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Report: Lacy will miss several weeks


Packers running back Eddie Lacy has an ankle injury that will keep him out for several weeks, NFL Network reported Tuesday night.

Lacy didn’t practice Tuesday, and previous reports said he wasn’t likely to play Thursday vs. the Bears but didn’t label his injury as significant or a long-term issue. NFL Network’s report called the injury more than a sprain.

The Packers were already thin at running back. Backup James Starks is out for a few weeks after knee surgery, and the Packers made a trade Tuesday to acquire Knile Davis from the Chiefs. Davis almost has no choice but to learn as much as he can about his new team’s offense ahead of Thursday’s game.

The Packers can — and will likely have to — also use wide receivers Randall Cobb and Ty Montgomery in the backfield. Cobb and Montgomery each have five rushes on the season.

Rookie running back Don Jackson could also be promoted from the practice squad before Thursday.

Lacy is averaging 5.1 yards per carry but doesn’t have a rushing touchdown this season.

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34 Responses to “Report: Lacy will miss several weeks”
  1. packerpauly says: Oct 18, 2016 8:57 PM

    Oooof……that thud you heard was my playoff hopes for an offense that was already sputtering.

  2. manureman says: Oct 18, 2016 8:58 PM

    All that plus erin’s small hands.

  3. ariani1985 says: Oct 18, 2016 8:59 PM

    bit, but , but all of the new Packer trolls were saying he would be the next AP! ready to eat crow fake stock holders? always next year for your team and your availability to be fleeced with fake stock!

  4. bucsorbust says: Oct 18, 2016 9:02 PM

    Looks like the Vikings take the NFC North, but get booted out of the playoffs quickly because ain’t no way Bradford will be playing by then.

  5. thefatlazygamer says: Oct 18, 2016 9:03 PM

    Local buffets will begin raising their prices at 11AM tomorrow in Green Bay.

    If he’s out past Thanksgiving, he may come back to play DT.

  6. mnrasslinggovjesse says: Oct 18, 2016 9:04 PM

    They have to bring Jackson up.
    And and and ariani promised that he would go out and play on the interstate!!!!

  7. packmanfan says: Oct 18, 2016 9:04 PM

    Is it just me or does he look like he didn’t lose any weight?

  8. ninefingers9 says: Oct 18, 2016 9:05 PM

    But but but, this is a passing league now! pffft

  9. gtodriver says: Oct 18, 2016 9:20 PM

    Not happy that Eddie is injured and can’t play. I hate injuries for any team. Hopefully he can get back to form (and I use that term loosely… 🙂 ) soon.

    But it serves TT right for his shortsightedness of going with out proper depth at RB. He had the opportunities to do something earlier, but couldn’t pull the trigger.

  10. ragnarthemagnificent says: Oct 18, 2016 9:21 PM

    Next ham up

  11. Vikings Have 18 Division Championships says: Oct 18, 2016 9:24 PM

    Looks like the Packers will miss out on ANOTHER NFC North Crown…coming to Minnesota again baby!

  12. nords14 says: Oct 18, 2016 9:29 PM

    Calling Ahman Green

  13. winninaintsinnin says: Oct 18, 2016 9:38 PM

    At least he isn’t a drunk

  14. bigotshamer says: Oct 18, 2016 10:14 PM

    That guy was obviously hurt, but McCarthy kept running him. This downward spiral will end with Coach McStomach getting canned.

    He’s another Shanarat.

  15. usdcoyotesfan says: Oct 18, 2016 10:39 PM

    Hilarious to hear Viking fans bashing little Erin when Henderson is a former Viking.

  16. firejerry says: Oct 18, 2016 10:55 PM

    Eddie will have plenty of time to work on his hair………

  17. dropanotherpassadams says: Oct 18, 2016 11:01 PM

    Paul Hornung may have a few carries left in him.Bring back the Packer sweep.

  18. Wisconsin's Favorite Son Jeffrey Be Dahmed says: Oct 18, 2016 11:26 PM

    Eddie doesn’t mind missing several weeks. Better that than meals.

  19. magikskillz says: Oct 18, 2016 11:31 PM

    Well the Knile Davis trade makes a lot more sense now. But Knile doesn’t know the playbook yet and the only other option is a practice squad rookie. Plus if they use Cobb or Montgomery in the backfield who is Rodgers supposed to attempt to throw passes to?

  20. starenvy says: Oct 19, 2016 12:21 AM

    Ty Montgomery looks like a player could turn out to be a gem for the pack

  21. tqaztec says: Oct 19, 2016 12:45 AM

    ..and there is your P90X dagger!!!

  22. fijabbersman345 says: Oct 19, 2016 1:31 AM


  23. itscarpweekondiscoverwi says: Oct 19, 2016 6:53 AM

    Yeah it’s not like AP missed significant time for things…

  24. cootermomma says: Oct 19, 2016 8:06 AM

    I think the Eddie Lacy experiment has ended in Green Bay… just wondering how long the McCarthy experiment will continue?

  25. leatherface2012 says: Oct 19, 2016 8:21 AM

    next man up is turning into…there is no next man

  26. sconnyslovethemsomecousins says: Oct 19, 2016 9:05 AM

    He’ll be over 3-bills by the time he’s ready to play again.

  27. jfrogwi says: Oct 19, 2016 9:08 AM

    Move Starks to IR. Promote Jackson.

  28. northernminnesota says: Oct 19, 2016 9:08 AM

    That’s too bad. When he’s running well he is a beast to take down. He’s like body blows in boxing, he wears you down. This is going to stress an already stressed passing game…but I’ll never count Rodgers out. As a Vikings fan, the guy makes me nervous every time he steps on the field.

  29. RegisHawk says: Oct 19, 2016 9:11 AM

    I heard there was a travelling cheese festival, touring Wisconsin, and he was going to be a groupie…

  30. skol4life says: Oct 19, 2016 9:34 AM

    I heard Knile Davis fumbled his carry on bag getting off the plane.

  31. djvh2 says: Oct 19, 2016 11:49 AM

    Wow, Vikings fans (most, anyway) are really enjoying this.

    That’s the difference between success and failure, knowing that you’ve been there. Packer fans expressed sympathy when Peterson was injured, and will likely do the same when Bradford is injured. It is what it is.

  32. brewdogg says: Oct 19, 2016 1:16 PM


    How do you explain the Korey Stringer, I35 bridge, and stadium construction accident jokes from Packer fans? Come down off your high horse, the Packer fan base is no better than any other. Worse, in fact, given that the trolls I’m referring to are mocking the death of human beings with families and children….

    But is this inducative of the entirety of the Packer fanbase? Of course not. Just saying….

    Get better fast Lacy. I want to see you walk off the field in defeat christmas eve!

  33. purplepackerhater says: Oct 19, 2016 4:00 PM

    I’m not happy at all Lacy is injured, now there’s a chance the Packers will try someone else out at RB that has a chance to be productive every week.

    Plus watching Lacy jump 3 inches off the ground and listening to the announcers praise him for it is hilarious.

  34. gtodriver says: Oct 19, 2016 5:40 PM

    djvh2 says:

    Wow, Vikings fans (most, anyway) are really enjoying this.

    That’s the difference between success and failure, knowing that you’ve been there. Packer fans expressed sympathy when Peterson was injured, and will likely do the same when Bradford is injured. It is what it is.

    I seem to remember that most Packer fans went missing for awhile after the Packers lost that game.

    I don’t remember many expressions of sympathy about Peterson’s injury.

    The jokes aren’t about Eddie injury – they are about his weight.

    Which, when you’re paid millions of dollars to play a game, the fans have a right to comment on a players inability to stay in shape.

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