Who’ll win in Dallas?

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The PFT Live question of the day is a two-part exercise on Thursday. The first part focused on Saturday’s game.

Part Two: Who wins the Packers-Cowboys game in Dallas?

It’s a rematch of a great divisional-round game from two years ago, when the Packers eked out a win based in part on a controversial decision to overturn a late reception near the goal line from receiver Dez Bryant.

This time around, the Cowboys are the No. 1 seed, and they’re once again one win away from their first appearance in the NFC title game since 1995.

Vote, battle it out in the comments, and then count the hours until the second game on Sunday.

42 responses to “Who’ll win in Dallas?

  1. What makes people think the Pack can beat Dallas? Pack is a one-man show vs Dallas loaded offense and as late, dominating defense. Jordy Nelson is going to be running around with alligator arms.

  2. The Packers won “based in part on a controversial decision”?
    That is totally wrong. It was a controversial rule. The decision was correct according to the rule. There is absolutely no doubt about that and that’s why they went back in and tweaked the rule again.
    They still don’t have it right, because no one is sure what a catch is even now, but that’s another subject.
    The other part everyone misses is this. Aaron Rodgers was moving the ball right down the field on the Cowboys in the 2nd half of that game. Even if they had ruled Bryant caught that ball and the Cowboys got a TD to take the lead, the Packers had plenty of time to go down the field and win the game.
    So — let’s put it to rest. The Packers won, and the real controversial decision was what happened the week before when the official took it upon himself to re-do a penalty against the Cowboys which had already been marked off, to help the Cowboys beat the Lions.

  3. The Boys will run all over the Pack just like the first game they played. They are stronger on defense and offense than Green Bay. A team that lives by the pass will die by the pass.

  4. The key to beating Dallas is to start fast. They have a lot of immature players who can’t handle any type of adversity. They are a team of front runners and its been that way all year.

  5. 3 phases of the game, Cowboys are stronger than the Packers in all phases–a qb, albeit a potential hall of fame in Rodgers, does not make a whole team and needs a lot of things to fall in place to win (i.e in giants game, drops by wrs, drc gets hurt, lack of pass rush exposed in second half, terrible special teams play and an ineffective run game to set tone). No doubt Rodgers is brilliant at times but he wI’ll not beat the Cowboys on his own.

  6. Dallas controls the clock, brings more of a pass rush then the packers saw last time. Dallas 24, Green Bay 21

  7. I am the biggest non-homer Packer fan on here period. Long time fan, since way before Brett Favre was even in college. And I live near the Cowboys facility.

    There’s no way the Pack wins this. They cannot stop Elliott, UNLESS they bring 2 extra guys into the box. And if they do, every Cow WR plus Witten will be single covered.

    That will be like fireworks as the Packers best CB is out and all their others stink.

    See their first matchup.

    Cole Beasley toasted Gunter. Randall was beaten deep by Dallas #4 WR. Plus now Prescott is more comfortable & capable of doing more. Rodgers once put up 45 in a playoff game at Arizona & it wasn’t enough.

    I except a similar one here. 47-45 Cows.

    Now if it was Elliott & Bryant & Scandrick who were IR OUT instead of Lacy, Jordy, Shields, then I’d pick the Packers. But every single Cow offensive stud is magically healthy somehow. Lucky bastads.

  8. gauchosporlife says:
    Jan 12, 2017 4:44 AM
    What makes people think the Pack can beat Dallas?

    The fact that GB is playing a lot better football than they were when last they met Dallas. Dallas is playing about the same.

    Oh and GB also just curb stomped the team that swept Dallas. And NY’s defense is/was better than Dallas’s.

    Dak and Dallas can not get into a game of tag with GB. If GB scores and keeps scoring – I just don’t see Dallas being able to answer tit for tat.

  9. Rookie QBS haven’t won a Super Bowl because they have historically been drafted by garbage teams in rebuilding mode. Dak fell to a team that is solid in almost all facets of the game. And no Jordy Nelson for the Packers is going to be their Achilles heel and allow the Dallas defense to play differently not having to account for him same as if Green Bay didn’t need to worry about Dez Bryant. Cowboys by 10 points.

  10. This Packer fan wished Dez scored on that play. The Packers had 4 minutes left and only needed a field goal to retake the lead. It wasn’t like it was the last play of the game.
    It should be a good game, two good teams with lots of loyal fans.

  11. Let’s see, Dallas walked all over them at Green Bay. Nelson isn’t going to play and the entire Cowboys team is healthy and practicing…….

  12. All signs point to an easy Dallas victory and the only thing going for Green Bay is karma. Jerry Jones has earned every bit of it, now its up to the Football gods to deliver.

  13. During their current seven game winning streak the Packers have faced several teams with defenses better than the one Dallas has.

    I am very much reminded of when the faced Atlanta in the Divisional Round in the 2010 season. My guess is that I am not alone.

    To all the Cowboys fans who want to point back to the result in the regular season game, I ask you to consider what happened to the Packers in the previous two seasons.

    Two years ago the Seahawks blew the Packers away on opening day. When it came to the playoffs, Seahawks managed to be victorious once again – but that happened in over time. The same was true for the Cardinals last year who beat the Packers by thirty points in the regular season and ended up winning the playoff game in overtime.

    What I am saying is that while the Cowboys might come out on top, it would wrong to think that a repeat of blowing away the Packers is how that will be achieved.

  14. starfan79 says:
    Jan 12, 2017 6:54 AM
    Dallas controls the clock, brings more of a pass rush then the packers saw last time. Dallas 24, Green Bay 2

    They already blitzed on every play. You can’t do much more than that. The biggest reason Green Bay lost was the -2 turnover differential.

  15. I wish they would stop talking about the Dez play. I don’t like that it was overturned but it’s not why they lost the game. There was plenty of time left and Dallas wasn’t stopping GBs offense so they would have just scored again.

    -Dallas Fan

  16. If I, a Packers fan, had to place a bet, you gotta go with Dallas.

    But I’d love to be wrong….and keep in mind one thing: The Packers under Rodgers have often played their best when they were underdogs, not favored to win. Rodgers seems to play better when the deck is stacked against him and he has a chip on his shoulder. Losing Jordy for this game might in fact give more laser focus to McCarthy/Capers in the gameplan they devise and for Rodgers and the WR’s in prepararion. So, as I said, I’d bet on Dallas, but wouldnt be shocked by an upset by the Packers

  17. I also am a lifelong Packers fan and I don’t see them winning in this spot. I think the Dallas OL will take over the game and wear down the Packers to let Elliott to take over late.

    The only part that will truly stink is having to listen to Buck and Aikman gushing about the Cowboys.

  18. Packers will do something fundamentaly stupid like they did in Seattle 2 years ago and lose this game also.

  19. Back to the catch that wasn’t, it’s a mute point. The Packers did in fact drive the field after being awarded the ball on downs. Rodgers took 2 or 3 knees at the Dallas 32 to end the game. While nothing is ever certain, Mason Crosby makes this kick with his eye closed, assuming they wouldn’t have driven any further down the field.

    As for this Sunday, the Packers win BECAUSE Dallas has a Ginger Coach.

  20. What quarter will Jerry Jones be calling down to his Mini Me, aka, HC Garrett, to put Romo in after Dak wilts under the playoff heat?

  21. Cowboys should win just based on the fact that they have remained relatively injury free this season and have had the bye week to rest.You need some luck to win a championship in the NFL combined with staying healthy.I know Green Bay won in 2010 with a beat up squad but that is rare.

  22. Packers win in a blowout. Cowboy will come out flat after two weeks off (happens every year to teams with the bye) and they’ll never catch Rodgers. Plus, Bryant=Beckham=trainwreck!

  23. Cowgirls should win this one on paper, but if i had to lay money I’m going with Rogers. If the Pats are lucky enough to make the Bowl, I’d rather face Dallas than Rogers, Wilson, or even Ryan. J. Jones is just a screw-up, he’ll find a way to meddle with the team in the playoffs that will cost them.

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