Should pass interference be reviewable?

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The debate has been renewed regarding the question of whether pass interference should be subject to replay review. So we’ve decided to put it out to a vote, and to make it our PFT Live question of the day.

Cast a “yes” or “no” in the interference replay referendum, and then make your case in the comments to get others to see it your way.

Will anything any of you say persuade the league to do the right thing and change the rule? Nope. That won’t happen until a blatant interference penalty is missed in a conference title game or a Super Bowl.

63 responses to “Should pass interference be reviewable?

  1. everything should be reviewable. cap the # of challenges regardless if won or not, will not slow game down. burden on coach to decide when to use his challenges.

    by the way, purple has the best D since ’85 bears!!!!

    superbowl homeboys

  2. It shouldnt be reviewable but the NFL should work to make it a more even penalty. Judgement calls need to have stricter guidelines. The problem isnt PI, its that refs dont enforce it properly.

  3. The call on DRC was ridiculous. He had inside position and there was minimal contact. As the Trent Green said on CBS broadcast if anything it should’ve been called on Ravens WR.

  4. it’s easy…
    Give each team 1 challenge for the first 3 qtrs and in the 4th qtr make everything close reviewed by the league upstairs to get it right whether a flag is thrown or not.
    It speeds up the 1st three qtrs and get’s it right in crunch time. It aint rocket-science.

  5. “That won’t happen until a blatant interference penalty is missed in a conference title game or a Super Bowl.”

    If a blatant PI is not called in a conference title game or SB it probably won’t be because it is conveniently “missed.”
    And please, a moratorium on the it shouldn’t be a spot of the foul call. As much as we hate it without the spot of the foul rule any DB beaten for more than 15 yards is going to haul the defender down.

  6. ^
    That should have been: As much as we hate it without the spot of the foul rule any DB beaten for more than 15 yards is going to haul the RECEIVER down.

  7. I’m fine with a called any flag being reviewed as long as they keep the limited challenge rule, but a non-call turning into a foul is too far down the slippery slope.

  8. No. Keep replay as is. Every game has questionable PI calls and PI no calls so unless replays are unlimited coaches will burn through all of their reviews in the 1st quarter. Keep penalties as a judgement call on the field, just train the refs better.

  9. Belichick is always a big prononent of making anything feasible to review, reviewable.

    Although one doesn’t want to slow the game to a crawl (it won’t) the most important thing is to get the call right

    Honestly sometimes I think the refs are going into games with marching orders from Goodell to give a certain team good calls if it comes down to it – this would eliminate the chance of corruption

  10. The issue is where is the line, and what is the context for which the game is being called. If throughout the game officials are “letting them play” and all of the sudden it’s challenged at a critical moment. What if the DB and receiver are engaged in illegal contact, a very frequent occurrence, leading up to a DPI or OPI no-call on a play? Judgement calls, leave it be. I’ll take my chances. In our out, too many on field, crossed the plane, fumble or not, that’s all great. Holding, PI, give the officials something to do.

  11. Only the penalties that happen in the last 5 minutes matter apparently. The stuff missed through the first three quarters couldn’t have decided the game. If you really want to get it right make everything reviewable and get cameras to cover like 10 angles, goal lines, end lines and sidelines.

  12. Should not be reviewable. But should not be a spot foul. 15yds, automatic first down. Maybe add time to the clock or an extra timeout if late in the game/half to keep defenses from doing it on purpose.

  13. If you follow the exact letter of the rule book, you will more than likely find some form of pass interference or holding/pulling/tugging in the play under the hood. Just like Off line or Def line holding. You can find holding of some sort almost every play.

    I say make Def & Off pass interference a 15 yard penalty and just don’t add it to replay intervention.

  14. The game is ruined now what’s a few more reviews. It’s like watching paint dry. While we are at it lets’s review the coin toss, better still remove all officials and run the game from the replay booth. Let’s mike every player so we can review taunting. Put motion detectors on the goal lines that set off fireworks when a spheroid breaks the plane. Let’s review the coaches comments coming off the field for bad grammer. The glory days ofmthe nfl were played WITHOUT REPLAY and coaches challenges and don’t ever forget it

  15. I find myself in the vast majority of those who think this should be reviewed. I’m also in the vast majority who thinks there are already too many penalties and the reviews take too long and slow the game down.

  16. You’d see every team heaving it up deep late in the game. Hoping for the call, and then have it reviewed.

    Would LOVE to see plays like the one yesterday between the Falcons and Seahawks go the right way, (or anything not go Richard Shermans way) dont get me wrong, but I wanna see real football. Not teams trying to abuse a rule.. It just doesn’t seem right.

  17. There are so many problems with the NFL rule book and the refs inability to properly enforce the rules that it’s embarrassing.

    Any flag thrown should be immediately reviewed by a video official and let them buzz in before the next play to stop it, just like the replay official has to do. If they don’t buzz in before the snap then too bad.

    At a minimum, let the refs use the 1,000 square feet TVs that are installed in many of these stadiums to make sure they call it right.

    Also, look at why a defensive holding foul is an automatic first down, but other 5 yard penalties like offsides aren’t. Make that a 5 yard penalty, and PI a 15 yard penalty.

  18. It’s the only play that can result in a 30-yard penalty. Of course it should be reviewable. However, the NFL needs to further streamline the review process. According to the league, the average review in 2015 took 2 minutes 16 seconds. The more plays that are reviewed, the more time that adds to an already long game.

    Currently, while the ref meets with coaches and other officials on the field, the NFL senior VP of officiating or senior director of officiating examine the film at “Gameday Central.” Gameday Central consults with the stadium booth and ref. The ref then goes under the hood, where he has 60 seconds to make the call. Instead, why can’t each game have an on-site replay officials whose job is to make these calls–thus eliminating the off-site consults and the hood?

  19. And referees should be fired for having consecutive years of incompetence – there is no reason to retain Hock-u-lie, and Jeffie Sue Trip-lette – these are the worst referees since Jim Tunney roamed the field in the 70’s fabricating calls by the dozen.

    Referees should be graded according to overturned ratio and the referee on the field should not be allowed to review any call – all of that should be done by the league office with a dedicated crew of highly graded, but retired from the field referees.

    I’d also like bad referees to be picked up by a helicopter and dropped into the homefield stadium crowd.

  20. The Truth says:
    Oct 17, 2016 8:58 PM
    The glory days ofmthe nfl were played WITHOUT REPLAY and coaches challenges and don’t ever forget it

    Yeah a lot of us were happier with a lot of things about the ‘glory days’ but things change. Thanks to vastly improved technology everyone in the stands, bars and at home is seeing 5 angles of the play in crystal clear definition. The entire impetus behind replay in the first place was everything we were suddenly seeing that was wrong. The fact that replay has only helped make that worse is not without some irony all it’s own.

  21. KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: There have been too too many either inconsistent calls or miss calls that have had a direct influence on the outcome of a game. There used be one guiding principle in Sports Officiating! That is that a ref should avoid making a call that results in the win or loss of the game. However, it clear now that a team should have a process to have the opportunity to have a pass interference play objectively reviewed.

  22. Packers coach Mike Holmgren used the Vinny Testaverde crown-of-his-helmet phantom touchdown (which eliminated the Seahawks from the playoffs) at the annual Competition Committee meeting as the defining reason why we needed to allow teams to challenge calls via replay.

    But it wasn’t perfect. There were games where obviously bad calls were made toward the end of a game, but no challenges were left. So the owners voted to change replay challenges so that challenges would be automatic during the final two minutes, and only to be challenged by the replay booth.

    It wasn’t perfect, so owners voted to make all scoring plays automatically reviewed. That wasn’t perfect either, so the owners voted to make all turnovers automatically reviewed.

    It’s still not perfect, because sometimes a review that appears to be a slam-dunk decision does not go the way everyone else thinks it should.

    And we should now allow replays for a specific infraction that is highly subjective and occurs multiple times a game?

    If you’re going to make a specific penalty reviewable, it’s not fair if other penalties cannot be reviewed. So, no…pass interference, whether offensive or defensive, should not be reviewable.

    “Will anything any of you say persuade the league to do the right thing and change the rule? Nope. That won’t happen until a blatant interference penalty is missed in a conference title game or a Super Bowl.”

    Oh, stop it. Missed calls in championship games have happened already. Lots of times. Ask anyone.

  23. “The glory days ofmthe nfl were played WITHOUT REPLAY and coaches challenges and don’t ever forget it”

    Depends when your “glory years” are. For me, it’s the late 80s – early 90s and it a form of replay.

  24. They have it in Canada with the CFL and it’s slowing down the action. The game is too long already, why make it even longer? The reliance on video replays is taking away from the excellence required by the on field officials.

  25. “That won’t happen until a blatant interference penalty is missed in a conference title game or a Super Bowl.”


    It DID happen in the Super Bowl… Ravens vs. 49ers.

  26. Let’s see… the most impactful calls and plays of many if not the majority of games… the most difficult for an official to position himself to see the play clearly… and with players not in a huge mass so that contact and actions can almost always be seen clearly on video.
    Nah, can’t see ANY reason for replay…

    For those of you pining for the good old days, MY day by the way, I say put down the mouse, pull out your pen and paper and write a letter… you’re a troglodyte, and in the “glory days” they got so many calls so obviously wrong that guess what, they went to replay as soon as it was practicable because the game was losing credibility.
    Bottom line, get it RIGHT, don’t leave everyone in the country knowing the right call except the official.

  27. NO

    Nothing should be reviewable. Get rid of the influence TV networks have on the game. Play the game and move on. The lawyers, gamblers, and TV networks have ruined the game. TV has negated the need for 3 timeouts each team gets per half. There’s a TV timeout after each change of possession. The game should be done without announcers just graphics. I get it, all you HOFers, were great players. Get over yourselves.

  28. No, it should be 5 yard penalty and a first down not at the spot of the foul because there is no guarantee the receiver will catch the ball and there shouldn’t be a gimme for the offensive driven NFL.

  29. Only solution is to have all controversial calls reviewed by the most interesting man in the world. I know that he’s currently on a one way trip to Mars, so technically that would make him the most interesting man in the universe. And I know round trip communications could take about 26 minutes or so. So we may have to limit it to a maximum of 4 reviews per game, but that would still take less time than the current review process takes. And at least we would know that the review decision was always correct.
    Stay thirsty, my friends.

  30. I’m starting to miss the days when there was no replay review. I’m sick of how it slows down the action. NFL football is just a game. A bad call is just a reminder that not everything in life can be controlled. Football is just escapist entertainment. Finding the cure for cancer isn’t dependent on who wins the Super Bowl.

    If you take football so seriously that you can’t get over losing a game because of a blown call by a ref, then maybe you should quit watching. Losing a game is not the end of the world — not even when a ref makes an obvious mistake.

    In the big scheme of things, playing with your own kids is more important than the outcome of any game.

  31. I think it just needs to be applied better. Also if DPI is spot of the foul OPI should be a loss of down. I dont get how grounding is a LOD but OPI is the same thing as a hold.

  32. Everything should be reviewable. Everything.

    Don’t increase the number of challenges given to Coaches, just give them more opportunities to decide when to use them.

    Won’t increase the game time; If Joe Goodell uses his two challenges on fumbles in the first half, and doesn’t win both, and his WR gets robbed by a bad PI call in the second, he doesn’t get to challenge it then.

    Barring allowing it to be reviewable, it should be 5 and First Down, not Spot of the Foul. 50+ yard penalties are ridiculous. Sure, give the offense a First Down. But giving them the length of the field? No.

  33. Anything that has the potential to influence the game’s outcome, especially at a crucial moment should be reviewable.

    That was PI by Sherman – and he knows it. For someone as intelligent and articulate as he is, he’d get more respect for speaking truth rather than being a coward for avoiding the question. Total hypocrite.

  34. I think real time is the best way to tell how a dbs hands influence the body of a reciever. Slowing it down makes every tap look like a hold.

    Same goes for shoulder to head hits.


  35. Only review the interference calls in the last 2 minutes of a game, where the outcome of a game could be decided. Yes, Richard Sherman would’ve been flagged for pulling on Julio Jones arm. That could’ve been reviewed.

  36. No and this is coming from a saints fan I saw at our game vs. Oakland and I saw it vs. the Panthers they were both game changing calls that kept a team on the field on 4th down giving Oakland and Carolina new life.

    That said the refs already have way too many confabs it delays games and breaks up the ebb and flow of a game and when watching from home it’s all about added commercials.

    The ratings are down because of the flags adding some red flags to it won’t make it better. Give a coach an x amount of flags and let them use it on anything PI included that’s fine but if we review it from the booth inside of the last 2 min automatically this will add even more slack time.

  37. Although it would slow the game down, it has to be considered. Every time a receiver drops a pass or was defended perfectly, he jumps up and starts throwing his hand in the air like he’s throwing a flag and about 5 seconds later you see the flag fly across the screen. It’s sickening!! Sometimes makes you wonder if that officia

  38. It’s in the CFL and it makes the games even longer. And it’s still up to interpretation even in slow motion as to if any contact is actually preventing the catching of a ball.

    And then, coaches will challenge contact away from the ball (ie illegal contact past the 5 yards) as well.

    Also, will they allow challenges of offensive PI?

    Bottom line, it opens up a can full or worms.

  39. Why is pass interference in the end zone not 1/2 the distance to the goal. You can punch another player and get 15 yards but if you pull on his pinky finger while he is trying to catch the ball you could get penalized 60 yards!

  40. Hit on defenseless receiver is a call that should not be in the rules. Play the game, big hits should happen. If you don’t want the $10,000,000 a year stay home. I miss the monster hits and the players afraid to cross the middle. The NFL is trying to cover their ass from being sued years from now by saying “look we tried”. I never want to see anyone get hurt but for that kind of money I would go one on one with any of them!

  41. This is a no brainer. So many games are being decided by called or missed pass interference calls that I have always wondered why it wasn’t reviewable.

    Keep the limit of team challenges each half and allow teams to keep their challenge if successful.

  42. It seems like technology is in a place where it could seamlessly be added to the game, have 2 officials who are video review officials at each game, they watch every play, and have communication to crew on the field then they help them make calls, and or discuss them after the fact to decide if flag was warranted.

  43. Where does it end then? Many of these pass interference calls are so tedious that even a replay review won’t be able to decipher whether the WR was impeded. Not to mention the game is brutally slow already. No more whistles!

  44. I am a big fan of replay in football. In fact, I hope one day baseball electronically calls every ball and strike-umps still make up their own strike zones and it changes the game. Having said that I am not in favor of reviewing pass interference at this time. If you do pass interference you need to also review offensive holding. Refs should first understand what constitutes pass interference and holding. Right now refs allow more contact and holding than the rules allow.

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