Joe Flacco finds offensive performance “embarrassing”

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After the Ravens lost to the Raiders in Week Four, quarterback Joe Flacco lamented the ways the offense has been making it “tough on ourselves” this season.

Sunday’s game against the Redskins saw the Ravens turn in an offensive performance that was even less impressive than they’d managed against Oakland. They gained 306 yards, converted just three of the 15 third downs they faced and didn’t complete a pass of more than 15 yards all day against a defense that was playing without a slew of defensive backs.

“It is frustrating. I’m not happy,” Flacco said, via “It’s embarrassing to run off the field in front of your home fans, in front of your teammates. … Our defense is putting up awesome plays week after week, and we’re just running off the field. It doesn’t feel good as a quarterback, the leader of this offense, to do that.”

The Ravens jumped out to an early 7-0 on a drive that saw them run the ball five times for 49 yards. They’d end the first quarter with 11 runs for 74 yards, but ran the ball just seven times the rest of the day despite leading at the half and never falling behind by more than one score in the final two quarters.

Coach John Harbaugh said that the team “can’t find continuity” on offense. Sticking with the things that are working would be one way to discover it.

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  1. joeflaccoallday says:

    Oct 4, 2016 7:56 AM
    Shut up cheater

    This is a post one the Ravens fans put on a story about Brady coming back. Yesterdays defeat was karma for this and all the nasty posts this guy puts on every Pats story.
    Stay Classy joeflaccoallday.

  2. I’m conflicted here. Joe is who he is, not elite but when he’s given some time he has proved he can make plays. However, each week I have watched a WR drop at least one TD throw from him.

    Then I have to ask, is the play call really the check down every time short of the first down marker? Watching on TV, is no one open or is Joe going to the check down after the first read isn’t there? I think that’s happening, but I understand because this O Line has been giving him about 1-2 seconds on each play.

    Trestman does have me scratching my head though. You run all over the worst Run D in the league and it’s working and then you call for 46 passes and 8 runs the rest of the game.

    Then Harbaugh wants to act indignant like these were good play calls and say “We didn’t abandon the run” or “we will continue to be aggressive” by not taking the points AGAIN.

    This D is playing pretty well but the offense and special teams has been losing the games this year.

  3. Here’s a recap for anyone who wants to know:

    1) RB Terrance West was averaging 8.6 yards per carry and only received 5-6 carries in the second half.

    2) Breshad Perriman, bless his heart, tries so hard to make a catch with his stone hands that he can’t focus on getting two feet in bounds at the same time.

    3) John Harbaugh costed the Ravens another game. Last week against the Raiders Harbaugh stupidly accepted a penalty that turned a 4 and 6 to a 3rd and 16 for Oakland, which resulted in a touchdown 3 plays later for Oakland. This week he tried to fake a field goal with arguably the best kicker in the league from the 17 yard line. Had the Ravens kicked a field goal there they would have had to kick one late in the game instead of trying for a TD.

    4) Marc Trestman is exceptional at proving why he didn’t make it as a head coach and why he will soon be out of a job in Baltimore. Dink and dunk passing, 4-5 yard slant routes well short of the first down, and abandoning the run. These are only a few issues Trestman is having right now. He needs to be let go, IMMEDIATELY…

    p.s. the last time I called for a Ravens coach to be fired midseason was when Cam Cameron was our OC. The Ravens fired him and then went on to win the Superbowl.. just saying.

  4. Kudos to Flacoo for shouldering the blame, as surely he deserves some of it. He’s saying exactly what he should be saying as the leader of the offense.

    That being said, this “offensive” performance is hardly on him. Trestman, simply put, has to go. He has no feel on how to call a game. His game-planning is horrendous, and the inability to make in-game adjustments is glaring.

    Something has got to give, and it all starts with Trestman. His seat should be smoldering after yesterday.

  5. The Redskins should have given a game ball to Marc Trestman for deciding not to run the ball anymore. As a Redskins fan, I was thrilled to see them stop running the ball, because it was the only thing working for them on offense.

  6. Pft, you should do a poll and ask Ravens fans who still thinks Flacco for elite money was a good idea.

  7. “Coach John Harbaugh said that the team “can’t find continuity” on offense”

    Isn’t it part of his job as head coach to establish it?

  8. Only because it was.

    Not his fault though when you have a running back averaging over 8 yards a carry and you decide not to go with him in a 10-6game in the second half.

    Or only throw check downs until the last drive of the game.

    Or run a play with 1 second remaining that’s a sack and gets your RT killed in the process.

    Joe is definitely throwing off his back foot too much but the root of this offensive slump lies at someone else’s feet;


    Either he goes or a lot of Ravens fans, myself included, will.

  9. Even more embarrassing are the people who think Jump Ball Joe is “elite”. 84.4 career passer rating. Smh.

  10. What has happened to this team? Joe’s not happy? How does he think the fans feel? I always enjoyed their games, tough, aggressive, now, not so much.

  11. I’m a skins fan and found myself thinking late in the game, “I can’t believe they’re not running the ball against us.” That was a head scratcher. But I’ll take the W.

  12. As much as I agree with firing Tressman, the blame also goes to the Front Office IMO. The O Line is the worst in the NFL with no depth. Our receivers have a 50-50 chance of catching the ball (why did we let Butler go?). Ozzie has drafted horribly over the past 10 years (look at the gems CIN has found during that time as an example) and it’s time for him to retire from his cushy job. Harbaugh is still a good coach in my book and I don’t want to see him walk away. Here’s a wild idea, fire Tressman & hire Billick.

  13. I will say one thing about Flacco…..he may be erratic in the regular season…..but the guy shows up and plays big in the postseason. Pretty much the exact inverse of the red-headed guy on the other team in the division…..

  14. Flacco all day = losses every week. he’s been in decline for a long while now at an age when most quarterbacks are in their prime.

    Makes Brady’s long outstanding career look even more impressive by comparison.

  15. Flacco isn’t elite, Carr isn’t elite, Dalton isn’t elite, etc. etc. But guess what a franchise starting qb will cost you these days? Throw in extreme durability and a Super Bowl MVP and…well, you get my point.

  16. I love comments from people who have not watched the last two games. Flacco throws perfect long pass to a wide open Perriman, he drops it. 30 seconds to go he throws another perfect pass to Perriman in end zone, he fails to get one foot in bounds. Flacco flourished under Kubiak. Is he elite?Who knows, but he is a top 15 quarterback.

  17. We tried to tell you, Ravens fans, about the foolishness of giving a middle-of-the-pack QB top five money. “Elite” Joe needs a team around him to carry the load, he’s not the guy to do it by himself. THEREFORE, sacrificing the cap and not being able to sign quality players is just dumb. All you Ravens fans laughed at the time, but now the laughter has seemed to melt away…

    And of course no sign of bbbwindows anymore.

  18. Where is joeflaccoallday? Oh, that’s right, he’s hiding in shame, trolling the Patriots threads.

  19. They had issues offensively and kudos to Harbaugh and the Ravens org to take the right step in firing their OC.
    You got to tip your hat to a team thats willing to do anything in their power to win.

  20. I love how everyone blames Flaccos struggles on other people. Happens every year it seems. Flacco is the issue. He either launches it deep or checks it down, he doesn’t have much else. Ray Rice used to disguise his incompetence with nice runs after the catch on his dump offs. They don’t have Ray Rice anymore.

    Also – who blames the OC in year 9. If Flacco is so good, shouldn’t he be able to call his own plays and adjust at the line based off what he likes? He either is doing that and is failing, or the Ravens don’t trust him to. Either way it is bad. Don’t see Ravens improving offensively with Flacco under center.

  21. looks like jumpball joe is not very elite, is he?

    what a fraud franchise

    to this day, the media never asked goodell, bisciotti, ozzie or harbaugh why they worked so hard to protect that despicable act by ray rice.

  22. …tylawspick6 says:
    Oct 10, 2016 12:56 PM

    to this day, the media never asked goodell, bisciotti, ozzie or harbaugh why they worked so hard to protect that despicable act by ray rice.

    At least they have not erected a Ray Rice statue in front of their stadium (not yet anyways).

  23. High priced QB who thinks he is number 1..but isn’t even in the top ten…..

    I would take any of these others over this slug any day…

    In order:

    Brady… Number 1 of course……

  24. Good times reading the comments from armchair QBs and fantasy football owners who are sure they know the root of the problem. Until you do film study, know the play and how it was executed by everyone, and know the offense game plan for any game to prove your “analysis” you are just trolling.

  25. Why don’t they just pound the rock, play action pass, play defense and let Justin Tucker make nearly every single attempt? That’s the formula for Baltimore. It’s pretty clear.

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