Lions claim TE Khari Lee via waivers


The Lions have claimed tight end Khari Lee via waivers, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday.

Lee was waived by the Bears last weekend. The Bears acquired him last summer in a trade with the Texans, with whom Lee broke into the league as an undrafted rookie.

Lee played in seven games last season for the Bears. He had one reception.

The Lions have shuffled through a bunch of tight ends this offseason. On their initial 53-man roster they kept three tight ends: Starter Eric Ebron, rookie Cole Wick and journeyman Orson Charles.

7 responses to “Lions claim TE Khari Lee via waivers

  1. Was never quite sure what the Bears saw in him and even more so why they gave up a draft pick for him. He is the definition of “just a guy”. Maybe he hasn’t reached his potential yet but from all I’ve seen of him his ceiling is very low.

  2. I think it’s cool when you’re a fan of one team but dedicate your screen name to a team you hate! How much real estate are they taking up in your head!

  3. Khari Lee is the most average to below average TE out there, he will fit well with Ebron who is definitely below average, WAYYYYYYYYY below average in relation to his draft.

    The Lions are pretty bad and losing Calvin and Suh the past two years pretty much was the reset button. I think they only have one playoff in 60 years, so I would try and make 30 names on here too, to make it look like the Lions actually have fans.

  4. Blocking TE, perhaps the most unnoticed position on offense. However, the Lions need one for at least the first 2weeks of the season.

    Ebron will get 55-60 catches and 7-8 tds. He had 47 and 5 last season

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