Three Bills fined for pregame scuffle with Patriots


The Bills and Patriots did some pushing and shoving before last Sunday’s game and three members of the Bills say that they’ve received fines from the league as a result of their actions.

Safety Robert Blanton was involved at the start the scuffle when he pushed Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett for what he called an “extremely disrespectful” decision to jog through the Bills’ defensive backs drills during warmups. Blanton told John Wawrow of the Associated Press that he was fined $21,000 by the league.

Two other members of the Bills secondary also said they were fined. Cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman said that he was fined $10,000 while safety Aaron Williams did not disclose a figure.

“It’s up there,” Williams said.

There’s been no word from the Patriots about any fines on their end.

24 responses to “Three Bills fined for pregame scuffle with Patriots

  1. The Bills donated their fine dollars to help the Pats get points. You can help too, one thumbs up = 1 point for the points starving little pats kids.

  2. New England is too embarrassed to disclose their fines. They’d like to forget all about the 16-0 drubbing and the excuses their fans made afterwards.

  3. Totally disrespectful of the patriot rookies.

    It’s a reflection of their franchise and their fanbase.

    I’m sure they’ll avoid being fined.

  4. That is what Rex does. He motives his players by convincing them that they are being disrespected by the opposing team with everything they do. Fine, it worked for him this time, but it is hard to keep up that kind of intensity for every game. This has been proven by his previous stint with the Jets.

  5. If the Bills were doing drills, as some of you think (since you weren’t there), why were they so close to the Patriots’ sideline where Patriots’ players congregate to stretch and keep limber? I think the Bills’ players were extremely disrespectful.

  6. edelmanfanclub says:
    Oct 6, 2016 4:25 PM
    Goodell pondering how to extend Brady’s suspension for the Patriots side of this punishment.

    I’m sure all he has to do is check Belichick’s office and he will find all kinds of cheating. He does have a history of it. Just to note its other teams finding the patriots cheating, not the NFL.

  7. We all know that after their Super Bowl victory last week, the Bills will come up with their usual stinker this week.

  8. I see that chippy just has to try and impress us with his drivel and mikermiker’s team must not play the Pat’s this season.

  9. The Pats have zero excuses for their loss to the Bills. All week long NE fans were boasting qb didn’t matter, you would still crush the Bills. The Bills, on that day, were the better team. The Pats were out coached and outplayed. Any given Sunday. I still don’t know if the Bills are for real, but I do like the OC change and I have noticed improvements. And don’t forget, the Bills were missing key players as well. Yes, even one of them for suspension as well.

  10. The same “culture” that coined the verb “disrespected” are the ones who believe that “disrespecting” someone opens the doors to whatever retaliation they deem fit. Explains a lot of the violence in this country, as well as a few of the murders.

  11. So what? Keep chirping Bills and Billie fans. The next game in Buff will have quite a different ending. And Billie fans will be absent. As well as very quiet.

  12. 16-0. First shutout of the Patriots at Gillette. Belichick has a meltdown on the sideline. Pats players limping of the field late in the 4th quarter as they still tried to compete. All this [and more] after having 10 days to prepare for the “lowly BILLS.” And you cannot honestly look at what happened during the game and simply blame it on Brissett.

    Looks like the mantra “Do Your Job” has finally become nothing more than a lame cliche to the Patriots.

  13. Brissett hasn’t played well since the injury. He was ineffective passing in the second half against the Texans and is remembered fir that 27 yard TD run. He played better I the second half against Miami but while he extended drives he wasn’t exactly a points machine. So yeah, the Bills were lucky to avoid Brady or Garopolo.

  14. If you want to talk injuries: I’m sure the Bills would have performed better against the Pats if it weren’t for injuries to Sammy Watkins, Reggie Ragland, Greg Salas, Shaq Lawson – not to mention the 4-week weed suspensions on Marcell Dareus & Seantrel Henderson.

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