Colbert: What’s next for Bryant is up to Bryant


The Steelers have both publicly expressed their disappointment in suspended wide receiver Martavis Bryant and their confidence in the likes of Markus Wheaton and Sammie Coates to produce in Bryant’s absence.

As for what’s next for Bryant, who’s facing a suspension of at least a year, the Steelers seem to have said all they want to say. During an appearance on PFT Live with Mike Florio at the league meetings, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said the next step for Bryant is the responsibility of Bryant and Bryant alone.

“Martavis needs to find himself and to get his personal life squared away,” Colbert said. “If not, he won’t have the privilege of playing in the National Football League, let alone for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“We have said we will supoort him in his cause but really the onus is on him to get his life in order and to have the type of career he [can have]. As a player we feel he’s really only scratched the surafce. We hope that he can and we will support him but really it’s up to him at this point.”

Bryant, who’s just 24, has 14 receiving touchdowns in 21 career games.

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  1. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs but I also don’t care if other adults do. Unless he was doing something performance enhancing/work related why is his employer involved in controlling what he does when he is away from work?
    Anyways, hail Satan

  2. It is up to Martavis to figure out what is important in his life at this point. No amount of outside support short of a 24/7 chaperone will help him. He needs to help himself. I hope he does, it would make a great comeback story. But in a short amount of time in the NFL, he has not been able to stay clean and follow the rules behind his contract. If his issue is only pot, notwithstanding how dumb the NFL rules are about pot in today’s society, they are still the rules and he needs to understand and follow them.

  3. The coming year will define not only his career, but the rest of his life. I hope he takes this next year and really takes a long look in the mirror, and gets the help he needs…not for my steelers, but for his future!

  4. I hate to sound cynical but he worries me and I am now at the “actions speak louder than words”…. ” Talk is cheap ” ……” Put up or shut up ” point. I know this all sounds cliche, but both Ben and Heath were in this guy’s ear for two years and he wouldn’t listen. At this point I’d be shocked if he doesn’t get in trouble with the NFL again.
    His talent and potential are off the charts, I hope it doesn’t go up in smoke.
    Prove me wrong, Bryant…

  5. Hope he gets his act together but from a football standpoint the Steelers are jacked at WR. See his abcense as having no impact on the team. Heath Miller? Now that’s a loss!!

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