Justin Houston had ACL “fixed” in February, status for season uncertain


Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston was slowed by a knee issue late in 2015, causing him to miss the final five games of the regular season and limiting him to a cameo appearance in the team’s playoff loss to the Patriots.

Houston had his knee scoped in February, an operation that didn’t seem like it would impact his availability for the 2016 season. That outlook changed on Tuesday, however.

Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder said, via Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star, that Dr. James Andrews found that Houston’s ACL was not functioning correctly after last year’s injury and that it was fixed during the scope. Burkholder said that there is a 6-12 month recovery period for the injury, which led to a question for coach Andy Reid about the possibility that Houston would miss the season.

“We’re hoping (not), just because of his work ethic and he’s a fast healer,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star.

Houston’s status will obviously be a chief concern for the Chiefs in the coming months, but it sounds like it will be a lot closer to training camp before there’s any clear idea about when he’ll be back on the field.

15 responses to “Justin Houston had ACL “fixed” in February, status for season uncertain

  1. And now we find out the reason they have been going after a lot of defensive players. I kind of believe it will be closer to the 6 month recovery than the 12 months. “Fixing” his ACL could be anything. There were no reports of a torn ACL so he could of just had a partial tear or other injuries that are less than a complete tear.

  2. My biggest concern is the fact that he may have to play at 75 or 80% of his abilities which means he really won’t be very effective.

  3. This could be a blessing in disguise for the Chiefs.. Houston likely would have tore his ACL had they not caught the strain or partial tear when they did. Dude could be there for the playoffs when he probably otherwise wouldnt have been.

  4. The Good: I’m a Raider fan

    The Bad: It sucks when top level players sit out

    The Ugly: What trainer or doctor on earth cleared him to play in the playoff game?

  5. I’m confused. Multimillion dollar player hurts his knee, and it takes 2 months to figure it out? As a Chiefs fan, I think whoever made the decision to;

    1: let him play
    2: think Maclin had a knee issue when it was his ankle
    2: wait until late February to figure out Houston needed surgery

    Should be fired!

    It was Houston and Maclin’s injuries that hurt KC so bad in the Pats game.

  6. J Houston was hurt in like week 11 or 12. Then he came back and tried to play in the playoffs. As a Chiefs fan, I sure wish they had gone ahead and had the surgery after week 11 or 12. he did nothing in the playoff games to help us win. He is being paid too much $$$ to sit out a season and not play. What a Joke.

  7. Without knowing all the facts, an opinion either way is just noise. The Chiefs will have issues without him and Sean Smith. The only hope is Dee Ford playing like a top pick. And the odds of that are not very good based on past performance. The kid is stealing his money so far.

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