Cam Newton diagnosed with a concussion in loss to Falcons


This time, they checked Cam Newton during the game.

And this time, he indeed had a concussion.

The Panthers quarterback and reigning MVP was diagnosed with a concussion during Sunday’s loss to the Falcons, and did not talk to reporters after the game, per Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said during his press conference he didn’t have an update on Newton’s status.

Newton took a number of shots because of a makeshift offensive line (starting left tackle Michael Oher was out with a concussion of his own), but the last one was on a legal hit from Falcons linebacker Deion Jones.

It wasn’t as blatant as some of the helmet-to-helmet shots he took in the opener against Denver, which led the league to look into whether the concussion protocol was followed during that game.

It was this time, as Newton was taken to the locker room during the fourth quarter, and he did not return.

30 responses to “Cam Newton diagnosed with a concussion in loss to Falcons

  1. Live by the sword. Die by the sword. You want to keep using him as a weapon and not invest in lineman, you’re going to keep getting this. Newton’s been fortunate so far.

  2. For panther fans/players (as if players actually go on these sites lol). Your Qb doesn’t get the same treatment as other stars (Bree’s, Brady, etc) because they don’t dance around like bone heads dabbing; etc like he does. Players granted shouldn’t be hunting him like they r but certainly don’t blame them.

  3. Well that and the loss will probably move Carolina up at least one spot in Pft’s power rankings

  4. Newton is going to go the way of Vick and RG3 in a season or two you watch. Qbs aren’t RBs. He shoulda won that SB last year–he won’t last long because of his style of play. Pocket passers (Rodgers, Montana, Brady) last in this game, not Cams.

  5. Can’t believe all these injuries in the NFL. I almost don’t want to watch anymore. It just sucks.

    Maybe it’s time to switch to watching college ball only. Not as many injuries.

  6. wafflestomp says:
    Oct 2, 2016 5:31 PM
    You have to wonder how good this Panther team even is any more.
    1-3 and they even lost to the listless Vikings at home last week.
    Those Packers must be even worse losing to the listless Vikings when their QB was making his 1st start after being there for only 2 weeks. How does that happen? Major head scratcher

  7. Oh man, even the Seahawks are protecting their qb(lol) better than the vaunted panthers o line is doing for Cam. Sorry Riverboat, you should not be gambling with your MVP’s health.

  8. wafflestomp says:
    Oct 2, 2016 5:31 PM
    You have to wonder how good this Panther team even is any more.
    1-3 and they even lost to the listless Vikings at home last week.
    Yeah Cheesehead. . . My team is so listless they trounced your crummy team.

  9. The moronic part of it all is if he had been running into the end zone instead of going half-speed he would have never gotten hit. He should have paid attention to the guy getting ready to knock his head off because he was more concerned with what celebration he was going to do after scoring.

  10. I thought Superman could take a hit. Seriously, this guy is the next Kaepernick. One more year and he’ll be riding the pine. His rating is even lower than last year when his defense bailed him out.

  11. Face it Cam, you had your moment in the sun last year. I hope you enjoyed it. I knew when I saw him last year in the sb post-game interview that he just wouldn’t get what it meant to be the defending NFC champ. What it would mean to have a target on your back and how other teams would play more fiercely against you because of your previous success.

    So clueless. He better learn the way McNabb did to become more of a pocket passer or he really will become M Vick, but he probably won’t be cause he’s already a legend in his own mind.

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