Bidwill calls Buddy Ryan one of the NFL’s “most colorful characters”

Following the death of legendary coach Buddy Ryan, Cardinals president Michael Bidwill called Ryan one of the NFL’s “most colorful characters” in a statement released by the team.

Pretty fitting.

Ryan was the head coach of the Cardinals in 1994-95, his final job before retiring. Ryan coached for 35 years; he was head coach of the Eagles and Cardinals after famously serving as the architect of many great Bears defenses in the 1980s.

Bidwill’s full statement read: “Buddy was truly one of the great defensive minds in the history of our game and without a doubt one of its most colorful characters. All of us send our condolences to Rex, Rob and the entire Ryan family.”

Both Rob and Rex Ryan served under their father as assistants for those two Cardinals teams.

7 responses to “Bidwill calls Buddy Ryan one of the NFL’s “most colorful characters”

  1. I knew players went to the Cards to finish out their careers (see Smith, Emmit), but I never considered that coaches did that too…

  2. When Buddy was coaching the Cardinals, the Seasquawks “fans” weren’t going to games in the Kingdome. For you 2012s, that’s the stadium Brian Bosworth, Rick Mirer, and Curt Warner all choked in. Gotta love those “fans”

  3. When Buddy was coaching the Cardinals, they were not only the cellar-dwellers of the NFC East, their fans were cooking on metal bleachers under the Phoenix sun…don’t know which smelled worse.

  4. Seahawks fans were busy purchasing a name for themselves at that time from Texas A&M…

    Wonder when they erect a monument in their own honor on top of the space needle ( Of which they will also try to name after themselves )

  5. Cards weren’t purchasing anything back then…IIRC, they were short-changing the players on contracts and pocketing the extra cap-money.

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