Agent: Wilkerson will be ready for start of season, somewhere

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Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson’s recovery from a fractured right fibula is going well enough that he’ll be ready to play at the start of the season. Even though he doesn’t know where he’ll be.

That’s the word from Wilkerson’s agent, Chad Wiestling, who wrote on Twitter that Wilkerson will be good to go.

“Barring any major setbacks with rehab, Mo Wilkerson will indeed be playing for someone at beginning of 2016 NFL season,” Wiestling wrote.

So where will Wilkerson be playing? The Jets placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Wilkerson, but they’re not ruling out trading him. If the Jets aren’t willing to meet Wilkerson’s demands on a long-term contract, but some other team is, Wilkerson might be on another team by the time the 2016 season starts. But he should be ready to go, wherever he is.

25 responses to “Agent: Wilkerson will be ready for start of season, somewhere

  1. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

    Jets can’t get out of their own way.

    Step 1. – Blow all drafts by mainly trading draft picks and botching 1st rd picks in particular.

    Step 2 – Overspend wildly for any and every FA past their prime at age 30 to get fanbase excited due to stupid fanbase not knowing what a real playoff team should like in order to drive PSL sales.

    Step 3 – Pretend the team is very good and ready to be a playoff contender, even though everyone else sits back and laughs at you.

    Rinse and repeat every 2-3 years.

    Wilkerson is their BEST draft pick since Revis in 2007 and they’re now overpaying Revis and will lose Wilkerson.

    It can’t be made up. It just can’t.

  2. The Jets need to let this guy go he is great obviously but you can’t sink money into one defensive lineman look what happened when Suh was with the Lions and now Miami is going to be in the same boat. Let another team pay him and build the team.

  3. NFL salaries are a joke now… We the seasons ticketholders pay through the nose and seem to love it it’s ridiculous when a back up quarterback gets $20 million a year because that’s the system… You need a strong management team and a good scout staff if you’re ever going to be able to compete… Free agency does not work

  4. broncosrchamps says:
    Mar 19, 2016 12:40 PM
    LOL you just know Elway is going to swing a trade for Wilkerson.

    Then the whole league will be pissed off because the broncos always get better!

    Your days are over, your team is not much without Manning and you just lost a bunch of good players to FA including Osweiler, you have no QB.

    You couldnt score a single TD against the Raiders last year and they just got a lot better.

    Oakland owns you now. Get ready to cry, your party is over.

  5. Cmon bolts give them a 4 this year and a 3 next year. Then we can have our DE and still get Ramsey and a left tackle in round two. Jets don’t want him and we have the cash to do this if you cut, Robinson, Lissmore, and Sciffes. That’s 8 million and the the 13 mill we have still. Make it a 4 year 58 with 35 guaranteed in The first 2 years. This could be the real splash the team needs to go for he gold and keep us here. Do it Spanos you know you want this man.

  6. Sign Wilkerson long term to a team friendly deal or find a trading partner. I am hoping the DE is retained, but if he wants to hold the Jets hostage and take over 5X the team avg. or approx. 3M$/per player the Jets can trade him. I only feel QB’s and 1st ballot HOF players should exceed 10M$ or with a 155M$ hard cap, 3 players salary. In today’s NFL, spreading the wealth amongst teammates makes the most sense to me.

  7. No fan should be talking trash to any other fan but, come on, a Jets fan calling out a Pats fan is beyond absurd.

  8. You gotta be kidding me, tigerlilac. This is a story about a Jets player and the teams contract with him. Third post…Pats fan calls Jets fans a ‘stupid fanbase’. You think a Jets fan can’t respond after that? PFT didn’t have a prob with it. Maybe you should be more worried about what those three judges are thinking.

  9. The Jets continuously let roster issues fester. They applied the non-exclusive franchise tag hoping a team would take them off the hook by paying a king’s ransom of two first round picks. No team will both pay Wilkerson and pay that ransom. Woody always wants to have his cake and eat it too.

    In contrast, Belichick moved Chandler Jones before anyone knew there was need to move him.

  10. Maybe they want to keep him since he usually helps us against the Pats. Jets have three ways to make cap room. Restructure a few guys, cut D’Brick and Giocomini, or trade Mo.

  11. Roster/organizaiton moves that Woody let fester:

    1. Wilkerson

    2. Tebow

    3. Gholston

    4. DeWayne Robertson

    5. Sanchez

    6. Vick

    7. Smith

    8. Rex Ryan

    9. Tannenbauman

    10. Idzik

    Woody both hates to admit a mistake and prefers to let bad situations fester than to just cut his losses.

  12. New York is one of the greatest city’s in the world. Anyone, with the exception of a rural farmer, can feel at home there. I love visiting the city, especially the small neighborhood restaurants and cafes.

    That said, it is not the walking city, nor the educational and medical mecca, Boston is.

    My favorite line about NY came from a tour guide on one of the double-decker buses. When I asked him if he was a Yankees fan, he replied: “No, I am a human being. I am a Mets fan”

  13. I’m a Mets fan too, but the tour guide still sounds like a jerkoff. I know a ton of Yankees fans, including members of my own family. To insinuate someone is not a human being because they don’t root for the same team as you says more about the person making the statement, not the fan of the team they are referencing.

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