Could Mike McCoy’s job be on the line tonight?

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When it comes to the possibility of an in-season coaching change, a team has two clear opportunities for processing the adjustment on the fly: (1) during the bye week; and (2) after the short-week Thursday game.

For the Chargers, the short-week Thursday game comes tonight. If the Chargers, who could be 5-0 if they could hold a lead, lose to the Broncos at home, it could be the last game Mike McCoy coaches for the team.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media suggested on Sunday that McCoy is entering a critical two-game stretch, featuring AFC West games at Oakland and then on Thursday night at home against the Broncos. A potential win over the Raiders already has been squandered; a loss to the Broncos would drop San Diego to 1-5 with games at Atlanta and at Denver next on the docket.

With the bye not coming until after home games against Tennessee and Miami, it could be too late if the Chargers wait.

A half-measure is also possible. For example, defensive coordinator John Pagano could be the one who goes, if another lead is blown.

If McCoy goes, offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt possibly would acquire the whistle. A year ago, however, it was Whisenhunt who was abruptly fired during his second season with the Titans.

It all becomes moot if the Chargers win tonight. I personally think they will.

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  1. I’ll make this easy: all the “Mike M.” head coaches (McCoy, McCarthy, Mularkey) in the NFL flat-out SUCK and should be fired immediately. Only Caldwell and Bradley are in the same league in terms of sheer incompetence. Yes, even Fisher is better.

  2. Nah…. spanos’ family thinks that chargers are doing perfectly fine although the fans and the rest of the country don’t though. #smh.

  3. Will anybody actually be watching this garbage tonight? The NFL makes me sick on so many levels, I thought boycotting all the game would be difficult but its actually been quite easy.

  4. Nope, the team is playing well except when they get in the 4th quarter. Some of it is bad luck but it’s fixable. Have some patience with you coaching staff.

  5. Saying they could be 5-0 is like saying they’d win if only Coach woulda put Uncle Rico in the game.

  6. Ken Wizz is the problem. He is cancer for teams. At least in San Diego they already have Philip Rivers, a very decent QB. The Wizzinator is a terrible evaluator of talent, particularly at the QB position (look at his history).

    I say, keep McCoy until after the stadium issue is figured out. Fire Whisenhunt after the Chargers blow another lead against the Broncos. John Pagano should be replaced at the same time as firing Wizz. Replace Pagano with Bob Babich (linebackers coach).

  7. Jeff Fisher and that fake punt still have me laughing. Sorry, you lose some credibility saying he’s better than McCarthy.

    I don’t like McCoy, but he’s lost his best receiver in Keenan Allen, his third down back in Woodhead, Branden Oliver, and Teo. This doesn’t even factor in the games and productivity lost when the front office couldn’t get a deal done timely with Bosa. My problem with McCoy is the lack of attention to detail and the mental errors this team makes in choking away games.

  8. I just don’t see how SD wins tonight. Atlanta had a potent 1-2 punch at RB to provide a balanced offense. SD has Gordon but I don’t think that’s enough to keep the pass rushers off of Rivers. I’m definitely benching Rivers in favor of Big Ben in my fantasy lineup.

    Whether McCoy gets fired or not… Well, I suppose that depends on if you think Whisenhunt is a major improvement. I’m not feeling it.

  9. To the guy that mentioned the front office “couldn’t get a deal done with Bosa”, that is on Joey. Kid is a straight cash homie. It’s a business and that’s his deal, but he made his bed.

  10. I don’t think it should be, who are they going to bring in that does a better job in the middle of the season? An offensive minded coach has the offense being successful.

    The defense that needs a change of gears. when the offense is putting up around 30 points a game, and many times playing with the lead. those aren’t games they should be losing.

  11. Chargers will win tonight. With it, we will get another month of “it might be, it could be” stories about McCoy’s job future.

  12. Soooo, I happen to be someone who likes TNF. I know I am in the minority. I cut cable, so no Monday night games. I do not spend my weekends (Sundays) indoors watching football, I have a family I like do things with. So I watch SNF and TNF.

    As to McCoy, the biggest loss they suffered was only by 6 points. Given they did not get their #1 pick on the field for the first 4 games (management, I’m looking at you) I say let’s give him some more time.

  13. No need to bother with the NFL now that the NHL has started and I also have the option to tune into my fifth baseball game of the year. No, the NFL is a low priority as long as they retain Goodell and his lack of integrity.


  14. I hope his job is on the line tonight. Whether he is a good coach or not.. it’s a results driven league and going 4-12 and starting 1-4 doesn’t exactly show results or improvement.

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