Cowboys may need someone to step in for Dan Bailey


Stop us when you’ve heard this one before: High-scoring Cowboys veteran has back problem, may need someone to step in for him.

This time, however, it isn’t just Tony Romo.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys might need to bring another kicker in this week after Dan Bailey felt a back injury flare up against the 49ers.

They didn’t have a kicker tryout on tap when coach Jason Garrett talked to reporters, but that clown car might be rolling into Dallas soon.

“We don’t have anything scheduled right now,” Garrett said. “But that is certainly an option as the week goes on.”

Bailey missed a 47-yard field goal last week, his second miss in two weeks. He did hit a 22-yarder and all three extra points, but misses are rare for Bailey.

He’s hit 89.9 percent of his field goals in his career, best in the NFL — which makes him like the Dak Prescott of kickers, or something.

8 responses to “Cowboys may need someone to step in for Dan Bailey

  1. I haven’t ever seen this guy take a shot on the field how in the hell does he have an injury

  2. Field goals and field goal kickers are boring. Until you need one to win/tie a game. Bailey is an elite kicker that has been automatic, losing him could cost the Cowboys a game or two.

  3. bailey hasn’t been himself this year and im not sure how much of that is attributed to a “back injury” as he missed earlier in the yr when nothing was said about his back.

    im sure he’ll right the ship, no need hitting the panic button

  4. I have to wonder about someone who thinks you can’t have a back problem as a player without being hit.

    That would mean, all the people who aren’t pro athletes, but deal with back issues must be lying.

    A bad back can and will affect how Baily kicks. The Cowboys have the best kicker in the NFL and losing him would be a big issue. Some kickers just lose it at some point in their career, but Baily seems to just kick and kick and kick.

    This is a vital guy!

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