Saints finalize deal with defensive tackle Nick Fairley


Nick Fairley was expected to sign with the Saints after his visit, and now he has.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the veteran defensive tackle has agreed to his one-year deal with the Saints.

Fairley found a fairly soft market, though the Patriots showed some interest.

He’s shown flashes as an interior rusher, with 11.5 sacks in 2012 and 2013 with the Lions. But the former first-rounder had just 0.5 last year with the Rams.

For the Saints, any help pressuring the quarterback will be welcome, so they’re willing to give Fairley a look.

16 responses to “Saints finalize deal with defensive tackle Nick Fairley

  1. Let’s hope that Fairley realizes that this is probably his last chance at an NFL roster and plays accordingly. As weak as the Saints pass rush is, he’ll certainly get ample opportunities.

  2. Bottom Line: many players like Fairly excelled because they had Ndamakong Suh taking on 2-3. He is a perfect example and so is Olivier Vernon.

  3. Bet he plays sparingly this year and next year hardly at all. That will be the end of his career

  4. If he played like the flashes all the time, he would be better than Suh.

    That likely won’t happen if it hasn’t already. Instead you got yourselves an ok player with a gregarious personality. Just make sure he gets the right chef.

  5. ncphinsfan says:
    Mar 28, 2016 9:55 AM
    Bottom Line: many players like Fairly excelled because they had Ndamakong Suh taking on 2-3. He is a perfect example and so is Olivier Vernon.

    You’re half right. Vernon has certainly gotten it done without Suh around, Fairley not so much. Fairley is at best a complimentary player. That he couldn’t get it done on a prove it deal with the Rams who had a lot more talent up front than N.O. doesn’t bode well, hopefully the deal is incentive laden. Throwing Vernon in to bolster the pro Suh argument is flawed. Vernon had arguably his best year in Miami 2 years before Suh got there.

  6. Fairley is getting pretty close to setting an NFL record on prove-it contracts, which indicates that he hasn’t really proven much.

  7. Soft market for a soft player. Unrealized potential all over the place with this guy but his time is running out.

  8. Didn’t they learn from overpaying for Byrd.

    Here comes another underperforming free agent.

    Many coaches have said if their worth keeping we’d keep them!

  9. Anybody who can help the Saints anemic pass rush is worth taking a chance on. Last year the defense was pathetic, and erased all the good done by the #1 offense. I still remember that Brees had to throw 7 TDs against the Giants to win that game, because the defense couldn’t stop nothing. That doesn’t mean they won’t draft a good DL with the 12th pick. A decent pass rush will mean less struggle for the DBs.

  10. Ya hopefully we get Lawson from Clemson or Rankins from Louisville.

    A’ Shawn Robinson from Alabama would be great too.

    Bottom line is, is that we need to get more stout up front. Controlling the line of scrimmage is what wins games.

  11. Again another team that constantly gets older due to overpaying players and having salary cap problems year in and year out. So they settle on league minimum vets that usually miss a handful of games each year.
    What happened to this team they had receivers and the TE and ran the ball effectively and then bam they have just wasted the last 4 years of Drew Bree’s and the numbers this guy puts up is insane. There drafts have to be poor since there has been no improvement in years or after the SB win. They will soon resort back to the “aints” when Bree’s gets hurt due to age or retires and still don’t know why Payton signed that deal. I would have started fresh with a team like the fish or even the brownies.

    Poor N.O. this team is the towns savior and when they go it seems a lot of other things go to.

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