Report: Sean McVay’s top choice for DC is Wade Phillips

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If you’re going to hire the youngest head coach in NFL history, you better back him up with some experience.

That may be happening in Los Angeles.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Rams candidate Sean McVay wants to bring Wade Phillips in as his defensive coordinator if he gets the head coaching job.

The 30-year-old McVay is the offensive whiz kid of the moment, but the 69-year-old Phillips with the talent assembled with the Rams is intriguing. They’re built on a 4-3 platform, but Phillips is one of the top defensive minds in the game.

Phillips has been mentioned with some other jobs, including Washington.

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  1. I’m an Eagles fan. Wouldn’t want to see Phillips with the Redskins.

    But it does make me wonder: why hasn’t Jim Schwartz gotten any interviews?

  2. Great! They are going to put in a 3-4 but have 4-3 personnel? With only one linebacker (Ogletree) how long will it take to install a compotent defense? By going to a 3-4 they have in effect taken away from their best lineman’s ability (Donald) and do not have a nose tackle.
    Welcome to Kroenke world of sports management! Are you happy LA?

  3. I think there’s a bit too much credit being given to McVay, what is being failed to be mentioned is he’s running Gruden’s offense and in some instances not very well as seen by the redzone issues, he still has some growing to do. He may have shown future HC’ing potential, however, there are many issues still to be worked out before he is seriously considered HC material…

  4. I will laugh heartily if McVay actually gets a head coaching job. The guy has potential down the road but holy hell is he not ready to lead a team. He can’t even call a decent game as a coordinator, of which he has only held that position for 2 YEARS! (I’m a Redskins fan). Good luck with your red zone offense and run game, Rams…

  5. Red zone offense was perfectly fine with the same players last year. Lack of run game didn’t help this year. Why is it Mcvay? If he gets blame, he should get credit for last year in the red zone

  6. What is not being mentioned is the link between McVay and Wade Phillips, Wes Phillips. Wes is the current Redskins TE coach and son of Wade.

    Chris Cooley first brought up this possibility last week on the radio. McVay would be HC, Wes would be OC and Wade would be DC.

  7. I agree, McVay… let’s bring him in as the Redskins’ DC.

    I like McVay and wouldn’t want to lose him from the ‘Skins, but I also don’t get why the Rams would hire him considering he has only 2 years as an offensive coordinator and has been running former OC Jay Gruden’s offense (with significant meddling and at times apparently play-calling from Gruden). Prior to that he was a position coach under the Shanny’s.. he’s never actually been in charge of anything.

    Tons of upside but if I’m the Rams I’m hiring someone who at least has experience with full control of one side of the ball.

    Again, please hire Phillips as DC in DC though, that sounds great.

  8. How did Redskins fans expect their red zone offense to be efficient considering Kirk’s accuracy issues, a weak running game, and Jordan Reed’s health issues? Play calling can’t overcome those problems.

  9. As a Redskin fan, my first choice would be to get Wade Phillips with the Redskins and McVay go to the Rams and Jay Gruden to start calling the plays for the Skins because that is what got him the job and the play calling has not really been that impressive. Skins need a running game.

  10. jacoby66forhof says:
    Jan 11, 2017 2:36 PM
    What is not being mentioned is the link between McVay and Wade Phillips, Wes Phillips. Wes is the current Redskins TE coach and son of Wade.


    Why would redskins let Wes interview with the Rams?

  11. All Eagles and Redskins fans, you do realize how easy it was for you guys to pick up on his defense after 2 years when he was in Dallas, right? Even when he was HC (HC on paper, he didn’t have any real power over Garrett) his D wasn’t going anywhere after 2 years so let him go to the Redskins.

    Since all play calling was stripped from Garrett a few years ago, you can’t think that he has an inside track on the Dallas O.

  12. No, McVay’s offense hasn’t been that impressive. They rack up a bunch of yards against bad teams. He’s on the precipice of a NFL HC job because he’s a legacy, not because he’s a great coordinator.

    Against teams with average or better defenses the offense was mediocre at best.

    Whenever teams stopped the easy passes over the middle of the field, the offense went flat.

  13. McVay may be only 30 years old, but he’s already showing that he knows what he’s doing. He’s bringing the best DC in the NFL. Most coordinators that get head coaching jobs usually worked for teams with Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Peyton Manning. Most times they failed, yet the teams they left continued to win with their HOF QBs. It’s kind of shocking that everyone hasn’t noticed that trend. McVay is having success with a second or third tier QB. A head coach and a coordinator are two completely different jobs. Success with X’s and O’s isn’t the same as being the top dog in a billion dollar organization. How old was Bill Gates when he started Microsoft. I kind of remember a lot of people laughing about his age too. I guess we know who got the last laugh on that one. I’m see McVay as a Bill Gates type leader. Somebody is going to strike gold with this kid.

  14. feckyerlife says:
    Jan 11, 2017 4:23 PM
    i guess the rams didnt learn to well from the last 30yr old coach they had


    Rams never had a 30 year old head coach. That was the Raiders with Lane Kiffin

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