Raiders cut Curtis Lofton

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Curtis Lofton is officially a free agent again. This time he won’t be signing a big-money contract.

Lofton was officially released by the Raiders today, after playing one year of a three-year, $18 million contract. As it turned out, Lofton played one year and made $6.5 million in Oakland.

In Lofton’s previous foray in free agency, he signed a five-year, $27.5 million contract with the Saints in 2012. He was cut three years into that deal.

The 29-year-old Lofton has never missed a game in his NFL career and started nine of his 16 games last year. But he didn’t have a great season and will surely have to take less money on his next contract than he’s made on his last two contracts.

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  1. I was sorry when the Saints let Lofton go. It was after a year when most of his defense team mates weren’t doing ‘D!’

    He was the one of the few men fighting hard on every down. He was a Captain for a reason.

    I like his attitude. Wish the Saints would take him back.

  2. Curtis who? …. I see that last name and James Lofton immediately come to mind…

    oh well, based on another article i read on PFT, sounds like a good landing spot would be Cleveland.

  3. the tight end going over the middle last year sealed his fate. Some guys lose a step, he lost two….stout against the run, a liability against the pass….wonder how Darron Lee’s pro day went today

  4. 3.5M in dead money, but still better than keeping him for 5.5M. That was not a good signing. Cutting DJ Hayden won’t save any cap space, so that stiff will probably be around until this time next year.

  5. Every time I saw #50 he was either getting burned up the middle by the TE or getting run past by a RB , not what you are looking for from your “stout” LB

  6. He would be a nice back up for the league minimum. Maybe a look here bolts. We have no depth and MT might be hurt again this year.

  7. He was never great in coverage, now he’s older.

    He’s still probably a decent run stuffer, but if he ain’t got the speed for special teams, then man… idk.

  8. “catquick says:
    Mind telling us what position he plays?”


    Slow and burned on any pass play. Too bad. He was replaced by a rookie in mid season. That should tell you all you need to know.

  9. espy70 says:
    Mar 11, 2016 7:16 PM
    Every time I saw #50 he was either getting burned up the middle by the TE or getting run past by a RB , not what you are looking for from your “stout” LB
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    LOL….just trying to be nice, and give some kind of props…..maybe I should have said that’s it not a shock he was cut, even if they have to put money into dead space, where next year would have been a clean cut.

    They cut him to make room for Weddle????

  10. Nate Allen was cut & brought back at less pay. More likely the Raiders plan to start Ben Heeney or draft an MLB in an early round. The best free agent available appears to be another ex-Colt, Jerrell Freeman.

  11. No big surprise here, he didn’t really add much to the team. Maybe , just maybe, resign him at a lower cost for some added depth, but I think we’ll lick our wounds on this one and move on.

  12. Saints fan’s take he gets paid huge $$$ to make tackles. Loftin is a decent leader but does he ever make “a play” ?and the answer is no. He gets numbers making tackles, usually assisted but he is never going to impact a game be it passes defended, sacks, hurries he will be that guy that sees the pile and comes in and gets a tackle. He isn’t an impact player he is ho-hum the guy you pay vet min to to just hold ground.

    Issue is he had “a” monster year in ATL for “a” season and he has flipped it into getting paid since.

    No nock on him he is a “solid” player just an average LB that should be paid accordingly. It’s not his fault his value doesn’t = his impact. He has profited of a single good year and has had average years since.

    Great person, role model but not a guy you build a defense around.

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