Chargers, Saints trading touchdown passes

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Chargers-Saints is the wild shootout most thought it would be.

It’s 14-14 midway through the second quarter after Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers hit Dontrelle Inman on a 57-yard touchdown pass.

At the midway point of the second quarter, Rivers is 8-of-8 passing with two touchdowns and Drew Brees is 12-of-15 with one touchdown. Brees is playing in San Diego for the first time since signing with the Saints.

Rivers has had a lot of open receivers. So has Brees. There are plenty more touchdowns to come.

1 responses to “Chargers, Saints trading touchdown passes

  1. I have no dog in this fight, couldn’t care less who wins, but…
    Never heard an announcer for a nationally broadcast game so openly and unabashedly rooting for one team… what’s Ronde have against the Bolts, or is it some allegiance for the Aints? Almost crying at the int. of Rivers’ throwaway being called back after Fairley jumped offside, when clearly Rivers knew he had a free play…
    Guess if people like it, why not, but I’ve never heard anything like it on a network/national cast before, and I am old, very old.

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