Report: Dolphins will sign Andre Branch


Free agent defensive end Andre Branch will sign a one-year deal with the Dolphins, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

The report said it’s a fully guaranteed contract worth up to $3 million.

Branch, 26, was a second-round pick of the Jaguars in 2012 and leaves Jacksonville after four years, mostly as a backup. He started 10 games last season — his first starts since his rookie season — and recorded four sacks.

He had a career-best six sacks in 2013 and has 14 for his career. In Miami he joins a remade pass rush for new defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. Olivier Vernon departed for the Giants, and the Dolphins added Mario Williams on a two-year deal. The Dolphins also lost Derrick Shelby via free agency to the Falcons.

21 responses to “Report: Dolphins will sign Andre Branch

  1. ENOUGH with the Defensive Line! YES – he’s young but we need OL & secondary help!….You can’t plug those holes exclusively in this upcoming draft…besides I have little faith that Tannenbum will do anything positive in this draft, he’s already partially screwed that up with the Phili trade

  2. Can’t tell the fins fans that. Don’t you know anyone that Tannanbaum signs is golden ? And they go to Miami because there is no personal income tax. And this will be Tannehills breakout year. And Suh is going to change the entire culture around ? C’mon man, all free agents have been wanting to play for Miami at half the rate they can get. Get with the program. LOL

  3. Yet another stellar draft pick by the Jags. They have been plagued with awful draft picks through the years–most notably when they select receivers. That’s been a disaster. But they also selected Brandon Marshall (the LB) and eventually cut him. I believe they have different people in the personnel office so it’s something that can be corrected especially if they care about winning.

  4. Finally a youngin. To poster of garbage sacks. He takes the place of OV who took over 3 seconds on most of them.

  5. Who? Sorry, thought this article was about the NFL but I’ve never heard of the Dolphins.

  6. Hope he does well in Miami. He always just seemed like he was running around out there and never near the QB.

  7. They have been plagued with awful draft picks through the years–most notably when they select receivers.

    Must have missed our 2, yes, 2 1000 yard receivers from last year.

  8. Guy is a workout warrior, has the size and strength to dominate. However, he has no motor, no motivation, no instincts, and no will. Practice squad MVP. He won’t play a down.

  9. This guy underwhelmed in a contract year and Dolphans are giddy because it fills a roster spot at a need position. Hope you enjoy giving Brady 5 seconds to figure out who to throw to every snap.

  10. That’s right Miami – keep signing those DL guys while your doing nothing about the OL…typical scmuck Tannenbaum move…remember how stellar his moves were in NY fins fans? His only quality & I use that loosely : he once was a disciple of Bill Parcells ( I think he shined his shoes?) – after that what’s he done? Spent a lot of Woody’s money & now gonna spend alot more of Ross’s money.

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