Mike Adams on Colts collapse: We’re not good enough to take foot off gas

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When a team blows a 23-9 lead over the final seven minutes of a game, there are always multiple things to point to as the reasons for the collapse.

The Colts were no different on Sunday night in Houston. You could look back to the decision to go for it on fourth down out of the shotgun and failing instead of adding to the lead in third quarter and any number of other things that happened along the way or you could just look to those final seven minutes and overtime for why the game wound up as a 26-23 Texans win.

Safety Mike Adams went with the latter approach after the game. Adams said that he felt the Colts took their foot off the gas once they went up by two touchdowns, something that came back to haunt them as the Texans offense found life for the first time all night thanks to the change in approach from Indianapolis.

“I don’t think we’re good enough to get a lead like that and just let go,” Adams said, via the Indianapolis Star. “We’re not good enough to relax when we’re up. We have to step on them and keep moving. There’s no taking it lightly. We have to keep doing what we were doing in the first place.”

Coach Chuck Pagano lamented the lack of killer instinct from his team, saying the players need to learn it. That may be the case, but Sunday night’s results and other Colts outings this season suggest that the coaching staff could also use a remedial lesson in keeping a foot on an opponent’s throat when given the opportunity.

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  1. “..this season suggest that the coaching staff could also use a remedial lesson in keeping a foot on an opponent’s throat when given the opportunity…”

    Yeah, when you’re the Dolts. you do stupid stuff like go for it on 4th when you had a chip shot FG in the 3rd Qtr.

    Like the Dolts have enough offensive skill and play calling creativity to act like the big boys and eschew and easy 3 points for a pipe dream 6.

    Pagano + Grigson = Lame Ducks

  2. The Colts are a poorly constructed team, and that falls on Grigson. There is talent in spots, but overall, there’s a lot missing. He’s whiffed more than hit in free agency and the draft, and it’s showing. I would have preferred a reboot after last season with him and Pagano being relieved of their duties. I still don’t understand why they were brought back.
    Harbaugh in 17! (I wish…)

  3. This is on the coaches. Hard to make any case other than Pagano being one of the worst HCs in the league.

  4. Don’t worry colts fans. Last time things got tough annually with a good QB, realignment came to the rescue. Watch out NFC south! Here come the colts!

  5. After Denver, Indy is the dirtiest team in the NFL.

    Piping in phony crowd noise and were even busted on live TV when their audio loop began to skip.

    They tanked entire seasons twice in order to get Manning and then the infamous and blatantly obvious “Suck for Luck” campaign. They even have shirts made up with that slogan.

    Hiding broken ribs and lacerated kidneys from the injury report.

    Let’s not forget that all these ticky tack PI calls are due to Bill Polian insisting on rule changes. PEDton Manning and his soft receivers couldn’t compete with NE’s physical defense. Polian went and shoved the rule changes down the Competition Committee’s throats. That’s why we have all the flags and receivers looking for a call whenever they don’t catch a pass.

    They’ve been seen sporting inflation needles on the sidelines(serious violation) and have been accused by teams of tampering with their footballs. They even admitted in the Well$ Report that they “tested” the Patriots’ football during the AFCCG. That is a serious admission and the ONLY tampering committed that night.

    This team deserves all the misery they get. They brought it upon themselves with their cheating ways!

    Booo and Hisss!

  6. Colts have a huge Karma debt to pay:
    –the suck for luck season (and they still suck)
    –the drugs
    –the discarding of Peyton Manning
    –the cheating (pumping in crowd noise to obtain an unfair advantage)
    –the achievement banners
    It must be tough to be a Colts fan

  7. As a Colts fan, it warms my heart that Pats “fans” can’t move on from Deflategate, despite the success you’re having. It warms my heart that you’re not enjoying your team as much as you are watching the Colts lose. I’m glad we are still finding ways to irritate you. At least we have something going for us 🙂

    Enjoy it now, cause Brady and Belichick won’t be there forever. And the Colts will rise again once Pagano and Grigson are finally gone.

  8. That’s the same argument that I’ve had for years about the so called “prevent” defense, where defensive backs play soft and let receivers catch anything in front of them. Numerous games each year are lost this way, as it allows a previously struggling opponent to gain momentum and lulls the team trying to protect the lead into lethargy. I’ve never understood why the defense doesn’t just keep doing what they’ve already done the entire game to enjoy the lead that they have.

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