Stephen Ross excited, but has Super Bowl in his eyes

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Now that he’s finally made the playoffs after owning the Dolphins for eight years, Stephen Ross is already ready for more.

While disappointed by yesterday’s loss to the Steelers, Ross said he was encouraged by the progress made this year and wants to see it continue.

Today, it’s a loss,” Ross said in the locker room, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “But I feel good, the direction the team is going. I’ll only be satisfied with winning a Super Bowl.”

Asked how close they were to that goal, he replied: “Three games away. That’s how close we are.”

There’s plenty of reason for them to be optimistic, beginning with the job Adam Gase did turning around quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But the job he did with the team as a whole was impressive, after a 1-4 start.

“Coaching is getting these guys to believe in themselves and play as a team,” Ross said. “There’s no nonsense. We’re here to win. Anything but winning is unacceptable.”

When you add in the injuries which kept about half the Dolphins starters off the field Sunday, there are plenty of things to consider positively.

“What good is that going to do? I’ll do that when I’m trying to fall asleep tonight, wondering where we would have been,” Ross said.

Perhaps it gave him some comfort overnight. Or maybe it was at least enough to keep him from flying Jim Harbaugh in this morning, since that no longer seems like a need.

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  1. Proud to see the Dolphins get this far. Its been a long time since we’ve had the opportunity to see Miami lose in January. No harm in seeing a one and done with 7 starters (Ryan Tannehill, Mike Pouncey, Reshad Jones, Byron Maxwell, Koa Misi, Isa Abdul Quddus, Jordan Cameron) out for the game or season. We made huge strides this season. Hopefully they continue to build on this and put together and even more competitive team together for next season. Gase is our guy.

  2. very very proud of this team and the way they played. Gase, Rizzi, Joseph and Christensen are amazing coaches.
    The biggest achievements this season was changing the culture and young guys finally blossoming and getting better.
    J-Train, Tunsil, Parker, Stills, Lippett, Howard, McCaine, Drake, heck even Juice – and one of the best examples J’wan James, he had a bad start to the season but they got him back on track and he was one of the most consistent players at the end.

    One thing i hope our team learned from yesterdays game was – playoff football is a different game. i also think they never were able to answer the physicality and didnt play nasty enough. theres no way you can let the two Dupree hits happen without making Ben, Brown or Bell pay for it. Thats why for the next step we need a ILB in the Ray Lewis mold who sets the tone. on Offense we have Landry and the mauling Oline when healthy. on Defense the only players we have are Suh, Wake and Reshad Jones when healthy who bring that intensity.
    Give us a Vontaze Burflict – who our fanbase loves and the oppontents hate.

    Focus this offseason needs to be Oline, Dline, and LB – also adding more speed on defense. the LB are just not getting it done.
    And please can we get some big guys. I dont get why NT went out of fashion, watching all the playoff games, theres no way you can make it trough the postseason when other teams can rush on you. Get next to Suh a oldfashion lunch box and mean thumpers at LB and nobody will rush on us.

    NT, LB Ingram from the Chargers willl be our priority – if you go back to the Chargers game, Gase was clearly a fan of his.
    Atlethic C/G prospect to back up Pouncey. another Guard to replace Bushrod (keep him as back up for leadership reason, BA and Bushrod are important) and i d consider switching Albert and Tunsil. I dont care about Alberts cap number, hes a leader and he ll be a good Guard, considering his pass blocking skills. Tunsil – Albert – Pouncey – X – James w/ Urbik, Bushrod, Young, backing up

  3. Stephen Ross is a good owner who has improved since the days of Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin. The organization is set with quality individuals that are good football people. The skies the limit, go Dolphins. I’m proud to be a Dolfan!

  4. I am not sure what the old man is so excited about.
    Besides Matt Moore being gutsy as hell, the rest of that team has shown that it can’t hang with any real teams. Not even close.
    Tannehill’s return will set them back even more.
    Overpaid Suh is great at dirty play…but has he ever gotten his uniform dirty? He will make a tackle if the ball carrier comes to him, but he certainly won’t work for it.
    8-8 next year.

  5. And here come the usual, tired “Ross is an idiot”, “Ross tried to rip off the taxpayers”, “Ross brought in goofy celebrity minority owners”, etc. comments.

    It’s amazing how many posters hold the opinion that billionaires are idiots. There’s a reason that they are billionaires and you’re not. They’re smarter than you.

  6. >>Or maybe it was at least enough to keep him from flying Jim Harbaugh in this morning, since that no longer seems like a need.

    Adam Gase seemed pretty good his first year as a Head Coach. At least he changed the culture from the Joe Philbin lack of energy culture.

  7. Thats nice for him.

    But 50% of playoff teams don’t make it back to the playoffs the following season.

    Miami still doesn’t have a true franchise QB and I can see them being one of the 6 teams that don’t make it back next season.

  8. Things are looking up for the Fins. Other teams are looking to poach Gase’s coaching staff rather than the other way around. Season sweeps of the jets and bills. Moreover, making it to the playoffs in his first year as a HC, with a team of backups, special teams guys, and guys literally off the street. The last couple of drafts have been good and I expect the same going forward. Yes, they lost yesterday, but the sun is shining bright in Miami.

  9. 12coltsfan12 says:
    Jan 9, 2017 2:19 PM
    the ‘phins will continue to be a joke. keep popping the champagne, losers.
    They’re better than the colts, so what’s that make them.

  10. That was an exciting season! Started off with skepticism(1-4), but i trusted what Peyton Manning said when he visited training camp….(“Coach Gase is one of the best coaches he has ever been around”).

    We should’ve beat Seattle in their house to start the season!! (We/most of us all forgive Kenny for that drop now, because of the nice season he had). We almost came back on NE that 2nd week. so it could’ve easily been 3-0 to start the season, counting the CLE OT game. We got blown out in both CIN and TEN, but maybe that’s exactly when the “teaching moment/culture change” happened!

    I could see something different. Gase with his RB committee thru the 1st 4 weeks was just him weeding out the herd. Training camp wasn’t enough, I guess. He wouldn’t have kept Ajayi at home if he didn’t see something in him. Now we all see it!!

    We were all scratching our heads about the lack of playing time Wake was getting but in hindsight, it played out fine. Wake is getting his props and mad respect across the league and should win “Comeback Player of the Year”!

    Gase isn’t greedy! He’s driven and motivated and passionate. He cares about the careers and health of his players! We saw that with his play count with Wake, we saw it with Foster and C. Jordan, even Tannehill.

    We saw Gase openly and respectfully challenge players and coaches alike. He even criticized himself.

    Tannehill is good enough to win it all with Gase, Landry, Parker, Stills, Ajayi, Drake, Williams, Albert, Tunsil, Pouncey, Bushrod and James( Need play making threat at TE)…… if we have a complimentary Defense. (Can’t be ranked 29th and expect to win in the playoffs). I like our Special Teams unit, except I’m a little concerned our PK has trouble with kicks over 45 yds.

    I’m proud of this franchise! From top to bottom. Nice comeback!!!!

    Dolfan since 1971

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