Mike McCoy “furious” after Chargers blow another lead

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The Chargers opened the season by giving up a 24-3 halftime lead in an overtime loss to the Chiefs and they lost to the Colts in Week Three when T.Y. Hilton ran through several tackles for a game-winning touchdown with just over a minute to play, so it would be fair to say that no one should be surprised that they blew another lead in Week Four.

The Chargers took a 34-21 lead over the Saints with 8:39 to play in the game and then fumbled on their next two possessions while the Saints scored a pair of touchdowns to take a 35-34 lead with 1:57 to go. The rest of the teams in the NFL are 25-0 when they lead by at least 13 points in the fourth quarter this season, but the Chargers are now 0-2 and coach Mike McCoy isn’t happy about it.

“[I’m] furious,” McCoy said, via ESPN.com. “It’s a major disappointment. You get the lead we had, and to fall apart — a major disappointment. Frustration is an understatement. I can’t say right now in this microphone how I really, truly feel.”

Regularly handing over leads isn’t a great way to build job security for a coach coming off a 4-12 season and the start to this season is going to lead to some discussion about whether he should continue being the coach in San Diego. McCoy said he isn’t worried about that and he might not need to worry about any of it if his team keeps flopping with success in their grasp.