Chip Kelly: I thought Blaine Gabbert played well

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The 49ers offense got off to a good start on Sunday afternoon against the Cowboys.

They drove 63 yards in nine plays for a touchdown on their first drive and went 80 yards in 12 plays for another score in the first quarter while converting six third downs a week after missing on their first 10 against the Seahawks. Things went in the other direction from that point.

The 49ers gained 152 yards the rest of the day, converted 2-of-8 third downs and Blaine Gabbert threw a key interception in the fourth quarter when he underthrew Torrey Smith. Smith, who caught his only pass of the day short of the sticks on a fourth down later in the fourth, reacted by throwing his helmet on the sideline. Frustration wasn’t coach Chip Kelly’s reaction to Gabbert’s overall effort on the day, however.

“I thought Blaine played well today, to be honest with you,” Kelly said, via the Sacramento Bee. “Besides that one throw.”

Gabbert ended the day 16-of-23 for 196 yards and added 27 yards on 12 rushes. Given Kelly’s response on Sunday and his comments last week, it doesn’t seem there will be any move to see if Colin Kaepernick can do more with the offense.

52 responses to “Chip Kelly: I thought Blaine Gabbert played well

  1. Chip Kelly has probably already fast-forwarded his mind to when he makes a triumphant return to college football.

  2. It’s so frustrating as a 49ers fan to hear this defense of Blaine. Gabbert is awful! Watching him constantly throw 4 yard passes on 3rd or 4th and 7, bounce or under-throw any pass beyond 15 yards, make the wrong read on zone read runs and not lead receivers on slant routes is maddening. This is the worst QB in football, sure, Kap may not play well, but at this point there’s nothing to lose, and the team owes it to themselves to find out if he has any future there. Sadly, this is not a good QB draft class upcoming either.

  3. Put in Kap, Ponder, anybody. At least when Alex Smith was throwing for 18/20 and 190 yards they were winning football games.

  4. Gabbert sucks and my faith in Kelly is quickly dwindling. Come on, Chip. Gabbert is Casper Milquetoast, the Checkdown King. He’s terrible throwing downfield but of course downfield to you is a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 5. Pathetic.

  5. i’m a niner fan…so….Chip’s right. Gabbert did play pretty well.

    but then the bar hasn’t been set too high relative to Niner QB play over the past few years.

  6. They’re making sure Kap doesn’t get injured so they’re not on the hook for his salary next year…the RG3 treatment of you will. Prob not a bad idea since he will be owed over 16M, and he’s garbage. But still, I’d like to at least see what Ponder can do. Bc it’s clear what Gabbert can do good…not a thing!!

  7. Gabbert played very well except for one pass. Kelly’s erratic system is at fault here. But, I am glad because I am a Cowboys fan. Elliott is still figuring it out and he already leads the league, amazing considering his 51 yd. debut. The sky is the limit for this kid. Lookout NFC East. Our defense may not be heavyweight ready, but they make plays when its crunch time, and they have some serious salt to them. Scandrick will heal, Lawrence will return this week, McClain (well, who knows?) and maybe, just maybe late in the season we get our stud LB back.

  8. As a life long 49er fan, I would rather see the 49ers trade for a Cowboy, Seahawks or Packer QB than see Kaepernick take the field. Let’s ride the Gabert or even Ponder train and draft Lamar Jackson next season.

  9. ctiggs says:
    Oct 3, 2016 12:10 PM

    My wife even questioned what our QB was doing. Start kap now enough of Blame Garbage.

    I thought nobody had it better than the Santa Clara 49ers?

  10. I was surprised that Gabbert played as well as he did! I can understand why Kaepernick will probably not play, if it can be helped! The powers-that-be and Chippy are older than the many millenials who post, and do not want any further negativity, if Kaepernick were the face of the franchise. Try Ponder, if need be…..

  11. baytownbombers says:
    Oct 3, 2016 12:38 PM

    As a life long 49er fan, I would rather see the 49ers trade for a Cowboy, Seahawks or Packer QB than see Kaepernick take the field. Let’s ride the Gabert or even Ponder train and draft Lamar Jackson next season.


    As a life long fan you should know that Kap give us the best chance to win. You should also know in your old age that Lamar Jackson can not turn pro next season

  12. It’s clear the current team won’t contend this year – and thus the 49ers ought to evaluate all the talent in real games to see if Kaep can do anything.

    If they won’t even give Kaep a sniff, then it’s apparent they’re just giving him the RG3 “bubble wrap” treatment to avoid accidentally guaranteeing future salary. And *if* true, they should have traded him preseason.

  13. Captain Checkdown, the Deuce (pun intended). Gabbert is awful. Throws short, especially when it counts. And for the fools that think the team is ‘giving Kap the RGIII treatment’ to save money, check the record. This hapless team is under the cap by $50+ mill. They could give 2 _____ about Kap’s $14 mill. Kap or Ponder is a better option than the Deuce.

  14. hawkstradamus says:
    Oct 3, 2016 1:50 PM
    This is what the fair weather faithful deserve. They are not worthy of being among the leagues elite.

    Keep forgetting about those one year dynasties.

  15. We had Chip in Philly, and we all bought into his lies..and then all we felt was resentment towards this self proclaimed genius that knew more than everyone else. He bailed on Oregon before the big suspensions, he caused a near mutiny in Philly and was thankfully fired. Can only blame the SF Ownership for giving the keys to this fabulous franchise to a complete dope.

  16. Don’t know much about Gabbert, but can say this with confidence: those short of the 1st down throws are a result of the system. Can’t say how many remotes I threw across the room last year watching Bradford throw a 6 yard well-defended pass on a 3rd and 9. It was constant.

  17. I hear everyone blame Chip and Gabbert, but the Niners just don’t have a lot of developed talent on the roster for this offense to sustain drives on a consistent basis. This team probably could have survived the couple of wasted draft classes if it hadn’t been for that massive exodus of talent a couple years ago. It will take at least another couple of years to recover from that, assuming the Niners can find a solid prospect at the QB position in that time.

  18. they won’t play kap because he might get hurt and they don’t want to be on the hook. even though the front office supposedly negotiated a team friendly contract…

    but the team lacks talent everywhere (except carlos hyde who looks good). which again points to the front office.

    my suggestion is to let chipper pick the talent again. pretty sure kiko alonso (for shady, chipper, really?) and byron maxwell will be available in the off-season. but somehow, i think as long as the defense is on the field for 35-40 minutes each game, it won’t matter much.

  19. @7ftgriff: There is actually everything to lose putting Kaepernick in. First off he’s thoroughly terrible and barely in playing shape, secondly he threatens to create an even bigger distraction than he already has, thirdly he hasn’t seen live action in a regular season game in nearly a year and youre crazy if you think he’ll get any better results than Gabbert, and most importantly if he gets hurts the team is on the hook for $15 million next year. Trent Baalke’s awful decision to bring back Kaepernick this year was one of the worst moves in the history of this franchise.

  20. Chip also thought trading DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy without any viable replacements was a splendid idea….

  21. Chip Kelly is a joke and yet another in a long line of terrible decisions by this trainwreck of a franchise. Why anybody thought he gimmick, cue card college offense would work in the NFL is mindboggling. He near singlehandedly destroyed the Eagles with his mickey mouse offense and bad personel decisions. Not to mention the talent he seems to have for turning his players against him. The fact nobody besides the bumbling Santa Clara York Niners even offered him an interview speaks for itself. Nobody wanted this clown who’ll be back coaching in college in less than 2 years time. The Santa Clara Social Justice Warriors are the worst franchise in the NFL and its not even close. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of jerks. Happy to be an EX 49ers fan

  22. Yes, a four yard completion on third and 7 helps your Monday morning stats argument, but it’s tough on the won/loss column. Gabbert has been doing this all the way back in college. He hasn’t changed. Gabbert is just good enough to get you beat. He’s just like Tannehill and Alex Smith. They’re great athletes, and they’ll have two or three good games per year, but they’ll never be consistent winners. Then why do the 49ers choose to play Gabbert? Why did the 49ers choose Tomsula over Harbaugh? It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the desire to win football games. This just isn’t an organization that cares about winning. Sad but true.

  23. IMHO, Gabbert did play alright except for that one interception. For that too, I felt like there was a miscommunication – Gabbert seemed really frustrated that Torrey Smith was not on the same page.
    The bottomline is Cowboys had great offensive plays to which 49ers defense had no answer. Run defense is crucial in determining the outcome of a game.

  24. There are half a dozen #1 overall drafted QBs with 1-3 records at this point, all of whom earn many times more dollars than Gabbert, and all of whom play on more talented teams. Newton, Stafford, Palmer, Luck, Winston. #2 overall Mariota, (and RGIII for a bit), #3 overall Bortles, #4 overall Rivers, #8 overall Tannehill…

    The league is stacked with higher drafted QBs than Blaine, earning from 5 to 20 times the money he does, who haven’t had more success this year despite playing on much more talented teams. With softer schedules and not having had to absorb a new offensive system. Or having to put up with the distractions of some dopey backup attention prostitute like Kaepernick.

    Get a perspective before you pop off on Gabbert.

  25. Let’s do some math 49ers fans ok
    Blaine Gabbert 9-30 On 56 Pct
    Kaepernick 31-22. On 60 Pct
    Ponder 14-21. On 59 Pct
    Chip Kelly do you see this 👀👆

  26. houstonj60 says:
    Oct 3, 2016 7:58 PM
    Let’s do some math 49ers fans ok
    Blaine Gabbert 9-30 On 56 Pct
    Kaepernick 31-22. On 60 Pct
    Ponder 14-21. On 59 Pct
    Chip Kelly do you see this
    Chip Kelly is not calling the shots.
    He’s just trying to be a model employee who does and says all the right things. It would be a good idea to give Chip control. The team he left (Philadelphia) is 3-0, and the QB he traded for (Sam Bradford) is 4-0 in Minnesota. The guy knows football. Everyone thinks they’re smarter than Chip.

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