Mathieu questions whether Kaepernick fits in Chip Kelly’s offense


Many believe that quarterback Colin Kaepernick would fit well with the Chip Kelly offense. Others point out that Kaepernick may lack the ability to make quick decisions, a staple of quarterback play the Kelly system.

Appearing on Thursday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu provided another explanation for why Kaepernick may not mesh with the new offense in San Francisco.

“I think for the most part Chip he wants to take shots down field,” Kaepernick said. “He wants to score touchdowns. It’s not necessarily an offense where he’s gonna throw screen passes the entire game. Now that’s part of it, but the idea is to kind of lull you to sleep and then take a shot down field for a big home run.”

Mathieu, who had plenty of candid and insightful comments about Kaepernick during the 2015 season, had praise for the 49ers (for now) quarterback.

“I would love to play against Kaepernick,” Mathieu said. “He’s one of those players who brings out the best in you because you have to expect the unexpected because of what he can do with his legs and his arm. Now the scheme may not fit him but he’s a talented player and I know if he can get in the right scheme and the right offense, I know it would benefit him because he’s a great talent. I’ve been playing against him the last three years, and he can play football in this league. I think it’s really a matter about the scheme, the offense and how comfortable he is throwing the ball down the field but he’s a great talent.”

Regardless of who the quarterback may be, Mathieu looks forward to facing the 49ers.

“I’ve always had some personal success against Chip Kelly going way back to college,” Mathieu said. “So I never really mind playing against Chip. I felt like he always brought out the best in me with that fast-paced tempo offense. You always kind of have to be on your toes, understand what’s going on, so I always liked that part of it. The challenge part of it but I think he’ll bring something different to the 49ers and it should be interesting.”

Mathieu had plenty of interesting things to say. To hear all of it, click the thing in the thing below.

12 responses to “Mathieu questions whether Kaepernick fits in Chip Kelly’s offense

  1. Mathieu really didn’t explain why Kaep is not a Chip Kelly scheme fit other than to say he thinks Chip’s scheme is a lull you to sleep then go for the HR type thing. I am assuming he doesn’t think Kaepernick has enough deep accuracy skill to hit the HR ball with any consistency..

  2. I hope so cause he blew out his knee twice and has no room to talk shade Honey badger is a Bum but hey he’ll be signed by Arizona overpaid then retire in two years, so he might be a Analyst soon

  3. We all know what kaperchoke is. I personally hope he starts for the niners for a long time. He’s a punk and a choke artist. I love watching him melt down during the game and act like a baby afterwards.

  4. That first game the Cards played this year vs the Niners literally ruined Kaep. Anyone who watched that game knows it. Intercepted how many times? You could just watch his confidence slip away and he never got it back. Possibly still hasn’t. Honey Badger played a big part in destroying him…I bet he’d love to play him some more.

  5. Well we have the usual hating Shehawk troll, etc. Kaepernick will excel under Kelly. For those who like to attack him, over 10,000 career yards, 56 TDs, 26 Ints, 88.8 passer rating, 4 playoff wins, over 300 yards in the Super Bowl, etc. The guy has great talent but has been misused by two terrible OC’s. This year he will be a standout.

  6. I sat at my TV and prayed that the niners drafted Mathieu. We needed (and still need) a huge amount of cornerback help. Who did we draft ahead of him? Vance McDonald.

    When we had a then productive Vernon Davis.


  7. Baalke and whoever his scouting team is don’t seam to have a feel for a football player. There is something in a player’s body language out on the field that separates the average from the good. Some see it and some don’t. Belichick has it. A couple of years ago he told Julian Edelman and I paraphrase, I don’t know where you are going to play but you’re a player then proceeded to tell him he made the team. 7th rounder. That’s why Belichick is in the hunt every year..

  8. cavalleyx5 says:
    Mar 17, 2016 9:28 PM
    I hope so cause he blew out his knee twice and has no room to talk shade Honey badger is a Bum but hey he’ll be signed by Arizona overpaid then retire in two years, so he might be a Analyst soon

    anyone who thinks Mathieu is a “bum” is a moron! This kid is a baller! The only reason the cards got him was the weed worry. Good to see the young man put it away til he retires. Which will be way longer than 2 years!

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