Hankerson signs one-year deal with Bills


Wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is returning to the Bills on a one-year deal, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Thursday.

Hankerson was claimed by the Bills during the final week of the 2015 regular season. He started the season as a starter and contributor for the Falcons. He was injured, then released, then signed and released by the Patriots.

Hankerson played in the final game last season for the Bills but did not record a reception. He caught 26 passes, three for touchdowns, in eight games for the Falcons before he was injured.

A third-round pick of the Redskins in 2011, Hankerson, 27, has 107 career receptions and nine touchdowns.

12 responses to “Hankerson signs one-year deal with Bills

  1. fafaflunky says:
    Mar 24, 2016 11:03 PM

    As a skins fan. I always wanted him to break out. But always injured. Good luck bills


    My exact thoughts… he was the man at the U his senior year, I was happy when the skins drafted him and thought he’d do well. But was just always hurt so didn’t play much. Wish him best of luck hope he can give a full season and plays well!

  2. He will look good in Buffalo’s infirmary…didn’t this guy once win ‘IR Player of the Week’!?

  3. I rather not be flashy but smart in free agency.

    Almost every time a big fish in free agency paid big bucks makes the smallest splash!

    Unless you have the same system and similar supporting cast that play does perform up to expectations.

    Suh, Murry, Graham all disappointed their teams and overly excited fan base.

    Culture from within!!!

  4. If he was not always injured he would have a better chance to contribute. This is a decent vet signing. It is one that no one cares about until a few months into the season and you get a critical injury and he has to come in and just do a par performance to keep to a gameplan from week to week. He is not great, but he knows how this NFL thing works. I would take a mediocre Vet over a good rookie anytime when it comes to WR. This coming from an enemy Dolphins Fan.

  5. I always had high hopes for him as a Redskin but it never worked out.
    I am always amazed at the posters on here that make fun of a guy for being hurt, I bet they are a lot of fun down at the local hospital ER.

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