife who can’t keep her yap shut…..and don’t know what she will do or say next…id be distracted also.

  10. Sorry to see him go but to be honest, well worth the move to get rid of his wife. She has to be the most arrogant loudmouth ever. Sad part is after she stops flapping and you digest what she says…none of it makes any sense. Oh well, good luck Mr. Grimes. Not so much in football, I mean your marriage. LMFAO

  11. Brent is a class act. Even though he’s not a #1 lockdown corner anymore, he’s still a solid #2 corner. He has great work ethic and practices hard. His wife is just a piece of #2. Bucs and their fans will learn this very soon. Sorry to to see you leave Miami Brent, very happy that you took your wife with you.

  12. i really like Grimes but his play really fell off last year and was sub par.
    he is a small guy, but overcame it with his abilities. those abilities are fading, and id bet he has a bad year in TB.

  13. i have no hate for Grimes, but saying he played solid each week and worthy of the Pro Bowl?! look what Brandon Marshall did to the man in the two Jets games. 17 rec, 259 yds, 1 TD. he made Grimes look silly.

  14. He even did the CB flop while getting burned on a TD. Why do they do that? Tape don’t lie!

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