John Fox on Bears QB situation: “We don’t have a plan”


It’s one of those quotes that sounds way worse than it was meant to sound. But when it was finished falling out of the mouth of noted wordsmith John Fox, it had already become a metaphor for a season gone wrong in Chicago.

See, the Bears haven’t thought about the future of their quarterback position simply because Jay Cutler (thumb) isn’t well enough to be a factor in the decision, so they’re going to keep on trucking (or something that rhymes with trucking) with Brian Hoyer.

We don’t have a plan,” Fox said Monday, via John Mullin of “Right now we’ve got two guys healthy in Matt Barkley and Brian Hoyer, and those are our quarterbacks right now. I think all our focus is there right now.”

But those famous words “We don’t have a plan,” will rank with past Fox classics such as “We picked a bad day to have a bad day,” and “a punt is not a bad play,” because it sort of summarizes where the 1-4 Bears are.

“I think we’re managing it well,” Fox said. “It kind of is what it is, and everybody on the team knows that Brian Hoyer is the quarterback right now and that’s where all our focus is going. I think Jay understands that, too.

“Moving forward, I can’t predict the future, otherwise I’d be in a different line of work. But I think everybody’s handling it professionally.”

Professionally being a relative term, of course.

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  1. I thought the plan was to change the offensive line 6 days before the start of the regular season, and then act surprised when your QB gets hit 13 times and injures the thumb on his throwing hand. Then, we should later act surprised when the backup QB completes throws behind the same line after it starts to look OK playing against bad defenses.

    Just say it: we want Myles Garrett. And, we’ll be happy if we have time to develop Callahan, Meredith, Bullard, and others along the way.

  2. You can’t say Cutler isn’t doing anything for city of Chicago.

    He’s helping to create the next generation of Cub fans!

  3. The bears should trade for Teddy Bridgewater. There season is done. They need a quarterback for the future and once healthy, Fox finally has something to work with. This season is a lost cause.

  4. I think the plan is to really screw up the season, get a high draft pick and draft a QB, all the while make it LOOK like we’re trying. The 1st 3 losses were horrible like a legitimate 32nd ranked team in the power rankings. The last 2 weeks the Bears are closer to the mid-late 20’s. BTW speaking of bad teams, I think Adam Gase should have stayed OC in Chicago.

  5. The last 2 weeks the Bears are closer to the mid-late 20’s.
    The question of course being, are the Bears getting better or are their opponents getting worse?

    The layup answer to the headline is that the Bears under Fox appear to have had no plan, at any position, since the new regime took over. In their defense though it’s hard to overstate the extent to which injuries have kept the team from developing any kind of continuity or chemistry at all. A fair percentage of their top talent (such as it is) is currently on the shelf either short or long-term, including 3 of their last 4 1st-round draft picks. Barring a replacement of the entire medical, strength and conditioning staff (which I believe should at least be considered), there’s not much that can be done on that front.

    Once we hit 0-3 most Bears fans I know pivoted into the mindset that the rest of this year is preseason 2017, and I’m of the same view. If we get healthy after the bye and are still losing games into November and December I will be the first to say this team is going nowhere under Fox. His attitude toward the media and Bears fans is definitely galling especially given their horrific record but I’m willing to give him the rest of this season at least to show that with healthy players he can start turning this thing around.

  6. Wow, glad they have a man in charge of a billion dollar business that doesn’t “have a plan”.

    Must be great to cash those huge paychecks and not be competent at your job.


  7. No plan? That goes for ownership and the front office, too. Bring in coaches that show some sort of emotion to get young, inexperienced guys to play hard and smart. We could have had Del Rio, Arians or maybe even Harbaugh. We’re left with just another guy that talks in platitudes and stares at the Jumbotron all game long.

  8. I have a feeling the Bears are in the midst of another late ’90’s run, for those of you who can remember. And by that I mean 10 years of garbage football (with one fluke playoff season in there.) There hasn’t been much to cheer about since Lovie left town, and honestly I don’t see how this organization can turn things around in under 4-5 years. They need a hard reboot, and aside from Fangio and a handful of players, there’s not much worth keeping on the team. Sounds pessimistic, yes. But you live long enough and you start to recognize patterns.

  9. With the first round pick—-the Bears pick some unknown QB, but Ryan Pace feels the his injury history is behind him and he possibly has huge up side despite he lack of size…..

  10. Captain Queeg is railing against the hotdogs now. What a dumpster fire. Every week the Bears look like they take a knife to a gunfight. I wonder if Fox makes it to next season.

  11. The interesting thing to watch now will be to see if Fox loses the Bears players — it looks from here that injuries are causing many of the problems, but if the team effort decreases in the next 11 games, you have to wonder about Fox’s future.

  12. In any event they seriously need to re-think their approach to how hey draft in the 1st round. Ryan Pace has gone the high-upside / project route his first two years and both of those picks look like they’re at least 2 seasons away from contributing even if they stay healthy which has been a whole nother issue in itself.

    If the Bears have another Top 10 pick next spring (which seems a virtual certainty) they need to go after a guy who has good athleticism but has also put up a great body of work in college. In other words a legit Day 1 starter.

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