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Vikings to sign Jake Long


The Vikings are bringing in some veteran help on their offensive line.

Minnesota is expected to sign offensive tackle Jake Long today, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The Vikings needed some help on the line after putting their starting right tackle, Andre Smith, on injured reserve yesterday. The Vikings previously placed their starting left tackle, Matt Kalil, on injured reserve as well.

Long was the first overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft. He played five years for the Dolphins and then two for the Rams before signing in Atlanta last year, where he played in only four games, with no starts. It’s unclear how much Long has left, but the Vikings think he can help, and with the injuries they’ve suffered, they need help.

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29 Responses to “Vikings to sign Jake Long”
  1. bigdawgdaddy says: Oct 11, 2016 6:42 AM

    And the 2016 NFL C.O.Y. Mike Zimmer will find the fountain of youth for Long and he will play like he did his first 4 years in the league.
    Nothing can stop the Purple Powers Of Pain & Destruction !!!!!
    The ZIM Reapers are coming for all teams, morning can be done to stop the oncoming assault.

  2. Indybear says: Oct 11, 2016 6:46 AM

    Bradford will be lucky to finish the season uninjured with second string protection.

  3. SexBoat Captain says: Oct 11, 2016 6:56 AM

    His vetern knowledge on one leg makes him better than TJ at LEft tackle . He’ll be starting after bye week reminiscing about old knee surgerys w Sam . Solid move Rick .! Skol !!!!

  4. pzebich says: Oct 11, 2016 7:05 AM

    Just looking for bodies now.

  5. whatjusthapped says: Oct 11, 2016 7:11 AM

    I wonder if Kalil will welcome Jake Long to the team by lending him his roller skates? Seems to be a prerequisite to playing offensive tackle for the Vikings.

  6. gtodriver says: Oct 11, 2016 7:21 AM

    Welcome to the party, Jake!

  7. 6ball says: Oct 11, 2016 7:24 AM

    Exhibit A as to why good teams go bad : injuries

    I’m not making excuses for the 5-0 Vikings, but any team that loses it’s two starting tackles has some challenges ahead. Especially when you consider there’s still 11 games to go and it’s likely that more offensive lineman will get banged up. Quite often, a team’s December roster is quite different from their September roster.

  8. Mad Chef says: Oct 11, 2016 7:26 AM

    I know PFF graded him out very poorly in his last active stints. I just don’t see how he could be any worse that what we’ve been running out there lately however.
    Spielman and Zimmer have done an exceptional job building a championship caliber defense, now it’s time to focus on the O-line in the draft. I don’t know that free-agency for O-linemen is the way to go (see Smith and Boone) I’m still undecided on Boone though. He hasn’t worked next to the same guy for more than 2 games in a row this year. The O-line needs to develop chemistry and know each other before they can gel as a unit.
    5-0 Baby! Skol! Skol! Skol!

  9. minnesotablizzard says: Oct 11, 2016 7:28 AM

    Would be awesome to see him revive his career with the Vikings.

  10. logast says: Oct 11, 2016 7:29 AM

    In his prime, Long was fantastic. He is long past his prime.

  11. housemusic1200 says: Oct 11, 2016 7:31 AM

    Even if they only get a few games out of him, it’s better than what they’ve been getting from the guys up front. Addition by subtraction. That’s been the formula so far.

  12. sgmjerry220 says: Oct 11, 2016 8:14 AM

    Apparently the people posting above have no clue. Have they forgotten that the Vikings need an O-lineman? We had to sign one out of necessity; not choice. Now, if they care to say Long wasn’t the best option, or there were better options, then name who. I trust Zimmer and his coaches enough to know who to go get, after all they have made the proper adjustments to injuries so far.

  13. FlikeMorio says: Oct 11, 2016 8:18 AM

    If you’ve ever watched TJ Clemmings play, then you’d know that there’s no possible way Jake Long could be a downgrade. Clowney fed Clemmings his lunch, breakfast and dinner on Sunday.

  14. idurenn says: Oct 11, 2016 8:27 AM

    Besides having a great start, something has to go right for this team.

    I hope this works out.

  15. purplepride11 says: Oct 11, 2016 8:36 AM

    In case people haven’t noticed offensive line is not the strong suit and never will be of the Vikings team. We are 5 & 0 and we’ve had a ramshackle offensive line the whole year. Our quarterback hasn’t been sacked that much and has yet to throw an interception. We are something like + 12 and turnover differential. So all you people hating on the Vikings you need to keep hating because that’s part of the fuel that feeds this purple fire.

  16. atthemurph says: Oct 11, 2016 8:40 AM

    Bradford won’t make it. It’s just a matter of time before MN faces another good pass rush and then it’s going to be lights out.

  17. thisistheonlygame says: Oct 11, 2016 8:56 AM

    TJ Clemmings just needs to work on his technique. In a year or two he will be much better. Not a starter yet.

    Long is still a great player when healthy. The problem is he can not stay healthy. In any event; Vikes need the depth.

  18. ragnarthemagnificent says: Oct 11, 2016 9:04 AM

    Please be awesome

  19. uncommon1 says: Oct 11, 2016 9:13 AM

    It’s a nice signing. He’s played for Sporano before and knows his blocking schemes. Not a huge learning curve so it’s all about his physical ability. If he can’t preform, they can cut him loose and they’re only out a little $$$

  20. mnvikes1961 says: Oct 11, 2016 9:38 AM

    Hopefully he’s stayed in shape and can hit the ground running.

  21. purplepride11 says: Oct 11, 2016 9:48 AM

    Guarantee the Vikings training staff did a thorough physical and medical inspection of Long before the signing. He must have passed otherwise they wouldn’t have signed him.

  22. ariani1985 says: Oct 11, 2016 9:50 AM

    why do the packers sucks this year?

  23. fwippel says: Oct 11, 2016 10:07 AM

    Hopefully Long works out well. However, I think it might be worth considering a trade for a good backup on another team.

    The Vikings have a log-jam of talented players at wide receiver. Between Diggs, Theilen, Patterson, Johnson, Wright, and the rookie Treadwell, one of these guys has to sit each week. It might be worth considering trading one of them for a solid backup (ala Joe Berger) offensive lineman.

  24. vikingsgohard says: Oct 11, 2016 10:07 AM

    im starting to think Minn is were OL go to get injured

  25. John Koehnen says: Oct 11, 2016 10:30 AM

    Willie Beavers must be really bad… :-/

  26. h0metownzero says: Oct 11, 2016 10:49 AM

    I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

  27. mnvikes1961 says: Oct 11, 2016 11:20 AM

    ariani1985 says:
    Oct 11, 2016 9:50 AM

    why do the packers sucks this year?

    They’re just picking up where they left off last season.

  28. patsfan4lifesbchamps says: Oct 11, 2016 11:27 AM

    Good move, sign a tackle who got your QB injured in St Louis. It was Jake Long who couldn’t block Paul Kruger and he landed on Bradford’s knee and tore his ACL.

  29. mediasloppy says: Oct 11, 2016 7:53 PM

    It’s not just Zimmer and drafting. The Vikings have some of the best position coaches in the game and on top of that, were also head coaches at some point. Lots of knowledge and motivated players.

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