Heyward-Bey fuels early Steelers lead


It’s taken a little while to find the gas pedal. But find it they have, thanks to receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.

With the Steelers trailing 3-0, the veteran receiver came from left to right behind the formation, took a handoff, and rocketed 60 yards for a score.

Coach Mike Tomlin decided to go for two, and the Steelers converted, thanks to a pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Le’Veon Bell.

The Dolphins got a field goal on their first drive of the game, but it could/should have been a touchdown. Receiver DeVante Parker.

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell suffered a knee injury early; he’s questionable to return.

3 responses to “Heyward-Bey fuels early Steelers lead

  1. I see the Miami Boneheads are at it again. Dumbest team in the league. But can some please please tell why our players insist on diving into tackle the ball carrier and not wrapping up. Why doesn’t the player know how to tackle this is what they do for a living. Don’t give me no time these days to do tackle drills. BS

  2. DHB and Mike Mitchell.

    Both drafted by Al Davis.

    All the talking heads thought he was crazy.

    It’s not like they’re All-Pros, just solid professionals.

    The old man knew what he was doing after all.

    Go Raiders

  3. I know everyone makes fun of his hands but he’s pretty good in every other facet. Still blazing fast, big, strong, plays hard, good teammate and excellent on special teams. Glad so many gave up on him!

    Go Steelers!

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