Bowles, Maccagnan get vote of confidence from owner

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Colts owner Jim Irsay isn’t the only guy handing out October votes of confidence at the quarterly league meetings. Jets owner Woody Johnson has done the same.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Johnson said that changes won’t be coming for the 1-5 team. (Other than, you know, at quarterback.)

“We got 10 games to go,” Johnson said. “I’m very confident with [coach] Todd Bowles and [G.M.] Mike [Maccagnan],” Johnson said. “I really respect Todd, I know he’s doing what he’s going to do. It’s football. He’s a good coach. I have long-term confidence in him and in Mike and in their teams.”

That’s fine in October, but how will Woody Johnson feel in early January? Keenly aware of the entertainment component of the industry and the fickle nature of his customers, Johnson keeps a constant eye on the bottom line when it comes to football decisions. If the implosion continues, he may have to do something significant in order to appease fans.

Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time Johnson exercised one of the perks of being really rich and owning a football team: Changing his mind without accountability.

“I was told no matter what happens if we bring in Brett Favre, you’re absolutely safe,” former Jets coach Eric Mangini recently said regarding his discussions with Johnson in 2008. “I probably should have gotten that in writing.”

Bowles and Maccagnan now have it in writing, sort of. Not that it will keep Johnson from doing whatever he wants to do, when the time comes to possibly do it.

17 responses to “Bowles, Maccagnan get vote of confidence from owner

  1. Woody asked only 1 question. Is the money machine still rolling? Yes?

    Great, who cares how many wins we have if the sheep I mean fans are still coughing up the $$$$

  2. The big mistake on offense was how they handled the QB position. Also Eric Decker is THAT good and losing him is killer.

  3. I know the Jets have a good roster, but they began the season trying to get it done with a game manager QB, and it’s backfired. Bryce Petty hasn’t been given an opportunity. You have to get guys in the game to see what they can do. You can’t judge by practice.

  4. Agreed. They gave Fitz a shot to repeat his 2015 performance and he choked badly.

    They didn’t take Petty and Hackenberg to let them sit forever. Fitz was only on a one year deal anyway and never a long term solution…and the Fitz era is hopefully over.

    Is the best nickname for Fitzpatrick “the noodle armed gunslinger?”

  5. No matter what you think about Woody he’s in the right on this situation. I’ve been critical but now that I’ve cooled off the Jets are still building and adding depth to the team it’s going to take another draft or two to really fill out this team. Rex, Idzik, and Mike Tannenbaum did a number on this team, only 4 starters remain from their draft classes since 2010 WOW.

  6. As a jets fan I don’t want to see change especially at the GM position McCagnan is doing a good job patience is a good approach with that said Petty had been patient he has good qualities let’s see what he can do it can’t be any worse.

  7. As a Jets fan I want:

    1 – to tank so they can get a real QB.

    2 – start Bryce petty – as a developmental prospect. Maybe he does at least so-so. And it will help him learn. Geno Smith has no future with the team, no point in playing him unless you want to tank. But then you don’t develop your young QBs

    3 – Todd Bowles is not cut out to be a HC. I want him gone, but give him another year because the Jets wont be able to get anyone good if they are constantly firing HCs and GMs like the Browns.

    4 – Mike Maccagnan is a mediocre GM at best. I guess give him another year for the same reason you give Bowles another year, no one good will want the job if you fire GMs every 2 years.

    5 – Start playing Sheldon Richardson as a defensive lineman not as a line backer. He’s a very good DLman and it’s a waste to put him at LB.

  8. >>gohometrolls says:
    Oct 19, 2016 12:09 PM
    As a jets fan I don’t want to see change especially at the GM position McCagnan is doing a good job patience is a good approach with that said Petty had been patient he has good qualities let’s see what he can do it can’t be any worse.

    Other than the Brandon Marshall trade (which worked out very well), and drafting Leonard Williams (that was luck he fell to them at #6, he was teh #1 prospect in 2015) what has Maccagnan done well.

    How are his free agent hirings? Pretty bad, over paid, inneffective

    His drafting? Other than Leonard Williams (who fell to them) what good players has he drafted?

    He mishandled DBrickshaw ferguson and had to waste a draft pick to get an expensive and mediocre Ryan Cldy. Maybe he could have approached Ferguson after the season and discussed a pay cut rather than trying to strong arm him after free agency.

  9. Does anyone else find it weird that Woody wears baseball hats all the time? It just looks plain goofy with the suit.

    I guess when you’re rich, you just get to do whatever the hell you want.

  10. The Jets have had a brutal schedule so far. Bowles is a victim of his own success from last year, give it time. Well…time and a decent QB

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