Jay Gruden hires Jon Gruden’s son


The Nepotism Football League continues to live up to its name.

In Washington, the latest keep-it-in-the-family hire comes from coach Jay Gruden hiring his brother Jon’s son, Deuce Gruden, to serve as a strength-coach intern, according to Dan Sternberg of the Washington Post.

Coaches hiring children and other family members has become a way of life in the NFL, presumably because nepotism has been commonplace among the ranks of team ownership since the NFL was founded nearly 100 years ago. But with owners, where the choices are to pass the franchise to a son or daughter or sell it, nepotism is natural. It’s not as natural when an employee who doesn’t hold equity in the operation does it.

The practice is nevertheless accepted by most owners, who apparently believe it would be hypocritical to prohibit coaches from grooming family members when ownership is doing the exact same thing.

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  1. And? So he hired someone he knows/trusts, and is aware of the fact that the kid grew up being raised by one of the hardest working, smartest men ever to walk the sidelines of a football field.

    Like, what the heck is on YOUR cover letter bro?

  2. Its not hypocritical.
    Its one thing to pass property (i.e. a team) down to family members. It’s another to hire employees and have them not act in their employers best interest, and instead hire relatives and friends. When politicians do that we call them corrupt. It’s not ok to hire less qualified people because they are relatives and friends.

    The GM / team president / Owner should set the tone and state up front thats not allowed.

  3. Did you even think of doing any research into this kid’s qualifications? Maybe he’s graduating or has a college degree in athletic training or some major that would work well. Reading this, it seems like you have nothing but a bone to pick and you come off as petty and immature.

  4. I’ll bet anything that Deuce Gruden will be the first guy at the facility and the last to leave. That’s what his father did. Nepotism works in the NFL. I’ll also bet Deuce Gruden knew more about football before he was 13 years old, than most of us will ever know.

  5. Nepotism has always existed, and has been more recently joined by Political-Correctness to bedevil Opportunity. And as modern society has increasingly become one of haves and have-nots, these devils will only look ever more uglier.

    Steve Belichick might come to mind, but at least at Rutgers he was on a clear path, preparing to go into a coaching career. But Deuce didn’t – he was a keen high-school player but only had 16 carries for 46yds in 2yrs of tailback at Lafayette, and didn’t major in sports-science or even express a coaching intent etc, and has no other relevant qualifications or experience. So what makes him better qualified than thousands of others for this opportunity?

  6. We’ve seen this story before in DC… Mike & Kyle. The Tampa bay coaching tree. The Marty family hires.

    Is he real name deuce? If so, that’s hilarious and I feel bad for him! Lol

  7. I don’t consider the nepotism among coaching staffs in the NFL to be rampant. Outside of the Shanahans there have been almost no instances of a high-level assistant coaching spot going to a family member in many years. Now you do have the Ryans on the same staff but that took a very long time to happen. If some low-level “strength coach intern” is going to your nephew, whose father was a successful NFL head coach, that doesn’t strike me as a big deal. It’s also not uncommon compared to what goes on in the business world.

    I also don’t think it’s right to presume someone is not qualified or able to do the job because they are the progeny of a successful coach in their field. I’m pretty sure Wade Phillips got his start under his father Bum and Wade has long been considered a successful NFL defensive coordinator, including getting a ring with the Denver defense this year of course. The bottom line is that nepotism is not rampant on NFL coaching staffs if you’re looking strictly at blood relatives.

  8. Hard to imagine with thousands of good and well trained Coaches at every level can’t get a shot in the NFL because of the Grudens, Shanahans and Ryans of the world. That’s life…

  9. tonebones says:
    Jun 25, 2016 8:53 AM
    I’ll bet anything that Deuce Gruden will be the first guy at the facility and the last to leave. That’s what his father did. Nepotism works in the NFL. I’ll also bet Deuce Gruden knew more about football before he was 13 years old, than most of us will ever know.

    I’ll bet you are really Jon Gruden?

  10. I hope, for Deuce’s sake, he’s a better coach than Lovie’s son. He’s one of he key factors that got Lovie fired. Management asked him to move in a different direction, but he stuck with his son, and it got him canned (that, the porous defense, and the horrible record).

  11. Show me ONE family owned business that doesn’t practice nepotism. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you are raised from birth around a specific business chances are that you have a leg up on the competition. Also, you can’t buy trust and loyalty unless you buy a dog.

  12. Belichek hires than later promotes his son to safeties coach in May but you wait for Gruden to make a nephew strength coach intern to rant about nepotism?

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