Blaine Gabbert says he and Torrey Smith are “fine”


The 49ers are struggling, again, to get the ball to big-money free-agent receiver Torrey Smith. Sunday’s effort included an interception on a deep pass to Smith, who was wide open.

Two days later, the guy who threw the ball fielded a question about the would-be receiver’s apparent frustrations.

“Torrey and I are fine,” quarterback Blaine Gabbert told reporters on Tuesday. “It was one play. We both wanted to hit on it. It was a big play in that football game and it didn’t turn out. The past is the past. We’ve moved on from that. We’re both on the same page on what we see in that route and we’re going to hit that moving forward. We were both frustrated at the time. That happens. We’re competitive guys. I don’t want to throw a pick there. I’d much rather throw a 65-yard touchdown. Trust me. We’ve just got to move forward and you learn from that experience.”

It’s one thing to say it, quite another to do it. Via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group, Smith said Monday that he doesn’t believe he’s headed for the same overall frustrations as he experienced last year  “[b]ecause it can’t be any worse than last year.”

Last year, Smith had 33 catches for the season, and only nine through four games. This year, like last year, Smith has nine catches through four games.

For now, Smith sees the glass as half full.

“I look at it, I’m only 27 years old, I’m young, I’m still very fast. I’m still getting open,” Smith said. “I’ve just got to make plays when the ball comes my way, and I will.”

The question is how often the ball will come his way, and whether it will be reasonably catchable. The deeper question is whether at some point he’ll want someone else to be throwing it.

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  1. “Smith said Monday that he doesn’t believe he’s headed for the same overall frustrations as he experienced last year “[b]ecause it can’t be any worse than last year.”

    Torrey is suffering from denial.

  2. Smith is an intelligent guy. He probably knows more than he’s saying. Look for a change at QB soon.

  3. Kap will be starting soon. He takes shots down the field. Gabbert is a check down machine. Doesn’t fit Torrey’s style of plan. 7 storming is coming

  4. Torrey Smith is not a number 1 receiver. The Ravens tried that in 2013, and while it worked for a about six games, he was eventually forgotten about and out produced by a dude named Marlon Brown who is no longer in the league.

  5. Everyone has the knives out for Gabbert, but the 9ers are in the top half of the league for points scored so far this season. Working in a new and unusual offensive system with the consensus least talented receiving corps and overall roster in the NFL. Did anyone expect them to be leading the league?

    Some of the other QBs who are 1-3 include first overall picks, Palmer, Newton, Luck, Stafford, Winston, all working with far superior talent than Blaine has at his disposal, and all working in the same system, some of them for many years. Other top ten picks in same boat include Rivers, Bortles, Tannehill, Mariota, and briefly Griffin. None have more wins than Gabbert even though they are all paid many times more dollars for their work.

  6. Look, Torrey aint that good, def not for the money.

    But i dont want to hear any complaints, he couldve signed with any team and chose the money over a qb who coult utilize him. See Mike Wallace signing w Dolphins lol

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