Report: Broncos linebacker Todd Davis fined for horse-collar tackle

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Denver Broncos linebacker Todd Davis will have a little lighter paycheck this week after committing a horse-collar tackle against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

According to Mike Klis of 9NEWS, Davis has been fined $18,231 for the infraction.

Davis put his hand in the back of the shoulder pads of Buccaneers running back Charles Sims after Sims had caught a pass from Jameis Winston. He pulled Sims down from behind and was flagged for the violation.

The amount is the minimum the league can assess for first-offense incidents of horse-collar tackles.

3 responses to “Report: Broncos linebacker Todd Davis fined for horse-collar tackle

  1. I hate that horse collar tackle rule ..before Roy Williams came along for the Cowboys you really didnt notice it and that sort of tackle had been around for decades without any injuries but just cause Williams always got beat he was always chasing and he was horrible saftey …i dont mind making rules for saftey purposes like helmet to helmet but other than that i dont like adding to many rules every year

  2. The rule was redefined this year to be even wussier.

    The problem is that with the worst referees in the NFL, Triplette and Hockuli, they invent calls that don’t even exist and miss obvious offensive holding calls.

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