Phil Emery a “vital cog” in Atlanta’s cast of former General Managers

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Phil Emery didn’t get a long chance to prove himself as a General Manager in Chicago. But now, he’s part of a team of former bosses in Atlanta, and has helped put together a much better team.

Emery’s now a national scout for the Falcons, helping to build a young nucleus of talent that should contend for the next several years. Along with former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli and former Titans G.M. Ruston Webster, Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff has collected a staff with plenty of experience to consult with.

“Phil Emery is a vital cog in our wheel,” Dimitroff said, via Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “To have Scott Pioli in there, to have Phil Emery, to have Ruston Webster, three former General Managers — every time we get into a scouting meeting it’s like a sports symposium, and I love that. We’re not only talking about what we think we’ve done right, far from that. We’re usually talking about all of our mistakes and what we’ve learned, and all of our scouts are learning about it every time we get in there.

“Phil is at the front of that. Phil has a lot of great things to share with our staff, and he’s got a lot of perspective that other people don’t. He’s a very good football man with a smart mind. I’m glad that he’s on board.”

Emery’s background was as a college scouting director in Atlanta and Kansas City before getting the Bears G.M. job in 2012, and he didn’t necessarily draft poorly in Chicago. It was replacing Lovie Smith with coach Marc Trestman in 2013 that became the anchor that dragged his career downward, and led to both of them being fired after the 2014 season.

Now, he’s surrounded by other personnel talent, and they’ve assembled a pretty good cast of personnel.

11 responses to “Phil Emery a “vital cog” in Atlanta’s cast of former General Managers

  1. he’s part of a team of former bosses in Atlanta
    They should call that collection The Emery Board (of Directors)

  2. They have taken the Peter Principle to heart. If you find guys that didn’t excel as a GM, they likely were very good at something just a step below GM, to have gotten a shot to be a GM. So, hire them to do that previous job at which they were very good.

  3. realfootballfan says:
    Feb 1, 2017 9:45 AM
    Another mangled body on the side of the road destroyed by the Cutler black hole.

    Yes….it’s Cutler’s fault that Emery drafted the likes of Kyle Fuller, Ego Ferguson, Shea McClellin, Brandon Hardine, Jon Bostic, Khaseeme Greene, Brock Vereen.

    He hit on a couple like Long and Jeffrey, but when only 7 of the 20 players you drafted between 2012-2014 are still on the roster, it says something.

    Don’t get me wrong…….I’m not saying we should keep Cutler, but the the inability of a GM to draft players shouldn’t be blamed on the QB.

  4. @grizzlott,
    Pretty sure Emery is the guy who gave that monster extension to Cutler soon as he got in the building that has sucked up most of the salary cap, necessitating he start because you can’t cut him, and continued the sucking these past few years even into the new regime. So yeah, I blame most of it squarely on Cutler and not those whole 2 draft classes of Emery. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

  5. While Angelo started the Bears death spiral, Emery accelerated it. For someone who had a reputation for acquiring talent, he did not prove that with the Bears. In two drafts, the only two impact players he selected were Long and Jeffery, and Alshon hasn’t been that the last two years. One cannot say Emery “did not necessarily draft poorly” when McClennin, Bostic, Greene, Hardin, Mills, And Rodriguez haven’t produced in the NFL. Please don’t rewrite the Bears bad recent history because Emery has currently found team success with the Falcons.

  6. Kyle Fuller, Ego Ferguson, Shea McClellin, Brandon Hardine, Jon Bostic, Khaseeme Greene, Brock Vereen. With better coaching some of those guys would have been more successful. Emery’s biggest mistake was Choosing Trestman over Bruce Arians, which also cost the Bears Rod Marinelli as DC.

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