Ricky Jean Francois: We run the NFC East


The NFC East closed business on Sunday with all four teams at or over .500, which represents a big change from last season when it looked like the division might not produce a team with a winning record for much of the year.

In the end, the Redskins took the crown with a 9-7 mark and a couple of their defensive linemen used Sunday’s 27-20 victory over the Eagles as a chance to offer a reminder of that fact. J.P. Finlay of CSN Mid-Atlantic caught Chris Baker and Ricky Jean Francois on video as they made their way to the locker room.

Baker told the camera that everyone forgot the Redskins are “the real champs of the NFC East” and chastised those who picked the “trash a– Eagles” to win on Sunday. Jean Francois had a similar message.

We run the damn East,” Jean Francois said. “Not Philly, not Dallas, not all of them. We run the damn East. Better remember we got that damn title.”

As of now, the Cowboys are running the division at 5-1 with a win over the Redskins already in their pocket. Washington will get another shot at the Cowboys on Thanksgiving and getting a defensive performance like they had against the Eagles would go a long way toward attaining a better result and a possible move back into pole position for the stretch run.

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  1. When you have to declare that your running something then you are not really running anything.

    When other people say your running something, then you will know you are running something.

  2. I’m no Cowboy fan, but they are looking pretty good right now. Although, Jerrah is likely to mess it up by insisting Romo start, if/when he comes back.

  3. lol…Who?? It’s awfully early in the season to rule out the Eagles, Giants, or the Cowboys, to take the East, especially when it is difficult to predict who will win the division games. On any given Sunday……..

  4. RGIII isn’t walking back through that door to have the performance of his career to beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving years ago.

    It’s a shame that the Redskins spent all that money on Josh Norman to cover Dez Bryant – he isn’t the player they need to be worried about.


  5. enkay85 says:
    Oct 17, 2016 10:51 AM

    Never put a mic or camera in a player’s face immediately after a game.

    I think you meant to say “Always”. This is hilarious. I’m a Cowboys fan and I say I like the confidence. There’s a lot of things wrong with the NFL. Players talking smack is not one of them.

  6. Title? Jean Francois needs to realize he plays in the NFCE not the AFCS, participation banners and trophies aren’t celebrated in this division.

    As post game shout outs go “Not Philly, not Dallas, not all of them. We run the damn East. Better remember we got that damn title.” is a far cry from “You like that!”

  7. As a Skins fan I like the swagger, but reality is reality. The Crackboys beat the Skins, although the Skins had their chances, in FedEx and they have the better record. So right now the Crackboys run the East.

    Regardless, the Skins have won 4 in a row and appear to be a factor in who wins the East. That is a refreshing change of pace over the last 20+ years when the Skins have one good year and follow that up with multiple years of ****. Skins have DET and Cincy next, then their bye. Would be huge to go into that bye 6-2 considering MIN, GB, @DAL and @ARZ follow the bye. Tough stretch.

    Anyway, its nice to root for a team that is relevant. Its been a while.

  8. Slow your roll there Ricky.
    You have Captain Kirk behind center after all.
    And you weren’t even born (1986)when the Redskins were last post season relevant (1983).

  9. Anyone else catch the use of the word “redskins” in the article?? This is an outrage! I’m offended on behalf of my Native American friends who will never know or care about this!! #sarcasm

  10. “And you weren’t even born (1986)when the Redskins were last post season relevant (1983).”

    Redskins won the Super Bowl in January 1988 and 1992. Nice try though.

  11. Cowboys will roll on….Romo will come back and Jerrah will give him back the starting job….Cowboys wheels will fall off….Dak will come back but it will be too late

  12. @gmen5280

    Not sure what roll you are on yourself. The Skins won the SB in ’87 and ’91. No math wizard but it would appear Ricky was alive for two instances of Skins post season relevance.

    As for Capt Kirk behind center, what does that have to do with anything? He is in his 2nd year as a starter. The book isn’t written on him yet. And if Eli Manning can win 2 SB’s any NFL level QB can.

  13. richabbs says:
    Oct 17, 2016 11:05 AM

    I’m no Cowboy fan, but they are looking pretty good right now. Although, Jerrah is likely to mess it up by insisting Romo start, if/when he comes back.
    If Jason G has any stones he’d resign before allowing Jerry Jones to destroy his team again.

  14. I knew the Redskins were a lock this week when the two guys who know next to nothing about the actual game of football picked the Philadelphia team.

  15. America’s Team not only runs the East. We RUN the NFL. We have the leading rusher, 2 canidates for rookie of the year, the best offensive line, and a defense that stings. If Williams steps out of bounds , you are looking at a 6-0 Cowboys team. Dalton and A-Rod scored their first TD in the 4th quarter. Dallas Cowboys RUNS the NFL. Vikings won’t be able to hang with Dallas.

  16. This division is on the rise, and RJF had a good game yesterday. But for the moment, claiming to run the NFC East is still kinda like claiming to be king of the broom closet.

  17. @jerrysglassescleaner

    You should wait till after the Crackboys visit to MIN on Dec first before making claims about the Crackboys running the NFL.

    Also, the Crackboys didn’t win a decisive victory in FedEx in week 2 by any means. That was a close game that could of gone either way. Us Skins fans can list a couple “ifs” that would of changed the outcome of that game in the Skins favor. Just saying.

  18. Typical Redskins players talking about what happened in the past and being overexcited winning a game the Eagles gave them.

    Kirk Cousins is awful and all my friends who cheer for the Skins have finally come around to admitting he is not the future. He is averaging 1 interception per game, and it is typically a throw he is forcing. He should have had another INT in the endzone, on the exact same play he threw a pick against Dallas in week 2.

    Looking at the remaining games on the schedule, barring an injury I don’t see any team on the conference matching Dallas with 11 or 12 wins.

  19. “Well, Redskins are 2-1 in the division. ‘Girls are 1-1. So there’s some truth there..”

    Except for the fact that the Cowboys are a game ahead of the Redskins, and have already beaten them.

    There is no truth in there whatsoever.

  20. Maybe the Redskins win it this year but it looks like Philly and Dallas just found themselves franchise QBs and the Redskins have Cousins.

    You like that?

  21. @randomcommenter,

    Wentz and Dak look promising but us Skins fans can attest one good rookie year does not a franchise QB make. Especially Dak down in DAL. With Jerrah in charge there is a reason why the Crackboys haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years. And the Eagles haven’t won **** in forever. Literally.

  22. My Eagles were horrific across the board yesterday. But shouldn’t Washington be the least bit concerned that they played a team that was completely incompetent and still only won by a TD? And with the zillion penalties (almost 30 the last two weeks) and a horrible 5th round rookie RT, the Eagles still were in position to tie the game in the final minutes. The Redskins are a borderline playoff team… just like the rest of the NFC East.

  23. You were able to exploit a very weak rookie RT as in first snap ever in the NFL, and a rookie 7th round pick at corner.. plus let’s face it, you got a ton of help from the refs and our sloppy play. I counted 4 uncalled blocks in the back in one series before they eventually called one but keep beating your chest.. same ol skins

  24. Since we are playing the game of “ifs”… The way cowboy fans like to do.. “If” the Redskins had kept running the ball, we would have easily won that game. Easily!

  25. Started 0 and 2, let’s say we played 6 preseason games. Redskins are hot right now. They are contenders with a potent offense..and a defense that bends but don’t break and causes turnovers at the right time. Kirk Cousins runs the offense very well and has a hot hand. Cousins stats from last year were Aaron Rodgers like..I’m just saying he’s going to be the QB in D.C. for awhile. Come January the Redskins will be in the tournament

  26. Everyone talking about Skins taking advantage of a rookie QB. That had nothing to do with it. Eagles were a top rated defense going into that game prior to the Redskins dropping 230 rushing yards on them. Give some credit where credit is due. Geesh…

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