Shanahan says interviews have been no distraction to playoff prep


Falcons Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan said during his weekly press conference Wednesday that doing three interviews for head coaching jobs last weekend while preparing for the playoffs was “easy” and hasn’t provided any distraction.

“The easiest part is when you get the bye week and you get that extra time off,” Shanahan said. “We got Friday and Saturday off as a coaching staff.

I just dedicated the two off days to the interviews. I got to do three of them and really haven’t done one thing in that area or talked to anybody in that area since Saturday afternoon.”

He’s on to Seattle.

Shanahan interviewed last weekend with the 49ers, Broncos and Jaguars; only the 49ers’ job remains open. A planned interview with the Rams was canceled due to weather-related travel issues though it may be rescheduled.

Shanahan’s current boss, Dan Quinn, went through the same process two years ago while working for the Seahawks before being hired by the Falcons.”

“When you get a chance to visit [with teams looking for head coaches] you enjoy the process,” Quinn said. “You get to meet owners and general managers as it goes, and then once that process is over it kind of ends. And that’s where Kyle is. I told him that, too. It just gets right back to live action and that’s where we’re at.

“He’s glad he went through the process, just like I was back when I did it, so I can share those thoughts. When the interviews are done like they are now, then you’re just right back to doing what we do, and that’s getting ready.”