Adam Gase on Ryan Tannehill: He’s not coming out

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Sunday wasn’t a good day for the Dolphins or quarterback Ryan Tannehill, something illustrated well by the chants for Matt Moore that could be heard at Hard Rock Stadium while the team was falling to 1-4 in a 30-17 loss to the Titans.

Tannehill was 12-of-18 for 191 yards and two interceptions on a day that also saw Tennessee rack up six sacks on their way to victory. It added up to the lowest passer rating of the year for Tannehill, who now has seven interceptions and six touchdowns on the year.

The chanting fans aren’t getting what they want, though. Dolphins coach Adam Gase cut off discussion of a possible quarterback change quickly when he spoke to the media after the game.

“No. He’s not coming out,” Gase said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “You can ask me 100 times, he’s going to be in there the rest of the season.”

As for where Gase will be looking to make changes? There doesn’t appear to be a shortage of possibilities as the coach described his team as “inept” after Sunday’s loss.

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  1. Miami’s blind loyalty to Ryan Tannehill reminds me of the Rams and Jeff Fisher Shoot you might as well tack on some more years and dollars to his 77 million dollar extension Miami. I understand the OL I playing horribly but peel that away and you still have a mediocre 17th or worse rankes quarterback. There is alot of offensive talent in next years draft Miami better make the most of it. We have no idea right now if Davante Parker is going to be a bust because of the poor QB play.

  2. That offense is a quick fix as soon as they get a better QB. Suddenly you’ll see all of those problems with the lines and such get cleared up quickly because Tannehill was so poor. Dolphins need to draft straight defense. They need all new LBs and at least 3 new starting DBs, not to mention their geriatric defensive line.

  3. That’s because one of the requirements Stephen Ross set forth during the interview process is that the new coach had to play Tannehill. I swear, Ross must have a serious mancrush on him. So much so, that he’s in denial about the reality that he’s Tannehill is not a franchise quarterback. He’s not even a good quarterback.

  4. Manning had horrible o-lines too, so for most of his career he adjusted his release to make it faster. Tannehill doesn’t get it. He has two fast receivers, yet he holds the ball for two long.

  5. I distinctly remember the 2007 season ,
    even after going 0-5, that team was far more aggressive, looking at the numbers they weren’t layin down either – much like the Defense did today! Now in 2007 we ended up going 1-15, so this season can’t be any worse record wise, but this season is a lost cause, so the best thing to due is hope that nobody worthy of keeping gets hurt & get through this debacle of season.
    Maybe Ross will finally understand what it takes to own an NFL team, having money doesn’t give you brains – Trump should be obvious reminder of that!
    Mike Tannenbaum is another person that needs to be fired!
    Please listen to reason Mr Ross –
    clean house sooner than later,
    your Dolphin fans deserve better!

  6. It starts from the top with Ross. He has good intentions, but with that said he hired Tannenbaum. What did Tannenbaum build in NY that caught his eye? Bad contracts for over valued players like Sanchez? Tannenbaum signed Tannenhill early and gave Suh that monster contract. How are those two deals working out? Did Ross expect different results?

    If Tannenbaum was building one of Mr. Ross’s buildings it would have gold toilets and no plumbing.

  7. What an embarrassment. The only thing they have is the ” ’72’ Fins” to rely on as an excuse of success.

    Of which, an exhausted cliché of a franchise carried on by entertainer stars.

  8. I’m gonna take a beating for saying this – but the LAST good
    coach we had was Nick Saban – Oh what might have been?
    But he must have been going to a fortune teller or he’s some kinda clairvoyant, cause he had to have seen what the future held in Miami & it didn’t look very good to him & that’s why he ran back to coach at the college level!

  9. Again Ross shows his monumental lack of football smarts. He keeps wanting to find the next Don Shula. What Ross doesn’t account for is that Shula had Head Coaching experience before he came here.
    Gase is so far over his head he needs a snorkel to breathe.

    In the search for an offensive genius, Ross passed up Todd Bowles to get Joe Philbin. Philbin was a supposed offensive genius but a little research would have shown that he didn’t even call the game plays. After that he passed up Dan Campbell who at least had the team trying hard, for a quarterback whisperer who has done little to help this quarterback.

    The Parcells idea was decent in principle but what is needed is a solid football man to take over as GM/ Director of player personnel, to build the team from the coach out.

  10. Tannehill has no – that would be zero – peripheral vision, the most valuable asset for a QB. Marino could look at the goalpost and see what the water boy was doing.

    Tannehill is I suspect quite good in practice and the classroom. He has, perhaps understandably, lost his nerve on Sunday.

    Tannehill may be many things. He may even be a good WR. A leader he is not.

    It may sound foolish but if he is to continue this miserable season as QB, he may well need a psychiatrist or a hypnotist to be able to make him THROW THE DAMN BALL

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