Cowboys thought about bringing DeMarco Murray back (then didn’t)


The Cowboys bolstered their running game by adding Alfred Morris this week. But they apparently considered giving it a big boost, by adding the guy who led the league in rushing for them two years ago.

Via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys discussed bringing Murray back before the Eagles traded him to the Titans earlier this month.

“You are always looking at opportunities,” Garrett said. “We have a lot of discussions about a lot of players on teams throughout the league. You are always looking to try to bring guys in who can help your football team. In some cases you are more familiar with guys than others because they have been with you. So you look at those opportunities and see if they are realistic. We do that with a lot of different guys.”

Garrett also endorsed the move for the Titans, apparently believing Murray would be closer to the 1,845-yard back they had in 2014 than the 702-yard guy the Eagles couldn’t wait to get rid of.

“He was a really good player for us during his four years with the Cowboys,” Garrett said. “Great respect for him as a player, great respect for him as a man.

“He is going to do a great job in Tennessee. He is going to fit in that system really well. Mike Mularkey is a great coach. It’s a good fit for both the player and the team. We were around him for four years. He was a helluva player and helluva person. He always went about it the right way. I think Tennessee is fortunate to have him.”

Of course, the Cowboys wouldn’t have had to give up much to get him, as the Eagles gained 13 spots in the fourth round for the privilege of unloading him. But then Dallas would have been faced with paying Murray the contract they didn’t want to pay him anyway, which was probably the bulk of the reason they didn’t pursue it more aggressively.

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  1. He’s a retread now….draft Elliot and watch the power running game return….and save Tony for a FEW more snaps.
    However if Wentz is there at 4 they almost have to pull the trigger….they really have no chose as they did nothing in FA to address the backup QB position. Looking straight in the face of another 4 win season. This must be all about making money and not fielding a competitive team because Jerry is doing the same thing again

  2. 1) Murray wouldn’t have been a “big boost” relative to Morris. McFadden and Dunbar offer plenty on passing downs, so the main opportunity for the team to see a “boost” was on early-down rushing ability…something Morris is very good at in this blocking scheme. Murray wouldn’t have been much, if anything, better than that (he’s better than Morris as an every down back, but again, Dallas didn’t need that)

    2) Dallas didn’t have an “1,845 yard back” in Murray in 2014, because those yards were never just his in the first place. Stats don’t just belong to single players in the NFL (though for some reason most people treat them with the same value as a baseball player’s stats, which largely ARE about the individual outside of RBIs and such). Murray’s “true” individual ability probably IS closer to that of a 702 yard guy than an 1,845 one.

  3. And they may sign Herschel Walker next who can still play. The crack wagon and their OLine which is so good might be great run blockers but this team just wants to throw so what happened to the Qb 2x last year. Maybe they should focus on keeping their Qb upright cause he is as brittle as a Dallas fans ego.#garrett is a marionette for jerah

  4. they could’ve paid him less than the eagles did and would’ve never lost him in the 1st place!

  5. The thing I still don’t get about that trade to Tennessee is that Mularkey has commented a few times during his interim time as coach and since the offseason began began that he wants Mariota to run more, which would mean more spread looks, something I was led to believe was the source of Murray’s disdain with Chip Kelly. On paper, the move just makes little sense to me, but we’ll see.

  6. @eazeback you’re joking right? They offered him a contract slightly less than what the eagles did but he didn’t want to take it.

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