Panthers won’t limit Cam Newton’s running after concussion

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The Panthers are still waiting for Cam Newton to get final clearance through the concussion protocol, though he was a full participant in practice yesterday.

But once he’s back on the field, they don’t plan on putting any reins on him.

Newton hasn’t exactly protected himself on the field, and the Panthers said they’re not going to try to alter what he does for the sake of preserving the reigning MVP.

That’s his game,” offensive coordinator Mike Shula said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “We’ll look at it and we’ll talk about it, but part of his game and what makes him so good is that.”

After he took a shot to the head two weeks ago in Atlanta, he was criticized for a nonchalant approach to the goal line on a two-point conversion run. But people have been telling Newton to protect himself better on the field since he entered the league, so calls for self-preservation are hardly new.

“We’ll play our offensive accordingly,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said when asked about Newton’s status. “Depends on the situations, circumstances, calls, plays, reads. The quarterback’s going to play the game the way he plays the game. That’s one thing about Cam Newton. We can call a play and he can drop back and take off running on his own.

“So we’re going to play our offense accordingly.”

Since that’s what he’s best at, the hesitance to change is natural. But after playing (poorly) without him last week, they’ve seen the consequence of his not being prudent, but that’s something he’s going to have to arrive at on his own.

11 responses to “Panthers won’t limit Cam Newton’s running after concussion

  1. I Am Cam….Cam I Am….keep on showboating Cam….keep on dabbing….right onto the IR ….

    Great player…..poor sportsmanship. Love watching the Panthers collapse….

  2. And another one bites the dust.
    The coaches’ comments are totally irresponsible and send the clear message that if that is what he has to do to win games, then we take it. Instead, they should be coaching him up to do what he needs to do to protect himself first and foremost and be a strong contender for 10 or 12 years.

    Who is the coach and who is the player. To send in a play that he then decides to change just because he can and not because he should is why he will end up with a short career.

    Whether it’s going to be additional concussions or broken bones, not that opposing teams have lots of film on his playing instincts, they will be much more successful setting him for for the big hit.

    Its too bad. He was an entertaining player for awhile there.

  3. Truth be told, he must run to be effective. Cam is not an elite passer. What measure of passing success he does enjoy stems from his running threat. My humble opinion.

  4. The shelf life of running quarterbacks in today’s NFL can’t be too long. He’s better off being a mobile quarterback (like Rodgers) than a running quarterback.

  5. Cam’s gimmicky read option will be on full display once again since he can’t read defenses consistently much like a natural pocket passer. Eventually he’ll just get lit up by a huge lineman with a high probability of getting concussed again…just a matter of time

  6. this is what you get for being PC and all lives matter Cam. Shoulda stayed true.

    Won’t get sympathy from the left or right. This is on YOU!

  7. So goes the plight of the running QB. How long will it take before the NFL puts flags on the QB so the running QB can survive or admit they are disposable. Of course maybe the real good teams will get those old fashion QB’s that can throw better then they can run. But how 2000’s is that!

  8. Cam has show boated all yr STOP THE HATE in altanta he pointed to the 1st down & got flagged…………………………………

    Cam Biggest Problem is his OC Shula is a QB coach at best & shouldn’t be a OC in the NFL and his GM doesn’t bring in any good OT

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