Jets don’t rule out Wilkerson trade, D’Brickashaw Ferguson departure

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Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson took to Instagram on Friday to post a video of himself walking on an anti-gravity treadmill with a compression sock and sneakers on his right leg to show that his recovery from a broken bone continues to progress “ahead of schedule.”

That news would be of interest to any team that might want to pursue a trade for Wilkerson, who received the franchise tag from the Jets earlier this offseason. During a conference call on Friday, Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan wouldn’t say whether he’s had any talks on that front but didn’t rule out the possibility that things could go that way.

“It’s not something we’re actively pursuing,” Maccagnan said, via “But at the end of the day, he is under the franchise tag, so we’ll see how this thing plays out.”

The Jets have shown some interest in free agent tackles this offseason, leading to speculation about whether left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson will remain with the team. Ferguson is set to have a $14.1 million cap charge and the Jets could save over $9 million by parting ways with him, something that Maccagnan also wouldn’t rule out on Friday.

“Right now I would say he would be on our roster going forward,” Maccagnan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “But we’ll see how this thing goes.”

Moving on from Ferguson would require the Jets to find another left tackle, something that is more difficult now that the best options on the free agent market have signed with other teams.

33 responses to “Jets don’t rule out Wilkerson trade, D’Brickashaw Ferguson departure

  1. I know Jets going to try trading Mo for QB and 1st pick…

    However I do also know that Jets isn’t going to risk cutting Ferguson when he still really good tackle.. His price tag don’t justified how much he worth now… Hoping he will restructure soon, and remain with Jets for life.

  2. .
    Do the the Jets have the back seven personnel to compete with the Patriots passing attack with Bennett, Brown and Hogan added, in addition to Dion Lewis returning from injury? If your answer is no, then you’re going to have to make moves.

  3. Cap hell, folks. Good thing they raced right out and signed Matt Forte and Bilal Powell to more money than they actually desrve on the current market.


    Why on earth did Forte’s agent not know about their cap hell? Everyone else knows about it!

    No LT, you lose your best DLineman because you never budgeted for him due to said cap hell going back to 2011, and you’re overpaying Revis so bad, you have NO LBs or Safeties to cover Gronk and Martellus Bennett.

    Anyone see top 5 pick overall pick Leonard Williams make ANY impact plays last year at all? Nope, I didn’t either. Another bust in the making.

    This, on top of so many blown 1st rd picks and picks in general.


    And, who is the QB?

    Geno Smith? Geno Smith is going to pass to Matt Forte out of the backfield, huh?

    $100 Matt Hogan produces as well as Eric Decker at 1/2 the cost.

    And Brandon Marshall? His 10 mil per salary will blow up in Geno Smith’s face by October.

    Have a nice day, Jets fans! Your main person to blame is none other than that sneaky snake, Woody Johnson, because he is really the guy pulling the strings, which is why Idzik and MacCagnan only appear as morons underneath him. Tannenrube was a moron automatically then and NOW with Miami.


  4. Okay, I’ll try this post again and see if it gets deleted again. I’ll be more than happy to discuss the Jets and/or football in general with anyone, but when the idiot haters start their trolling, I absolutely refuse to respond.

  5. Jets got Forte, Powell, and another guy for the same amount Jacksonville paid Ivory, who ended last season hurt. Mike Florio himself told us this in a PFT story earlier this month.

  6. @tylawspick6

    I would ask you to go away but I know this is not possible. Pats fans always claim that their team is in everyone’s head but apparently the Jets are in yours. You are on every Jets article spouting off about stuff you know nothing about. I would put the Jets first round success up against your Pats any day of the week and that’s with a few well known busts and an idiot coach playing guys out of position. Oh wait, I forgot, because your gm/coach is such a terrible talent evaluator he opted out of the first round for many years to stock pile picks in order to better his chances at maybe hitting gold. Brady is the reason your late rounders, cast offs, and rejects look so good. Kid yourself all you want but none of us intelligent people are fooled. We know the truth and Pats fans are delusional. By the way, Brick is all but washed up, Revis’ contract can be reworked, and Mo should get paid but it probably won’t be by the Jets. As for Williams, 63 TT and 3 sacks for an interior ROOKIE lineman in all D fronts the Jets play is a pretty solid foundation but what exactly did your first rounder do this past year? I’ll wait but won’t expect a response because everyone knows your D line stinks!!

  7. Mr Wright, you should change your name to Mr Wrong if you think that after giving Vernon an 85 million dollar deal and 9 mil per to Harrison the Giants can afford Mo Wilk on their line.

  8. $100 Matt Hogan produces as well as Eric Decker at 1/2 the cost.

    Ummmm, that’s not even his name, so yea I think we will all take this bet.

  9. No problem, Goodell will make sure somehow that the Jets have “Cap Space” left to do what they want. Trust in ol’ Roger!

  10. Done, just send over your #2 and #3 picks this year and next year.

    PS – I can actually see Jerry Reese doing that, to try and hold onto his job for 2 more years.

    >>Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Mar 18, 2016 5:04 PM
    Trade Mo to the Giants where he belongs and actually has a chance to win.

  11. I love how all the “Jets players” in the NFL Front Office has completely gotten into all the Pats fans heads…

    Big MacC’s plan is working to perfection…

  12. Tylaw6 . Profootballfocus had Leonard Williams highly rated last year. He’s 21. Ranked him 12th interior defender in NFL out of 123. Bust tag shows how much you know. Not much. Hogan graded 95 out of 121 WR. Forte 10th ranked RB, Shea McClellin ranked 88th. Chris Long ranked 98th. Bennett ranked 22. The Jets will have 2 picks before you have one. Keep the dream going. Jon Cooper 44th ranked guard. What upgrades?

  13. LMAO

    My mistake for calling Hogan by the incorrect first name.

    Umm, does that really debunk the premise? I think not, Jetsie fans.

    Brady–>Hogan = 70 balls and 6 TDs
    Geno Bust–>Decker = ???

    How is this even debatable?

  14. JetFan74

    Umm, the Pats LOADED D line stinks? That’s interesting. We’ll see about that in 2016, won’t we?

    Because everyone else throughout the league sees a loaded, young, talented and experienced front 7.

    I am pretty sure they’ll blowing by an old Mangold, the terrible Giacomini and whatever other turds the Jets trot out there. D’Bustashaw is done and has been for years. #4 overall pick. OUCH. Hey! At least you won’t see him lead your OL anymore in giving up sacks, huh?

    NE just traded away Chandler Jones because NE isn’t dumb enough to tie up 15-17 mil in a bloated market.

    Will someone give the Jets a 2nd rder and want to make the same mistake Arizona just made on Wilkerson?

    Maybe. Maybe someone will be that dumb.

    Maybe SF will make that mistake. Maybe Chicago will.

    I do know this:

    The Jets D will be torched beyond belief in 2 games this year with the Gronk/Bennett duo, Edelman abusing old man Revis, Hogan abusing whoever else (Milliner? LMAO) on the other side and Dion Lewis out of the backfield. You gonna have old man David Harris spy on Dion Lewis, are ya?


    BUt, hey! Good thing you ran right out and overpaid for Forte.

    All Ds are quaking in their boots with Geno BUst under Center. Just quaking! bawhaha

    Maybe you should rent a few more 30 somethings past their prime as if it’s 2003 and you could still get away with that?


    Belichick plays checkers, you idiots play chess.

    Enjoy smelly Jersey.

  15. @SBMcIntosh36

    What do you think your IQ is?

    Let me tell you something right now:

    The reaason why the Jets haven’t been relevant since man landed on the moon and the Beatles were together, is because your ownership plays 2nd fiddle to the Giants and is insecure.

    So are you delusional fans. You see a name on the back of a jersey in a green and white and thin that is that matters.

    Football is a team sport and Woody Johnson has no idea of that fact.

    Player 53 is as important in his role as the best player on the team, even if at a different level.


    We sit back and laugh in the AFC East. The whole country sees you as laughingstocks.

    And now, everyone knows Wilkerson has to be dealt for a 2nd or he’s a rental in 2016 for no reason.


  16. MetLifeTearDown

    I don’t care what PFF has him “rated” at there. Their metrics can be misleading at times.

    You’re the Jets fan, so tell everyone what impactful plays he made playing alongside others who may be double teamed, like Wilkerson, Harrison or Richardson?

    Also, you need to switch to a 4-3 now, since Harrison is gone and a NT is hard to replace, so your #5 overall pick who was supposed to be a steal and is now wading in mediocrity after his very pedestrian rookie year, has more pressure on him than ever before.

  17. McClendon is in no way a 3 down 3-4 NT. Too small.

    4-3 DT JAG who may have to start in place of SHelly Richardson and his suspension early in the year.

  18. Mo has been very good during his Jets career but as we know guys are replaceable. Can’t break the bank for every player. Jets have other needs to address.

  19. Tylawpick6 you posted a comment before stating BB plays checkers while us idiots play chess. Maybe you should read what you write before you write it. As for the jets maybe you should be more worried about how Jimmy G is gonna play the first 4 games of the year and as for the afc east didn’t your team lose the final 2 afc east games and one of them was because your genius coach gave the jets the ball first in OT? Didn’t the guy who coached the lions to 0-16 do that as well. As you New englanders say that wasn’t “wicked Smaaaat”. Could’ve been a 1 seed instead Von Miller ate your whole o-line up in mile high.

  20. Pats weren’t relevant last year anyway. Seen a ton of Pats fans say we haven’t been relevant since 1969. Well, we’ve been to the championship game numerous times since then. If we weren’t relevant in those years because we lost, then using the same logic the Pats weren’t last year.

  21. Yes, I hate the idea the Pats will be going to their 6th straight AFC Title game in 2016, barring major injuries again.

    Heck, they attend title games WITH major injuries.’

    Its called DEPTH, Jetsie fans.

  22. The only way you trade Wilk is if it is to get into the top 3 and draft a QB. Other then that you sign him. They have the money their is no reason to move him if you dont have to. I think they are just doing the smart thing and trying to use him to get either Goff or Wentz. Despite what some may say they have a ton of movable cap both this year and next. Heck next year They only have like 4 guys they cant move making over 2 mil. They can even cut Revis and save like 7 mil next year. The worst contract they have is Skrine IMO.

  23. Pats fans are constantly saying the Jets aren’t relevant…. Yet if they weren’t relevant why do they troll Jets stories?

    The Raiders had been terrible for so long, yet Broncos fans aren’t constantly trolling Raiders stories and making comments about relevance.

    I think Jets fans are correct. They’re in the Pats fans heads. It’s pretty obvious.

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