Proposed Washington stadium has a moat

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With more and more teams planning and building more and more compelling and dynamic stadiums, Washington’s idea for pushing the envelop is to go old school and dig a ditch.

The latest episode of 60 Minutes on CBS included images of a venue for the team that features a moat around the perimeter of the structure.

The idea comes from Bjarke Ingles Group, a company from Denmark that has never before designed a sports stadium. (#shocker.)

Washington is at least a decade away from replacing FedEx Field, a 19-year-old venue that looks and feels a lot older than it is. Which means that Washington has roughly that long and come to its senses regarding the prospect of having fans on game day so close to safety hazard after imbibing something significantly stronger than the contents of the moat.

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  1. Well, perhaps there just preparing the stadium for use as a refuge in case of the zombie apocolypse. Like Ford Field/Comerica Park in the book World War Z.

  2. If there will be some sort of fence or railing, what would the problem be? Sure, a drunk fan could drown. That same drunk fan can already fall to his death from the upper part of the stadium. I get that lawyers are inclined to search for liability because they make money doing it but a moat is not less safer than a 40 foot fall to concrete. Maybe they should change the liability laws and include a stupidity clause. If 100,000 people can routinely use a facility without incident then the 1 in a million moron who gets hurt should be at fault and unable to sue because a lawyer sees a profit in the defendant.

  3. The Redskins should be able to build whatever stadium they wish as long as the Redskins pay for it. Since the owner of the Redskins knows this, I have little doubt that the Redskins will pay for the Redskins new stadium. The Redskins don’t need a new stadium for the Redskins quite yet though so the Redskins will no doubt wait a few years until the Redskins build the Redskins’ new stadium. I wish the Redskins well in this venture.

  4. Two things: 1) Great idea. Keep the Democrats in DC out of the stadium. 2) Redskins with a moat ??( How offensive to people of the Medieval times….. ) 💤💤💤💤💤

  5. Next they will add an archers perch & a catapult launch pad. At least they cannot claim to be the first stadium with a dungeon. Philly beat them to it with their jails & court rooms beneath the Vet & the Linc!

  6. FedEx Field is only 19 yo? Thought more like 30+. Was there for Skins/Packers playoff game and was surprised that the stadium had limited view (poles in sightlines and overhang) seats.
    Who was overseeing the architect and construction? Maybe was government spec’d?

  7. So, if they’re tinkering with the idea of building a moat around the stadium, might this be the beginning of rebranding the team? Moats and Native Americans don’t mesh, but if they’re thinking of a ye olde theme, might something like Gladiators be in the offing?

  8. It’s not going to be a moat. It’s actually going to be more like a beach. The water will be a circular wave pool.

  9. This is a Football Stadium right ?

    One that is used 10-12 days per year for people to watch football ? In 19 years x 11 Games per year
    ( Which is generous since the Redskins are not a perennial power with a home playoff game in each of the last 19 years ) The stadium has been used less then 209 times, or over $ 4.7 Million per game.
    I would strongly object to taxpayer dollars being used for a new stadium.

  10. You wanna talk stadiums that seem older than they are? How about Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati? I was there for Steelers/Bengals in 2014 and couldn’t believe how dilapidated and disjointed it was. Pieced together, dirty, crumbling, bad sightlines, poor design overall. I was shocked it’s only been around since 2000, Seems at least twice that old. I’ve never been to FedEx, but if it’s worse than P.B., that moat can’t come soon enough.

  11. Read somewhere once that Ryan Howard’s house had a moat. Most likely built to keep his family away from his money, but that’s just speculation. Perhaps Dan Snyder wants a moat to deter more fans from coming to games.

  12. Chris says:

    To keep the protestors out?

    Yeah, all four of them.

  13. It is Looks Freaking #Awesome .
    @Redskins should build it in DC and have subway trains, amtrak light rail trains , mono rails that connect from Stops all throughout South Central Pa (York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Carlise, Hanover is all REDSKINS COUNTRY still), Maryland , Virginia , DC, Delaware and West Virginia to the Stadium. A Park and Ride Public Transportation Service that Goes right to the Transfer Center at the New Stadium. Eliminates local Parking so travel in and out of the Stadium would be much more easier , faster and better.

    Simple idea Put a Gothic Style Fence along Moat with gas Lamps Throughout it.
    I think that the Moat should flow underneath the Stadium moving the water up to the top and out a #WaterFall the flows out the dome. Beautiful WaterFalls, a Moat, National Monuments, Huge Memorials and Badass Gargoyles, Dragons, Knights and ArchAngels on and aroung the New Stadium would make it one of #WondersOfTheWorld

    Also as well as an Huge Statues of Angels On top At the 4 Corners N, E, S, W of the Stadium

    I think the #Moat and the Tailgate parks Are AWESOME!!! I think there should be built also National Monuments , museums, New NFL Hall Of Fame, and Huge Gothic Statues that change the DC SkyLine for the BETTER

  14. For what it’s worth, word on the street is that the moat/pool isn’t really a game day deal so much as a way to turn the park into a year round attraction. Football stadiums are are used football only ten times a year (2 preseason hands), so if you turned a football stadium into some sort of amusement park/year-round business you’d be getting more bang for your buck then the rest of the league combined– and that’s all an owner could every ask for.

  15. ashhole420 says:
    Mar 15, 2016 9:28 AM
    It is Looks Freaking #Awesome .
    @Redskins should build it in DC and have subway trains, amtrak light rail trains , mono rails that connect from Stops all throughout South Central Pa (York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Carlise, Hanover is all REDSKINS COUNTRY still), Maryland , Virginia , DC, Delaware and West Virginia to the Stadium. A Park and ……..

    Redskin country? Don’t think so Skippy. Ravens and Steelers fans – yes. Redskins fans – no.

  16. Wow! A moat would be amazing; making it useful year round would be spectacular. This use would make the stadium pay for itself. But i dont think they’ll do…though i think they should. If the Donald doesnt become presedent we could seek his advice in a redesign of the golf course across the street. DC

  17. buhbay1c says:
    Mar 14, 2016 10:07 PM

    Moats are so archaic. Perfect for such an obtuse franchise though!
    The word you’re looking for is obsolete.

  18. Yeah, like using the name Redskins for a football team is the barrier that’s been keeping whites and American indians from coming together and settling their differences all these years. The history is just that. It can’t be changed. No one alive today is responsible for it, just like slavery. It’s best just to put those things that happened behind us and move on together . Healing begins with forgiveness.

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